Lindsey Morgan Chats About ‘The 100’ and Surviving the First Season

Lindsey Morgan The 100 Interview
Lindsey Morgan as Raven and Bob Morley as Bellamy in ‘The 100’ (Photo: Cate Cameron/ © 2014 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved)

The 100 cast members showed up at the 2014 San Diego Comic Con in force, with the show well represented and the audience at the Q&A enthusiastically cheering on the stars of the sci-fi action drama. The CW is bringing back The 100 for a second season kicking off in October and Lindsey Morgan (‘Raven’) promises this new season will be just as wild as season one.

Lindsey Morgan The 100 Interview

Season one was crazy. Do you think season two will be even crazier?

Lindsey Morgan: “Season two is going to be really calm. Just kidding. Season two, everyone’s going to vacation to Costa Rica. They’re just going to chill, have some drinks. No, if you think season one was madness, season two is definitely. Get ready. We have a lot in store for you and it’s going to be awesome, definitely. Edge of your seat stuff. From the moment we start, episode one is already…it does not take any breaks.”

How much input do you get to have into Raven at this point?

Lindsey Morgan: “You know what’s really great about our writers is that they’re so keen and observant to us as actors, and they immediately can see what we shine in, what’s our strengths as actors. But they’re also very curious. I feel like they give us work that they’re like, ‘Yeah, I know Bob’s going to kill this scene. I know Eliza’s got this scene,’ but they also always try to stretch us and surprise us and be like, ‘I want to see what Devon does with this.’ So I do think we have a great collaboration with the writers. We tell them, ‘I love this, I love that.’ They ask us, ‘What do you want to see this season? What did you enjoy the last season? What do you love about your character, what do you not? What do you want to explore?’ So they definitely take us into consideration, but they’re always looking to push us too and I love that. I think Raven got pushed a lot. She wasn’t just an ordinary guest star. She really got pushed to some great places and me as an actress, I’ve never done before. So I really loved it, loved the experience.”

Was there a script in particular that really shocked you in season one?

Lindsey Morgan: “I mean, Bellamy! Where did that come from? And no one gave me any notice to that either and I was just like reading the script, like, ‘Ooh, this is good. What? What?’ Yeah, that was a shocker. That was a huge shocker for me. Yeah, but I’ll tell y’all that Raven was supposed to die. Raven was never supposed to make it, especially to season two. So I think that’s a big reason why they really kept pushing her in every episode because this one could’ve been her last, this one could’ve been her last, this one could’ve been her last… So the Bellamy hookup was so shocking and so raw and vulnerable for her, I think they wanted to push the character Raven because she was supposed to die the next episode, ‘So let’s see what she can do. Let’s go all out if this is the end,’ which I thought was really great and really awesome. So just like that.

I was living in a hotel for six months because I was always expecting to go home. So I was just waiting, episode by episode. I knew I was going to die and that’s just what happens. As an actor, as a guest star, you’re booked for so many episodes so it’s just what happens. But no, they just kept extending it and it was a surprise for me along the way. I’m like, ‘I made it! Holdin’ on!'”

That’s a great testament to your work.

Lindsey Morgan: “Well, thank you. I hope so.”

Raven seems broken. Will she find comfort in season two?

Lindsey Morgan: “Well, after her vacay in Costa Rica she gets her groove back. Raven, I mean, do you really want to see a happy Raven? A Raven in Costa Rica? Do you want to watch that? I’d say Raven goes through a lot but I think that’s what’s really fascinating to watch about her. You saw her break down emotionally and season two already she’s challenged with a different kind of breakdown. I don’t want to say what kind it is. You’ll have to see, but I think it’s fascinating because Raven is such a capable person, always in control and always knows what to do. She knows, ‘Oh, you got this, boom, you’re done.’ So I think it’s fascinating watching someone like that get confronted with new obstacles and challenges and having to really find in her soul how do I accomplish this? How do I beat this? She may be broken but I think it’s a beautiful thing because you’re going to see her rebuild herself. You’re going to see it in a new light in season two, for sure.”

Is Raven as much fun to play as she looks on screen? You look so into it.

Lindsey Morgan: “I mean, I love it but she’s tough. Let’s just say, I always equate the way Raven feels in my body is how I feel when I’m at the gym. Not at the point where you’re like, ‘Ugh, I hate this,’ but when you’re like, ‘I actually kinda like this. Yeah, I’m gonna run a little faster. I’m gonna lift this heavy thing,’ where you got it, you feel great. So Raven is that really intensity, but that intensity is exhausting. You’re tired. But she is so smart and so badass.

There’s times in my life where I’m frantic, like I don’t know what to do, I don’t know what to do. I’m literally like, ‘Okay, what would Raven do?’ As dumb as that is, it’s in my head. I’m like, ‘Oh, she’d do that. All right.’ You know what I mean? In some ways I love her and in some ways I’m like, ‘Girl, you need to relax. You’re making me tired!'”

-By Rebecca Murray

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