‘The Last Ship’ Season 3 – Adam Baldwin Interview

Adam Baldwin The Last Ship WonderCon 2016
Adam Baldwin from ‘The Last Ship’ at WonderCon 2016(Photo by Richard Chavez / Showbiz Junkies)

TNT’s hit dramatic series The Last Ship returns for a third season on June 12, 2016 at 9pm ET/PT with new adventures and obstacles for the crew of the Nathan James to overcome. During the 2016 WonderCon in Los Angeles, Adam Baldwin sat down to talk about what fans of the show can expect from season three. “We are taken captive, the reasons for which I can’t go into but it gets pretty bloody,” explained Baldwin. “The hardships that we have to experience in this imprisonment are pretty profound. We get to get off the ship and get into some dirty, cold, wet environments, jungle atmosphere…darkness…blood. Not clean at all. Loved it! Loved it. That’s my wheelhouse. I love getting dirty.”

The Last Ship‘s always been a very action-oriented series and season three was once again physically demanding on the cast. “It was challenging, very challenging, and rewarding,” said Baldwin. “We had a core group of players that got to get off the ship and work very closely together in desperate – pretending to be desperate – situations. We just had a blast. But it was out of the norm of just regular, ‘Okay, 7am call at the studio lot.’ It wasn’t that. It was 4am out in the boonies in the jungle in the cold. It was great. I love it.”

The various settings of the storylines for the key returning cast members of The Last Ship meant that Baldwin wasn’t able to work with all of the actors he’s used to seeing on set over the past two seasons. Asked if the characters ever reunite in season three, Baldwin replied, “Some, yes. Some are still very distant and removed. It’s not the same core group that it was in the first two seasons where we were pretty much isolated all of us on the ship. There’s now three separate worlds. There’s the White House in St. Louis and then there’s the ship, and then there’s the rest of the crap that goes on on land. And, it’s fascinating how the bible, if you will, the through-line of the show is keeping those all cohesive.”

So, does he miss his co-stars? “Well, I still get to see some of them. I don’t need to see everybody all the time,” said Baldwin, laughing. “It’s a marathon, it’s not a sprint so I always look at it that way.”

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