Carpool Karaoke: Lady Gaga Joins James Corden

Carpool Karaoke with Lady Gaga and James Corden
Lady Gaga joins James Corden for Carpool Karaoke on ‘The Late Late Show with James Corden’ (Photo: Terence Patrick ©2016 CBS Broadcasting, Inc)

Lady Gaga took the passenger seat while James Corden drove through the streets for a lengthy Carpool Karaoke video. The Late Late Show’s most popular video series found the twosome getting into “Perfect Illusion,” “Bad Romance,” “The Edge of Glory,” “Born This Way,” O-Town’s “Liquid Dreams,” “Poker Face,” and “Million Reasons” while Corden dressed in a few of Lady Gaga’s more memorable outfits.

Corden asked Lady Gaga to describe what it was like to be offered the Super Bowl halftime show and then Lady Gaga participated in a Carpool Karaoke first: the newly licensed driver took over Corden’s job behind the wheel. Lady Gaga admitted her father cried when she passed the driving test at age 30, and she’s even driven around New York. She also confirmed she bought about 400 pieces of Michael Jackson’s clothing, including a “Thriller” jacket and a glove, and she keeps them in a temperature-controlled room to preserve them. Other little tidbits from the video include Lady Gaga saying she can in fact write a song in 10 minutes and she hates when fashion fails her.

Watch the Lady Gaga Carpool Karaoke video: