Jeff Davis Interview: ‘Teen Wolf’ Season 5, What’s Coming Up, and Stiles & Lydia

Jeff Davis Interview: Teen Wolf Season 5
Tyler Posey and Jeff Davis (Photo Credit: 2015 Getty Images / MTV)

Teen Wolf series creator/executive producer Jeff Davis describes season five of the MTV series as complicated, and fans of the show would agree with that assessment. The new structure of the season – two blocks of 10 episodes – has allowed Davis to take the story into even darker places. Davis also revealed there are big twists and turns in store that will split the characters apart.

During roundtable interviews at the 2015 San Diego Comic Con, Davis said fans can expect to get most of the season’s questions answered by season five’s 20th episode. “We’ve had a few cliffhangers here and there between seasons, but I like telling a complete story. I think it’s very satisfying. You can see that story as one book in a series of books, essentially. I like that. I was a huge fan of Lost, but it was trying to get through to the end of each season and still have so many questions. We have plenty of questions that linger, but the storyline is wrapped up in a satisfying way. I loved… 3B is one of my favorites – if not my favorite – seasons. 3-24 is one of my favorite episodes because there are so many different wrap-ups and it feels like the ending to the story,” explained Davis. “3B was a tough season to shoot because we’d never lost a character like that. That death had big repercussions on the show.”

Other key details from the interview include:

STILES AND LYDIA: Are they going to be together? “I can’t answer that. We debate that in the writers room all the time, actually. There are some people in the writers room who find themselves saying, ‘Stiles and Lydia, yes.’ And then others saying, ‘No. Never.’ And then the no, never people suddenly change their minds because there are two different ways about it: they become friends and they’re beyond it or are they meant for each other. We love stories where they’re meant for each other so…”

STILES: How is he affected by the loss of so many friends? “Stiles goes through a lot this season, actually. He gets pretty torn up. We take him to a pretty dark place, I would say.”

THE NOGITSUNE POWERS: Is Stiles still affected? “No, the Nogitsune is completely out of his system, but…”

PARRISH: Davis confirmed we will find out what type of supernatural Parrish is this season. “I won’t tell you when, but it happens in 5A.”

KIRA: “She definitely has a lot of struggle. What’s happening to her is the fox within her is vying for independence.”

NEW CHARACTERS: Asked which new character he’s most excited about, Davis said it’s Theo played by Cody Christian. “I said at the beginning in the writers room, ‘I want a character we can really hate. I want our Joffrey.’ So, trust me, you’re going to hate him so much by the end of the season. It’s fun to have a character like that you can hate.”

DANNY: For Danny fans, Davis said, “Danny graduated early,” in response to the question of where is he now.

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