Behind the Scenes of Sons of Anarchy with Kurt Sutter

The premiere episode of season six of Sons of Anarchy marks, unfortunately, the beginning of the next-to-last season of FX’s critically acclaimed series. Creator Kurt Sutter is only planning a seven season run, and at the 2013 San Diego Comic Con we asked him if anyone is safe from getting killed off before the show airs its final episode. Laughing, Sutter replied, “I’m safe. I think that’s all that matters. You know, it’s a dangerous life. People die.”
Sutter was also asked if he knows – or has always known – the ultimate outcome for each of the Sons of Anarchy characters. “I don’t necessarily for each of the characters. I think I kind of know in terms of my trilogy, in terms of Jax, Clay, and Gemma – and Tara as well,” offered Sutter. “I have a sense of how the other characters evolve. But what I’ve learned each season is that I come to each season with a little bit looser grip of what I want it be. It ends up being a better season if I let it have a life of its own. So I do know where I want to end, I just don’t know how we’re going to get there or really what that path is like.”
Sons of Anarchy‘s creator also revealed the addition of some interesting new players to the mix this season. “We have CCH Pounder coming on playing a character who plays a much more… We had Ray McKinnon play the Federal DA a couple of seasons ago, and she’s just local DA so the energy’s a little bit different. It’s a little more ‘small town’. She sort of plays, I don’t know if I’d say…she’s not a direct antagonist, but she complicates the big picture for them,” said Kutter. “We have Kim Dickens on this season playing a madam and that will be part of Jax and Nero continuing trying to expand their legitimate business. So, that’s sort of a fun storyline we get to play out.”
Sutter also discussed returning guest stars and what fans can expect from this next season debuting on September 10, 2013:


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