‘The Last Ship’ Rhona Mitra and John Pyper Ferguson Season 2 Interview

The Last Ship Rhona Mitra, John Pyper Ferguson Interview - Season 2
Rhona Mitra stars in ‘The Last Ship’ (Photo © 2015 Turner Broadcasting, Inc)

TNT’s riveting drama The Last Ship returns for season two on June 21, 2015 with a two-hour premiere episode airing at 9pm ET/PT. In season two, the crew of the U.S.S. Nathan James are attempting to figure out how to get the cure produced and out to those in need. However, the world has changed since the virus first spread and attempting to save humanity will not be easy.

Among the returning cast members for this second season are Rhona Mitra and John Pyper Ferguson. Teamed up to discuss the series, Mitra and Pyper Ferguson provided a little insight into what fans of the series can expect and what’s happening with their characters in season two. At the 2015 WonderCon I asked if the tone will be different than season one and Pyper Ferguson replied, “Yes. It’s pretty clear that there’s new challenges. We have a vaccination where we can now go out amongst people and not be contaminated or contaminate, so it’s all new problems. It’s a whole slew of introducing new people who are going to come in and create more challenges for us as well as help us out a little bit. And, it’s a save the world show.'”

As for Rachel’s journey in season two it will be all about figuring out a way to distribute the vaccine. “There’s one thing that she’s figuring out and that’s the actual way you distribute it, the most efficient way because we’ve got a time issue because the virus is still rampant,” explained Mitra. “It’s the world we come back to and what we’re confronted by are these different sort of subcultures that are now rising up. Granderson [played by Alfre Woodward] is one example and then it’s all other different people with their different agendas trying to get in the way. And obviously they understand that I have this cure, so it’s about how you guard that and then putting it out there and how we can spread it as quickly as possible. So, I’m still under the same sort of pressure because something like this hasn’t happened before so it’s about getting the intelligence to actually do this in the most effective way.”

“I’m still a little mollycoddled. I’m still in my little nest and taken care of by all these boys,” said Mitra about her status among the crew of the ship.

“I want to look up mollycoddled!” joked Pyper Ferguson.

Watch the rest of the interview with Rhona Mitra and John Pyper Ferguson:

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