Jersey Shore Has a Record-Breaking Debut

The cast of Jersey Shore

The Cast of 'Jersey Shore' - © MTV Networks

Four seasons in and Jersey Shore shows no signs of wearing out its welcome. The August 4, 2011 fourth season debut scored a record 8.8 million viewers making it MTV’s most watched series opener in history. In addition, Jersey Shore beat out the regular network programming (including CBS’ Big Brother).
Although the premiere beat the debut episodes of the previous three seasons of the reality show, it fell slightly behind the most watched episode in the show’s history. That honor goes to the January 20, 2011 broadcast which featured Snooki getting released from jail and attracted 8.9 million viewers.
About Season 4:
“This summer will be hotter than ever when America’s favorite roommates head overseas to learn all about the culture they love and bring their trademark hilarity, fist-pumping and family dysfunction to ‘the beautiful country.’ When the cast goes to Italy, they take a little of Jersey with them; and the birthplace of the Renaissance might never be the same. There’s plenty of GTL, fist pumping and hair gel – but in Italy even going from “cabs are here” to “I taxi sono que” puts a hilarious spin on their everyday adventures. As they navigate Florence and rely on one another more than ever before, relationships will shift and evolve in directions fans could never see coming.”


Sources: The Hollywood Reporter, MTV


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