‘Grimm’ Season 6 Episode 8 Recap: The Son Also Rises

Grimm Season 6 Episode 8

Russell Hornsby as Hank Griffin and Reggie Lee as Sergeant Wu in ‘Grimm’ (Photo by: Allyson Riggs / NBC)

NBC’s Grimm season six episode eight goes all Frankenstein-ish with a reanimated body complete with Wesen body parts. The February 24, 2017 episode kicks off with Team Grimm going over the drawing which they’ve now determined is a calendar. Nick (David Giuntoli) thinks it might be warning of a plague or rain of frogs, but Monroe’s (Silas Weir Mitchell) found a photo of a painting from the 16th century with similarities to their calendar. Monroe thinks the mythological creatures represented are actually Wesen, and the painter was probably a Grimm who believed Wesen came from other planets. They call it a night and Eve (Bitsie Tulloch) thanks Nick for letting her be his houseguest, but she’s ready to give Diana back her bed. Rosalee (Bree Turner) offers her the cot at the spice shop, and Eve accepts.

Elsewhere, Dr. Deirdre Hampton (Dinora Walcott) and a fellow researcher, Dr. Shelley, argue over continuing an experiment. Deirdre threatens to call security and Shelley leaves. After he’s gone, she calls another co-worker, Dr. Sanji Raju (Vik Sahay), to tell him about the incident. They’re both afraid their apparently ex-co-worker will spill the beans on a project they weren’t supposed to be working on, and they hope he gives up before telling anyone.

Dr. Hampton leaves the science lab but barely makes it out the door before she’s attacked.

Back at the spice shop, Eve finally finishes up her research on the calendar for the night. She looks around the spice shop, spots a hand mirror, and asks herself, “Who are you now?” In reply, the green-eyed demon head appears in the mirror and Eve slams the mirror against the table, breaking it. It reassembles itself and this time an arm reaches through, strangling Eve. She woges, bites it to free herself, and then falls to the floor, unconscious.

Eve is still on the floor when Monroe and Rosalee arrive the next morning.

Wu, Hank, and Nick investigate Dr. Hampton’s murder and find the lab trashed and blood on the walls near the dead body. Nothing was stolen and there weren’t any witnesses, but they do find her phone and obtain Dr. Raju’s information as the last person she called. The investigation’s interrupted when Monroe calls to let Nick know Eve’s hurt and heading to the hospital. Nick tells Wu and Hank “Juliette” is injured and he has to leave.

Over at the station, Renard (Sasha Roiz) does a little research of his own on Diana’s drawings. He calls Dasha Karpushin (Alla Korot) in Siberia and after exchanging pleasantries, he shows her the drawing. She knows it means something but not what, and says she’ll work on uncovering the meaning.

Nick meets up with Monroe and Rosalee at the hospital and when Rosalee mentions the mirror found by her head, Nick is forced to reveal he and Eve saw a black skull face in his bathroom mirror. He adds that it looked like what Eve saw while she was in the death grip, and Monroe and Rosalee head back to the shop to investigate the mirror.

Hank (Russell Hornsby) and Wu (Reggie Lee) work the murder case and have made their way to Dr. Raju’s place. Dr. Raju calls Dr. Hampton an amazing woman and admits he talked to her last night. He lies and says they discussed some research they were doing together, claiming she wasn’t worried about her safety.

Hank and Wu leave, but they don’t believe Dr. Raju’s story. He went into detail about the specific research they were discussing, but the call was less than 30 seconds. Hank and Wu don’t think two scientists could have talked about their research as Dr. Raju laid out in that limited amount of time. Something funky is going on but they don’t know what.

Grimm Season 6 Episode 8

David Giuntoli and Bitsie Tulloch in ‘Grimm’ (Photo by: Allyson Riggs / NBC)

Nick checks in on the sleeping Eve, pulling up a chair by her hospital bed. He stares at her fondly and smiles.

Hank and Wu discover Drs. Raju and Hampton were working on the regeneration of tissue. They also find the research team consisted of two other doctors: Victor Shelley and Julian Levy. Wu reveals there were two sets of fingerprints found at the crime scene, but both belong to dead men – and both men were supposedly cremated. They’re stumped and decide to head out to the cemetery to check on the dead men.

Out on the street, a man in a hoodie spots a ‘missing’ flyer with his photo. He rips it down with a scaly arm and runs away yelling, “Monsters!”

Wu and Hank arrive at the cemetery, debating burial versus cremation. They ask the funeral director how two dead men who were cremated somehow left fingerprints at a crime scene. He admits he didn’t cremate them and instead sold them to a man who paid cash. He’s sold half a dozen bodies, but he doesn’t know who he sold them to. He doesn’t have a description of the buyer and worries about being arrested. Hank and Wu assure him if he helps out by calling them next time the buyer contacts him, they won’t arrest him.

Rosalee and Monroe try to determine if there’s something up with the mirror or if it was strictly an Eve-induced event. Monroe carefully picks it up without looking into it, and Rosalee locks it in a drawer.

Dr. Raju and Dr. Levy are busy shredding their research while talking about a video that apparently has incriminating evidence on it. They need all the copies destroyed, and Raju wonders if Dr. Shelley killed Dr. Hampton. Dr. Levy doesn’t think so, claiming Shelley was too weak.

The ‘missing’ man arrives at the lab after Dr. Levy leaves and attacks Dr. Raju as he’s busy shredding documents.

Hank and Wu show up at Dr. Shelley’s place to find out when he last spoke with Dr. Hampton. He says he visited Deirdre at the lab last night at 11pm, describing their research similar to how Dr. Raju described it. He claims Dr. Hampton couldn’t help him with his questions so he left and returned home.

Hank and Wu leave, but they’re certain one of the doctors they’re investigating is lying.

The funeral home director shows up at the station to look at photos of the doctors. He tells Hank and Wu that Julian Levy looks an awful like the man who paid for the dead bodies. He swears to never sell bodies again and Hank and Wu let him off the hook.

Hank and Wu figure out that Levy didn’t realize he was buying Wesen body parts, and when they pull him in to interrogate the doctor he claims to not know what’s going on. They show him the photos of the dead men and reveal their source says he’s the one who purchased the dead bodies. Dr. Levy finally breaks and confesses they all saw something they couldn’t explain. Hank asks if the bodies were Wesen and Dr. Levy, very convincingly, claims to have no idea what Wesen means.

Hank and Wu talk privately, figuring out that the doctors are involved in some experiment that’s not authorized. Hank wonders if the car crash that injured Dr. Shelley and took the life of his son somehow plays into all this.

Over at the hospital, Nick hasn’t left Juliette/Eve’s side. He remembers their time together, ending with the flashback to opening the box that contained his mother’s head and then being attacked by Juliette.

Hank finds an interview with Dr. Raju referencing the transplanting of body parts, but with no mention of dead body parts. Wu found something on the car accident and the death of Shelley’s 26-year-old son. As they’re working things out, a call comes in reporting the death of Dr. Raju. (The photo of the son reveals he’s the one who killed Dr. Hampton.)

Hank and Wu take a look at Dr. Raju’s body sprawled out dead in his office. They can tell he’d been busy shredding documents and spot a flash drive on the floor.

Rosalee wakes up suddenly as her water breaks! That shouldn’t be possible as it’s much too soon, but when she pushes down the sheets, her 9-months pregnant belly is exposed. What the what? She and Monroe are completely confused and Monroe freaks out when she says there’s no time to get to a hospital. The babies are coming right now! Monroe assists in the delivery and one girl arrives easily. The second one is just as easy on both Rosalee and Monroe, and then the third one emerges. Rosalee says more are coming and pushes out even more babies. Monroe is now totally freaking out after seven or more babies arrive. Fortunately, his screaming wakes up Rosalee who is definitely not giving birth this very minute. Rosalee settles in to sleep while Monroe, dripping with sweat, looks as though he’ll never close his eyes again.

Back at the station, Wu and Hank open the flash drive and watch a video. Shelley’s dead son is on the operating table and now has two different legs. All the doctors are around him as Victor zaps him back to life. He reanimates and because they used Wesen body parts, he starts woging. They don’t know about Wesen so they have no idea what’s happened to Shelley’s son. He woges back to normal and says, “Dad.” Dr. Shelley says, “He’s alive! He’s alive!” while Dr. Hampton declares they’ve created a monster. She wants to destroy it, and they tell Victor he should kill it. The video is cut off before the son is killed. Hank and Wu realize they should warn the two surviving doctors that Shelley’s son is out to kill them.

Dasha calls Renard to let him know the drawing is of an ancient prophesy. She doesn’t know if it’s good or bad, but most likely the latter. It predicts something is coming and Diana is definitely connected to whatever it is. Dasha warns Renard to watch his daughter carefully.

Shelley’s son wanders the streets and a woman sees him walk by the ‘missing’ flyer with his photo. She calls Dr. Shelley to tell him where she saw the missing man and that he didn’t look good. Dr. Shelley grabs a gun and is about to leave when Dr. Levy arrives to tell him the cops know about the missing bodies. Dr. Shelley confesses he did inject his son with enough drugs to kill him, but apparently it didn’t work. It came back and now it’s killing people. Just then Hank and Wu arrive and reveal they’ve watched the video of the doctors raising the dead. They inform Shelley and Levy that Dr. Raju is dead and Levy says no one believed it would work but Shelley wanted to try to bring his dead son back to life and they went along with it. Levy leaves, saying he didn’t do anything wrong – it’s all Shelley’s fault.

Levy’s attacked outside Shelley’s house and Hank and Wu come to his rescue. Unfortunately, the reanimated Wesen gets the upper hand, forcing Dr. Shelley to shoot his undead son. He’s about to shoot himself, but Hank stops him. Dr. Shelley’s not about to get off the hook for multiple murders.

Back at the hospital, Eve wakes and finds Nick asleep in the chair next to her bed. She calls his name and he wakes up asking if she remembered what happened. She doesn’t and he tells her Rosalee and Monroe found her on the floor by the mirror. Memory jogged, she remembers woging as the arm came through the mirror and tried to strangle her. Eve has a feeling “something” is coming and they don’t have a lot of time left before it gets here.

(Pay attention to the names: The Grimm writers must have had a fun time naming this episode’s supporting characters!)


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