Hugh Jackman, Nick Offerman vs Jimmy Fallon, Susan Sarandon in Password

Hugh Jackman, Nick Offerman Play Password
Nick Offerman, Hugh Jackman, announcer Steve Higgins, host Jimmy Fallon and Susan Sarandon (Photo by: Douglas Gorenstein / NBC)

Hugh Jackman teamed up with Nick Offerman while Jimmy Fallon had Oscar winner Susan Sarandon as his teammate for a rousing game of Password. The competitive, evenly balanced showdown between Team Jackman and Offerman and Team Fallon and Sarandon took place on the May 18, 2015 episode of The Tonight Show. The object (for those who aren’t familiar with Password) is to give your partner a one-word clue that will lead to them guessing the secret word.

Watch Hugh Jackman and Nick Offerman take on Susan Sarandon and Jimmy Fallon: