Jared Gilmore Talks About ‘Once Upon a Time’ Season Four

Jared Gilmore Once Upon a Time Interview
Jared Gilmore at the 2014 San Diego Comic Con (Photo by Richard Chavez/ShowbizJunkies)

Season three of Once Upon a Time was a wild one for Jared Gilmore’s character, Henry, and during our interview at the 2014 San Diego Comic Con, Gilmore said Henry will be putting to good use lessons learned over the last three seasons as the town of Storybrooke attempts to return to a semblance of normalcy. ABC’s set a September 28, 2014 premiere date for season four and Gilmore’s just as anxious as fans of the popular series to find out what’s in store for Henry, Captain Hook, Gold, Regina, and the rest of the Storybrooke gang.

Jared Gilmore Once Upon a Time Interview

That was quite a journey you went on last year. What’s happening this year?

Jared Gilmore: “This year I think Henry’s learned a lot from his journey so he can really use all the things he learned while in Neverland – and also New York – to his advantage.”

How far in advance do you know what’s happening with Henry? Are you interested in learning where he’s going?

Jared Gilmore: “Yeah. Every time I read the script I’m so fascinated because I really don’t know what’s going on because every week – or whenever I get the script – I’m blown away when I read it, because it’s so amazing what Eddie [Kitsis] and Adam [Horowitz] write – and all the writers do.”

Did you have any idea this is where Henry would end up at this point?

Jared Gilmore: “I had no idea whatsoever. I started reading season three and Peter Pan was there, I was like, ‘I was like that’s so cool,’ because he’s someone I always wanted to be on the show and I also got a chance to play him for a couple of episodes. So, that was great.”

Are you going to have a lot to do with the Frozen storyline?

Jared Gilmore: “I don’t know. I hope so because I love Frozen. I’ve seen the movie so many times; me and my twin sister love that movie.”

Do you go around singing the songs?

Jared Gilmore: “Yeah. [Laughing] For a while I had the lyrics to every song memorized.”

Is there a particular character you wish you got to interact more with, besides Peter Pan?

Jared Gilmore: “Besides Peter Pan? You know I think it would be really interesting to see…well, now I’ll get to spend more time with Gold but another person I think would be interesting to spend more time with is Captain Hook. Captain Hook knew as we happen to [learn] towards the end where Captain Hook was telling Henry about Neal, that was when Henry had no idea. I think it would be very interesting now for Henry to learn more about his dad when he was younger.”

How much have you filmed for the new season?

Jared Gilmore: “Haven’t filmed much at all. We just started filming in the beginning of July. We’re halfway through the second episode.”

How does it feel to play a character who’s really the link between these two worlds? Do you feel any additional weight handling that role?

Jared Gilmore: “You know, not really. Henry and me are still just kids so they don’t feel this. Or, I don’t feel this and he doesn’t feel this.”

Are there any younger storybook characters you’d like to see come on the show? Most of the characters have been adults.

Jared Gilmore: “The real question is, are there any fairy tale kids? I mean, we’ve had Hansel and Gretel, and that’s really all I can think of of more younger fairy tale characters that we could see.”

What’s it like on the set?

Jared Gilmore: “It’s amazing. All the actors are so nice. The crew is amazing, and it’s great coming back every year and seeing friendly faces and getting to film the show again.”

Have you had any interesting fan encounters?

Jared Gilmore: “You know, not really. Most of my fans are quite civil, you can say. They’re all super nice. None of them have been super rude or anything, so that’s great.”

Are you active on Twitter?

Jared Gilmore: “Yeah.”

And nothing weird on Twitter?

Jared Gilmore: “You know a couple people say, ‘I love you,’ but that’s pretty much it.”

-By Rebecca Murray

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