Marie Avgeropoulos Interview – Wonder Woman: Bloodlines and the Final Season of The 100

The 100 star Marie Avgeropoulos lends her voice to Wonder Woman: Bloodlines, marking her first voice role in an animated film. Avgeropoulos plays Silver Swan in the comic book-inspired superhero film which she worked on simultaneously to filming season six of the gritty sci-fi drama, The 100.

During our roundtable interview at the 2019 New York Comic Con, Avgeropoulos said what she really loved about playing Silver Swan was being able to show her transformation. She came up with four distinct voices to mark the different periods in Silver Swan’s life.

“I had the opportunity to play her as Vanessa – as a young adolescent girl. And then she transforms into a bit of a gothic girl in high school, due to the resentment she has towards her mother and Diana. And then later you’re going to meet Silver Swan and the complicated relationship she has with Diana. It’s interesting to see how it unfolds, for sure.”

Her favorite part of the whole transformation? “The process of trying to pull off the Sonic Scream,” said Avgeropoulos.

Given this was her first voice role in an animated movie, Avgeropoulos felt it was a challenge to tell a story with her voice rather than her body. “It’s a totally different beast, but a rewarding one, too,” said Avgeropoulos.

Animated voice work is different, yet Avgeropoulos still got into the action with her character while in the booth. “I’m jumping around, acting out all the fight moves, trying to match what it would sound like,” explained Avgeropoulos. “It’s very bizarre. A lot of it’s bizarre. If you were a fly on the wall you’d be like, ‘This is strange but fascinating at the same time.'”

Avgeropoulos is proud of the latest DC Universe Movies entry and of being a part of the Wonder Woman world. “Wonder Woman is such an iconic character. I was just really pleased to be a part of this project, especially seeing the real film with Gal Gadot. I just thought that was so well done and so epic,” said Avgeropoulos. “So now I’m completed honored to play in the animated version.”

Asked what technology of Wonder Woman’s she’d like to possible, Avgeropoulos didn’t need to pause to think of her answer. “Lasso of Truth, for sure. Then I could spot people BSing me instantly. That would be a good tool to have in life,” said Avgeropoulos with a smile.

As for working on the seventh and final season of The CW’s The 100, Avgeropoulos knows it’s going to be an emotional goodbye when filming wraps. “I’m not looking forward to the last shooting day because I know I’m going to cry, for sure. It’s going to be weird to say goodbye to a character that I’ve played. It’s going to be sad to say goodbye to Octavia. I’ll put her on a shelf and thank her for all the things that she’s taught me over the years. It’s bittersweet.”

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Warner Bros Home Entertainment will release Wonder Woman: Bloodlines, starring Rosario Dawson in the title role, digitally on October 5, 2019 and on 4K Ultra HD Combo Pack and Blu-ray Combo Pack on October 22nd.