Henry Ian Cusick Interview: ‘The 100’ Season 4 and Kane’s Season 3

The 100 star Henry Ian Cusick
Henry Ian Cusick from ‘The 100’ at Comic Con 2016 (Photo © Richard Chavez / Showbiz Junkies)

The CW’s The 100 cast once again made the trip down to San Diego for the annual Comic Con, with cast members including Eliza Taylor, Henry Ian Cusick, Marie Avgeropoulos, and Lindsey Morgan showing up at the sold-out convention to talk about the popular sci-fi series. Season three was a real roller coaster ride and season four doesn’t look to be any easier for all of the surviving The 100 characters. In addition to a jam-packed Q&A with fans, The 100 cast also took part in roundtable interviews to discuss the events of season three and what we can look forward to with season four. Cusick, who’s quick to laugh, even told us about conversations he had with Michael Beach (‘Charles Pike’) about the similarities between what was going on in season three and what’s happening during America’s current presidential race.

Henry Ian Cusick Interview:

What did you think about your character’s arc last season?

Henry Ian Cusick: “My storyline last year, I liked it. I really enjoyed working with Michael Beach a lot, the Pike storyline. I thought that was kind of an interesting storyline. People said, ‘That could never happen.’ Well, it’s happening. It’s happening now in America. I thought that was cool that they intentionally or unintentionally there was a parallel between that and what’s happening now.

For me, I really enjoyed my season last year. I enjoy working with everyone but I think it was largely from working with Michael Beach. I loved working with him. He’s a good guy.
[…]He was such a lovely guy. And you know what? He was so passionate about his character. We would have chats about it. I’d say, ‘You’re Trump,’ and he’d go, ‘No! No, but listen…!’ He was fun.”

Did those conversations really go on where you compared him to what’s going on now politically?

Henry Ian Cusick: “Yeah, lightheartedly. We would mess with each other a lot. (Laughing) Why? What do you think we talk about? How’s my hair? How do I look?”

Who is going to be Chancellor now?

Henry Ian Cusick: “Well, Pike was the Chancellor so that’s a vacuum that needs to be filled. I don’t even know who has that pin. That pin’s been moved around so many times. I’m surprised it hasn’t been lost. So that’s something that needs to be filled and that’s kind of addressed in episode one of season four. There’s a power vacuum that needs to be filled there and also in Polis. There’s no leader in Polis.”

How was it doing the more physical scenes last year?

Henry Ian Cusick: “Being crucified you mean? (Laughing) I’ve done that before. That was easy. It was okay. The good thing about TV is we work fast. If that was a movie I’d be up there for days and weeks. On TV it’s like, ‘We have to shoot now, go. Get him up. Let’s do the next scene.’ It’s not too long.”

How was it playing that inner struggle over whether to take the chip?

Henry Ian Cusick: “Yeah, I liked that scene. That was cool. Our show is so plot-driven so doing a bit more character stuff is a good opportunity. That’s what we want as actors. We want that challenge.”

Are you surprised Kane’s still alive at this point?

Henry Ian Cusick: “Yes and no. I have a contract. (Laughing) I have bills. But, yes. He has no real connection with anyone. Abby (played by Paige Turco) has Clarke. Jaha (Isaiah Washington) had Wells. And then the rest are all connected in some way. Kane was sort of floating free and I think that’s why I kind of latched on to the idea that Bellamy (Bob Morley) could be my son. I needed a hook there. And now I’ve got Abby so there’s a connection. But, yeah, he could have been (killed off). What was he doing? Yes, he could have easily been killed a while ago.”

I’m glad he hasn’t been.

Henry Ian Cusick: “Me too!”

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