‘Lucifer’ Recap Season 2 Episode 1: Everything’s Coming Up Lucifer

Lucifer season 2 episode 1
Aimee Garcia, Tom Ellis and Lauren German in ‘Lucifer’ (Photo by Michael Courtney © 2016 Fox Broadcasting Co)

Mom’s arrived in town and Lucifer (Tom Ellis) and Amenadiel (DB Woodside) have no idea how they’re going to deal with her presence in season two of Fox’s hit comedy/drama, Lucifer. Season two kicks off on Monday, September 19, 2016 at 9pm ET/PT with an episode titled ‘Everything’s Coming Up Lucifer,’ which is fitting as Lucifer thinks the world revolves around him. In addition to Ellis and Woodside, returning Lucifer stars include Lauren German as Chloe, Rachael Harris as Dr. Linda Martin, Lesley-Ann Brandt as Maze, Kevin Alejandro as Dan Espinoza (aka Detective Douche), and Scarlett Estevez as Trixie. Tricia Helfer joins the cast as Lucifer and Amenadiel’s mom and Aimee Garcia‘s now on board as Ella Lopez.

Season 2 Premiere Recap:

Season two picks up with masked robbers terrorizing a jewelry store employee and his customers. With perfect timing and looking incredibly handsome, the celestial crime-fighting duo of Lucifer and Amenadiel show up to save the day. But, actually, that’s not what they’re there for. Nope, the brothers are on the scene because they believe one of the robbers recently died and their mom is now inhabiting his body. This, obviously, makes the robber think the two are slightly insane as Lucifer explains his body-possession theory. The bros quickly determine mom’s not dwelling inside this particular human so Amenadiel freezes time so they can talk things through. They’ve gone down the list of the recently deceased whose bodies mom could be hijacking and this guy’s the last name on the list. He’s not it, so now they have no idea where mom is or if she’s even in LA.

Before leaving the very confused robber to the police, they strip him to his undies, take his gun, and leave him wearing a pricey tiara. Oh, and they tie his laces together so he falls on his face. That Lucifer…what a sense of humor!

Lucifer heads over to Dr. Linda Martin’s where he reveals his mom is literally, not metaphorically, going to kill him. Linda’s a little perplexed as to why Lucifer’s never mentioned his mom before, so he lays out the whole story of dad meeting mom, falling in love, having sex, and creating the universe because they did the deed. “The Big Bang?” asks Dr. Linda. “Never knew how appropriate the name was until now, did you?” responds Lucifer. So then mom and dad had a “litter” of kids up in Heaven but mom starting growing distant once dad became obsessed with humanity. Long story short, dad tossed Lucifer out and mom did nothing to help. Mom also got bumped from Heaven and wound up under Lucifer’s watch down in Hell where he did – in a classic turnabout is fair play type of reaction – nothing to help her escape.

And now we get to meet up again with our other favorite crime-fighting team of Lucifer and Chloe. They’re on a studio set and Lucifer keeps bugging Chloe about her own days as an actress. Chloe’s distracted though because she’s still trying to figure out why Lucifer isn’t dead after being shot point blank in the chest. She took some of his blood and now she’s threatening to test it to put an end to his “I’m the Devil on the Earth” claims. Lucifer’s strangely excited about the prospect but wants Chloe to put that aside because he needs help on his own project. It’s always all about Lucifer, isn’t it? And of course the dead body they now encounter on the set has metal bars protruding from her head like devil’s horns, so Lucifer naturally thinks his mother was the killer because, again, it’s all about him.

The victim is Gillian Taylor, a stand-in for the lead actress. Lucifer thinks she died because of him but forensic scientist Ella Lopez (hello, Aimee Garcia, and welcome to Lucifer!) determines the metal rods didn’t kill her. They were added postmortem and she wasn’t even killed where she was found on the set. Lucifer still believes this is his mom’s work and she’s sending him a message, but Chloe wants him to get over himself. Their discussion is interrupted when they spy Detective Douche talking to an officer on the scene. He’s no longer suspended but he’s been demoted and will now just be assisting on cases. Chloe puts him to work interviewing potential witnesses.

Meanwhile, Lucifer goes over to chat with newbie Ella. She hugs him, immediately catching him off-guard, and he’s surprised she doesn’t react when he says his name since she’s wearing a gold cross around her neck. She doesn’t hold his name against him, and even tells him she thinks the Devil gets a bad rap, which for the second time in this conversation catches Lucifer off-guard. She doesn’t think rebelling against his dad or giving a naked lady an apple was all that bad. But, then again, she’s not fond of his job running Hell. “I’m retired. And besides, I didn’t create Hell; I just work there,” say Lucifer, slightly irritated. Since Lucifer is now really referring to himself as the Devil, Ella’s convinced he’s a method actor, given the fact they’re in Los Angeles.

Off Chloe and Lucifer go to check out Gillian’s home where they chat with her landlord, a friendly lady (Rusty Schwimmer) who thought of Gillian as her daughter. She also got Gillian a job on the set where she wound up dying, so she blames herself. The woman tells Lucifer and Chloe that Amy (Jessica Sula), the lead actress Gillian was standing in for, is a coke addict and a bad influence on Gillian. Lucifer’s spidey sense starts tingling when the woman says Amy overdosed a few days ago and was barely able to be revived by doctors. Lucifer, tying two and two together, now believes Amy is his mom, she killed Gillian, and she shoved devil horns in her head to taunt him. Just then, Chloe finds a huge stack of money under a cushion on the couch. As they head back to the car making their way through a yard full of pink flamingos, Lucifer tells Chloe the killer is his mom whose soul is now inside Amy. Chloe looks at him the way Chloe often looks at him (as though he’s grown at least one extra head), and tells him he’s making less sense than usual. He tells her to test his blood so that she’ll finally believe he is who he says he is.

Amenadiel’s hanging out alone at Lucifer’s bar and Lucifer thinks his brother’s moody because Maze is still missing. “Maze always turns up eventually. She’s like a bad penny in tight leather pants,” says Lucifer, smiling at his own wittiness. Amenadiel wonders if Maze helped their mom escape but Lucifer has news to deliver: he found mom. Lucifer also tells his bro Chloe’s about to confirm he’s who he says he is by testing his blood, which immediately has Amenadiel wondering if his brother’s completely lost his mind. Lucifer thinks it will all be okay because it’s just Chloe, but Amenadiel doesn’t think angel blood should be anywhere near a police lab.

Dan tells Chloe he discovered Amy and Gillian recently had a fight that was captured on video. Chloe thinks it may have been an argument over Amy’s drug problem.

Lucifer beats Chloe back to the set where he shows up unannounced in Amy’s trailer. After watching her snort a line of coke, he pokes fun at her role model reputation. “A wolf in a sheep’s tiny skirt, mom!” says Lucifer, still certain his mom has taken over Amy’s body. Amy is justifiably confused but gets turned on when Lucifer says he knows who she really is. He has to fight her off, freaked out that she’s his mom. Chloe barges in to save the day while Lucifer comes to terms with the fact this isn’t his mom. Amy says Gillian was her sober companion and they fought over the fact Gillian treated her like a child. Amy got a new supply, handing over the bag of drugs in her drawer. The bag has a cute little devil emoji and Lucifer makes a note to speak to a copyright lawyer. It’s. Always. About. Lucifer. Amy gives up the name of her drug dealer and Lucifer thinks they should pursue that possible lead. He now believes his mom is taunting him with his own “distorted image” and Chloe could not look more over the whole thing but asks if he really thinks his mom is the drug dealer. He does and once again demands she test his blood.

Meanwhile, Amenadiel stops time at the police station so he can get Lucifer’s blood from Chloe’s desk. Suddenly, time starts up again which leaves him confused.

It’s now time for Lucifer to hit the couch at Dr. Linda’s to lay out his current problems which he blames on everyone but himself, per usual. Dr. Linda even prompts him to include himself in the blame game…but he won’t. Instead, he turns the table and blames her. One heavy sigh later and Dr. Linda confesses she doesn’t think she’s actually helping him at all.

Chloe arrives at Lucifer’s bar but it’s Amenadiel who greets her. He’s come up with this huge story to explain everything about Lucifer, starting off the tale by shooting himself in the stomach. This is supposed to prove Lucifer was never shot and instead just used a blood pack. He says Lucifer is a huge fraud and that everything is part of a performance. Even the “weird mojo” thing he does is just the power of suggestion, according to Amenadiel. He says Lucifer’s good at it having studied it from an early age. Lucifer created the persona for himself because they had a rough childhood. Chloe appears to be buying the explanation.

Chloe and Lucifer sit through an AA meeting where Lucifer confides to Chloe he now believes the killer isn’t actually his mother. He’s done with sitting back and just listening to confessionals so up he goes to take over the meeting to figure out who the dealer is. He tells the recovering addicts he loves drugs. Loves them! And, he has lots of money to spend on the drugs…it’s his twisted way of figuring out how to get the dealer to approach him after the meeting. But, he’s a bit sidetracked when he goes into a discussion of his mother abandoning him. After it’s over the dealer makes himself known, offering them a bag of drugs with the devil emoji on it. Chloe takes over as the dealer panics over the possibility of an arrest. When Chloe shows him the picture of the dead women he throws up. Chloe’s pretty sure he’s not the killer but needs to know who would make it look like he’s a murderer. He thinks it was Amy’s old dealer.

Lesley Ann Brandt in Lucifer
Lesley-Ann Brandt in ‘Gotham’ (© 2016 Fox Broadcasting)

Maze is back and Lucifer’s one happy Devil! She steps in when he’s about to get stabbed and Lucifer’s definitely glad she’s back. Maze won’t say where she was but that she just needed time off, and she’s shocked to learn his mom’s escaped Hell. He hints that she helped his mom, and Maze reminds him she’s the one who actually tortured his mom in Hell. “Desperation makes for strange bedfellows. I just pictured you in bed with my mom. Oh, can’t un-see that now!” says Lucifer. Before leaving Maze to have some fun with the tied up and gagged would-be attacker – who it turns out is Amy’s jealous boyfriend, Otis (James Swalm) – Maze reveals she was with a friend who was helping her do some soul searching. “What? Like hunting them down and killing them?” asks Lucifer. Nope, she was with a friend trying to figure out where she fits in. Before he leaves, Lucifer learns from the boyfriend that Gillian cut off Amy’s old drug dealer who goes by the name of Bobby B.

Lucifer catches up with Chloe at the station where they compare notes on Amy’s old drug dealer. Chloe hands Lucifer paperwork and photos to look through, and Lucifer notices that Gillian’s landlord is Bobbie B. This pisses him off as she was like a mother to Gillian, which strikes close to home for the Devil with mommy issues. Off he goes without explaining to Chloe where he’s heading.

Back at the club, the boyfriend runs out of the building covered in feathers. Amenadiel arrives and is happy to see Maze, but she tells him she needs space to figure out where she fits in in this world. He agrees…or at least says he does.

Back at the station, Chloe asks Ella if she really believes in God. Ella doesn’t mind talking about it and answers Chloe’s question about whether angels and the Devil really exist. Is it all a metaphor? Ella says maybe, which wasn’t the answer Chloe expected. Ella’s aunt the nun told her to always question things. “I doubt, so that I can believe,” says Ella. That somehow leads Ella to connect the nitrogen in the rods on Gillian’s head with rose fertilizer. Thus, the rods were taken from a garden. Chloe puts two and two together and gets lawn flamingos.

Lucifer beats Chloe back to the landlord’s house where he greets Bobbie B with, “Hello, murderer.” She acts all innocent but he knows it’s the truth. Lucifer describes how it all went down and he’s right, which leads to a brutal fight between the two. Lucifer allows her to hit him with a poker and is shocked when the blow actually knocks him down and hurts. As he’s trying to figure out why he’s bleeding, she continues to whack him. She has the upper-hand and is choking him when Chloe shows up and saves him by tazing Bobbie B. He grabs the taser and pulls the trigger again, just for good measure.

Chloe wants to know how he put the clues together and Lucifer says he was “on the Devil’s business” and that if he told her she’d think he’s crazy. She tells Lucifer she had a talk with Amenadiel who explained everything. But, she doesn’t buy that story. She doesn’t think he’s crazy or that he’s the Devil. Chloe confesses she doesn’t really care because he always has her back and he makes her a better detective.

Lucifer pays a surprise visit to Dr. Linda to thank her for making him realize he shares the blame for what’s going on. He never asked his mom what she did to be cast out and so that’s on him. He now doesn’t think she’s actually here to kill him and that’s got him confused. What is it that she wants? It’s terrifying not to know.

With Lucifer singing “All Along the Watchtower” as the backing track, we see Chloe open her desk drawer and take out the vial of Lucifer’s blood. She tosses it in the trash can. We’re also treated to a scene of Amenadiel tossing something in the air and smiling when it freezes but then quickly changing to confused when it falls to the ground before he grabs it. The scene switches to the club where Dr. Linda meets up with Maze. They hug like BFFs. Next up is Lucifer at home, alone, seated at the piano, singing, and really getting into the words. [For more on Tom Ellis singing in episodes, read what writer/executive producer Joe Henderson has to say about their season two plans.] With less than a minute left to go in the episode, mom finally shows up. Disheveled, she says, “Lucifer, help me,” and falls to the ground at his feet.

Why is Lucifer vulnerable? Could it be because his mom’s in town? Amenadiel’s powers are also not up to par. Does this mean the angel brothers need to be extra careful if they don’t want to die? The plot thickens…