Lacey Chabert Interview on ‘All of My Heart’ and Hallmark Movies

Lacey Chabert Interview on All of My Heart
Lacey Chabert stars in ‘All of My Heart’ (Photo Credit: Copyright 2014 Crown Media United States LLC / Photographer: Katie Yu)

Hallmark Channel is well known for its romantic movies and this coming Valentine’s Day the network will be debuting another sweet love story with All of My Heart. The movie, which will debut on Saturday, February 14th at 8pm ET/PT, stars Lacey Chabert, Brennan Elliott, and Ed Asner, and while at the 2015 TCA winter press event I had the chance to briefly chat with Chabert about her latest Hallmark Channel project.

What’s the story about?

Lacey Chabert: “I inherit a house and inherit half of the house with Brennan Elliott – his character. At first we don’t get along but opposites attract and before you know it, we’re not only dividing this house but also falling in love.”

Are you a regular when it comes to Hallmark’s movies now?

Lacey Chabert: “Yeah, I’ve done four or five. They’re always lovely to me and they’re wonderful to work for. I appreciate that their programing is geared toward families.”

So how does that work? Once you do one, do they keep asking you back?

Lacey Chabert: “They’ve been very generous to me and asked me back on numerous occasions for different films. I’ve always loved working for them because you know you’re going to work on a set that’s just a really pleasant environment, and on material that’s very family-friendly. They’re very collaborative so they’re open to your opinion and your input. It’s really a lovely environment.”

Since you’ve been involved in four, have you felt the phenomenon of Hallmark movies that fans get obsessed about and can’t wait for the next one?

Lacey Chabert: “Yeah. I mean, yes, in tweeting. Exactly. When the movies air I hear from my fans I think more than for anything else I do. I think it’s because their movies really connect with the heart. And the movies are always centered around family and values, I always feel proud to be a part of them.”

Do you watch much television yourself? What are your favorites?

Lacey Chabert: “I do. I watch Hallmark and I just watched this past weekend The Newsroom and Homeland and The Affair. And I watch The Big Bang Theory.”

– By Fred Topel

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