Jimmy Kimmel’s Oscar 2014 Special – “Let It Go” Clip

Jimmy Kimmel returns with his annual ‘After the Oscars’ special and he’s released this sneak peek clip titled “Let It Go” as a tease of what viewers can expect. In 2012 he unleashed Movie: The Movie and last year’s Movie: The Movie 2V upped the bar, but who knows what he really has in store for this year’s post-Oscars show.
This teaser clip opens with Meryl Streep in a British accent telling Chris Hemsworth (playing her son) to “Let it go. It’s been 30 years.” Whatever ‘it’ is, Hemsworth isn’t ready to get over just yet as he threatens to find ‘him’ and destroy him. The clip also features Tom Hanks dressed as a monk and Chris’ little bro, Liam (of The Hunger Games).
The ‘After the Oscars’ special will air on ABC after the 86th Academy Awards on March 2nd.
Watch the video:

-Posted by Rebecca Murray

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