Jay Ryan Talks About Beauty and the Beast

Beauty and the Beast star Jay Ryan says that season one’s version of the ‘Beast’ makeup and prosthetics actually didn’t make him feel beastly. Strangely enough, Ryan says that once the make-up process was completed he turned into a joker on set. “I don’t know if it was the old make-up design and maybe the new make-up design will do something different, but the old make-up I kind of felt like Jim Carrey in The Mask,” said Ryan. “I would turn into this kind of crazy character until they called ‘action’. So, it’ll be interesting to see what alter-ego comes out with this new design.”
And in our interview from the 2013 San Diego Comic Con, Ryan also said that the alterations made to the make-up for season two makes the Beast look scarier. Unfortunately, fans will have to wait until October for the return of Beauty and the Beast on The CW to see exactly what Ryan is talking about.
Watch the interview:


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