Inside The Following with Kevin Bacon

The Following viewers may still be confused as to whether or not James Purefoy is returning for season two of Fox’s dramatic series, but there’s no question whatsoever that Kevin Bacon will be back as Ryan Hardy. And while Bacon couldn’t reveal too much about season two, he did tell me in our interview at the 2013 San Diego Comic Con that they will be changing the tone to a certain extent. “I do think it’s still going to have a lot of thrills and a lot of surprises, and things will be shocking and things you don’t see coming – those things that people that like the show like,” explained Bacon. He also revealed that season two will find characters at different points in their lives and that Ryan will be in a better, healthier place.
However, Bacon says viewers should not expect to find a completely happy Ryan Hardy. He still has serious issues to deal with personally and professionally, and Joe Carroll’s followers are still out on the loose.
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