SNL Video: Liam Neeson Warns Putin He Doesn’t Like Things That are Taken

Liam Neeson Warns Putin on SNL
Liam Neeson and Jay Pharoah on 'SNL' (Photo by: Dana Edelson/NBC)
SNL brought in Liam Neeson (currently seen in theaters starring in Non-Stop aka Taken on a Plane) to kick off the March 8, 2014 episode of the late night series hosted by Lena Dunham (Girls). Neeson, playing himself, joined with Jay Pharoah playing President Obama to condemn Russia for invading Crimea.
“Recently I got a very disturbing call, Crimea had been taken. I hate it when things are taken,” said Neeson. After talking about how Mr. Putin doesn’t listen to reason, Neeson issued this personal message: “Mr. Putin. Vladimir. I’ve never met you. I don’t have experience in international diplomacy, but what I do have is a very particular set of skills. Skills that would make me a nightmare for someone like you. By which I mean I’m an actor…in Hollywood…with a lot of connections.”
Watch the video:

-Posted by Rebecca Murray

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