‘Lucifer’ Season 2 Episode 11 Recap: Stewardess Interruptus

Lucifer season 2 episode 11
Kevin Alejandro and Tom Ellis in the “Stewardess Interruptus” episode of ‘Lucifer’ (Photo by Michael Courtney © 2017 Fox Broadcasting Co)

Oh, Lucifer, how we’ve missed you. Fox’s sexy crime/comedy/drama Lucifer returns from a much-too-long winter break with season two episode 11 airing on January 16, 2017. Titled ‘Stewardess Interruptus,’ the episode picks up right where episode 10 left off, with Lucifer (Tom Ellis) and Chloe (Lauren German) leaning in for a kiss. The moment’s interrupted by a flight attendant (Jennifer Cheon) stripping as she walks in. Lucifer doesn’t want Chloe to leave, but Chloe excuses herself saying she was about to make a big mistake. Well, damn!

Lucifer sends the stewardess away without having sex. Yes, you read that correctly.

Maze (Lesley-Ann Brandt) has been teaching Trixie (Scarlett Estevez) all about the joys of sugary cereals, something Chloe’s not thrilled about. Trixie wants to know if her mom had a date and Chloe turns red and says no. She’s saved from further embarrassment by Maze showing off a newspaper article on the death of Perry Smith. Maze wonders why Chloe isn’t happier, and Chloe says she would have preferred Perry to rot in jail. Maze, disappointed, pours vodka into a bowl of cereal. Definitely not the normal breakfast of champions.

Charlotte (Tricia Helfer) turns up unexpectedly at Lucifer’s, and he warns her hot women are no longer allowed to just show up at his place – and that includes his mom. Charlotte says she was wrong about Chloe and that she’s actually impressed with the detective. Lucifer doesn’t really care because Stewardess Interruptus spoiled his moment with Chloe. Charlotte seems to be rooting for Chloe, telling Lucifer he needs to prove himself to his partner.

As Lucifer and Chloe prepare to investigate a new murder scene, Lucifer tries to convince her he didn’t sleep with the stewardess. She says it doesn’t matter and that she’s not part of the slut police (meaning he’s the slut, not the stewardess). Lucifer keeps insisting things have changed since they had their moment and he won’t ever even look at that flight attendant again. He’s immediately turned into a liar as Jana the flight attendant turns out to be the murder victim.

Chloe’s sorry about Jana’s death and Lucifer admits he didn’t really know her. Lucifer tries to convince Chloe that Jana left five minutes after she did, and then he went directly to the bar where 300 people would be his alibis. Chloe sounds jealous as she probes for more details, but insists she’s just laying out the timeline. When she asks again what he and Jana did during those five minutes, Lucifer’s insulted and declares he’s not a two pump chump and if they’d had sex, Jana would have spent the night. Lucifer doesn’t even know Jana’s last name so it’s fortunate they find her cell phone. Lucifer’s not sure what to make of the fact the final texts refer to ditching that loser from Lux.

Back at the station, Dan (Kevin Alejandro) says the number on Jana’s phone is from a wealthy Silicon Valley guy named Andy Kleinburg. Dan hangs up on Chloe when Maze shows him the newspaper headline about Perry’s death. She wants to celebrate their “righteous kill,” and Dan reminds her they didn’t do it; the Russian mob killed Perry. He then angrily suggests they don’t see each other until it all blows over. (Poor Maze isn’t finding anyone who will help her celebrate Perry’s death!)

Lucifer, looking mega-handsome in a white linen suit, checks out the party going on at the Silicon Valley millionaire’s place. Chloe, as usual, is in full business mode, unimpressed by scantily clad partygoers. Lucifer continues trying to convince her nothing happened with Jana, and then Chloe tells him what she really thinks. This party is Lucifer’s idea of fun while her idea of a good time is being home with Trixie. Chloe says they’re too different and Lucifer counters by saying he’s sure opposites attract according to a wise music video cat. Their talk is interrupted when a guy hits on Chloe and Lucifer tells him to back off because she’s spoken for. Chloe shuts down Lucifer and briefly flirts with the random guy before tracking down Andy.

Andy (Jamie Kennedy) says his text to ditch the loser from Lux or else just meant if Jana didn’t, then they would never hook up. He says it was just a bootie call and after he walks away, Chloe insults Lucifer by saying he and Andy are a lot alike. But, she doesn’t think Andy killed Jana. Chloe gets a text that someone else has been murdered and the ballistics match Jana’s murder.

Murder victim number two is a man who was in the shower, tortured, and then murdered. It turns out this new victim was also one of Lucifer’s ex-lovers. Lucifer recalls he was very fit, and Chloe tells him he’s the only connection between the victims so far. Chloe thinks one of his exes might be killing off all the others, bringing up Charlotte as an example of one who would be capable of murder. Again, Lucifer declares Charlotte is not an ex and Chloe comes up with the bright idea that they need to warn his other exes. She asks for a list of people he’s slept with over the past eight weeks and he warns her she’ll need a bigger notepad.

Lucifer’s exes of both sexes show up at the police station and it’s an attractive assortment, as you’d expect. Dan is impressed while Chloe looks disgusted. One after another the women – and a few men – declare their night with Lucifer was the best night of their lives and they don’t care who else he sleeps with. Watching from behind the glass, Lucifer laughs and says, “You know, this is actually feeling a bit masturbatory even for me.” Dan and Chloe are also treated to descriptions of items Lucifer uses to pleasure his lovers, including a pan flute, butternut squash, Tibetan singing pot, honey, Vaseline, and a car battery. Chloe asks each ex-lover if they were emotionally intimate or if he brought them dinner, etc., but he didn’t do anything like that with any of them. Then Lucifer is taken aback to hear each one confess it was only meaningless, one-night-stand sex. No one had an emotional connection with Lucifer and it meant nothing. None of them have a motive for murder.

Lucifer season 2 episode 11
Tricia Helfer and Lauren German in ‘Lucifer’ (Photo by Michael Courtney © 2017 Fox Broadcasting Co)

Just when you think the interrogations are over, in walks Charlotte which stuns Dan and Lucifer, still hanging out behind the glass. Charlotte tells Chloe she’s impressed with her and was only trying to prove Chloe wasn’t worthy of Lucifer. She believes Lucifer’s different when he’s with Chloe and she’s happy about it. She also says Lucifer deserves a woman like Chloe. Dan makes sure Lucifer won’t tell Chloe he slept with Charlotte, and Lucifer’s okay with that if Dan never sleeps with her again. Lucifer doesn’t want a stepdad…a statement that leaves Dan completely confused.

Maze stops by Dr. Linda’s to talk about doing something “awesome” and no one caring. Dr. Linda (Rachael Harris) tells her self-worth comes from within and says Maze is a better person than most humans (quickly learning that’s an insult to a demon). Maze is happy once again because Dr. Linda thinks she’s awesome. Maze missed the point, but at least she’s no longer pissed about being unappreciated.

Back in the interrogation room, Lucifer’s lovers describe a creepy woman who lurked around the club. Chloe finds out the woman’s name is Suki Price (Diana Bang), however Lucifer doesn’t recognize her picture. They get to Suki’s house and the walls are covered with pictures of Lucifer and women, complete with dates and strings connecting the photos. Even the detective is on the wall and there are creepy Lucifer dolls on the shelves. They didn’t realize Suki was in the bathroom and when she comes out, she squeals, “Lucifer!” and slams the bathroom door. Chloe makes her come back out and Lucifer doesn’t recognize her and Suki confirms they didn’t sleep together. She says he’s her perfect man and she’s loved him from afar. Lucifer thinks not having sex with him drove her into a murderous rage, but Suki has no idea what they’re talking about. When they tell her about the murders, she points to the flight attendant section of the wall where there’s a picture of the two murder victims together. Raj was Jana’s GBFFN – gay best friend for now.

Suki’s super helpful and her obsession is so intense she knows everything about Lucifer’s love life. Suki tells them the other man in the photo with Raj and Jana is a pilot they hung out with, and Chloe warns her not to leave town. Suki promises to never abandon Lucifer. (Writers, please bring Suki back for more episodes.)

Finally, we get to catch up with Amenadiel (D.B. Woodside). He and Charlotte discuss how they’re manipulating Chloe and Lucifer toward each other, with Charlotte reminding Amenadiel God started this and they’re finishing it.

Back at the station, Dan has the scoop on the pilot, Tim Pickman (Toby Levins), who happens to have a police record and who now flies rich dudes to hot spots for drug smugglers. Maybe he killed Jana and Raj to keep them quiet. Dan tells them Tim’s about to take off on a last-minute flight and Chloe and Lucifer head out.

The next scene is straight out of an over-the-top action film. Lucifer speeds behind the plane on the runway with Chloe screaming in the passenger seat to slow down. He catches up to the plane, passes it, and then spins around to face it, forcing it to stop. Tim’s relieved when he exits the plane and learns it’s cops not killers who stopped it.

After parking the plane in the hangar, Tim says he was leaving because his closest friends just got murdered. He reveals a drug smuggler named Burt uses women like Jana as mules, but he was worried the guy would come after him. Lucifer asks him what he desires and Tim says he wants to build a cat sanctuary because Twinkles his cat helped turn his life around. Anyway, Jana asked him to smuggle but he refused. However, a package of Burt’s went missing and now he’s methodically coming after anyone who may have taken it. Lucifer suggests they need to do a sting to get Burt to come after someone of their choosing.

Maze is all in on acting like a flight attendant to take down Burt if she gets to rough him up before turning him over to the cops. Oh, Maze did learn from Dr. Linda! She says she’s doing it because she’s awesome, takes risks for her friends, and doesn’t need their thanks. Chloe wonders if she forgot to thank Maze for something and Maze replies, “No. Self-worth comes from within, bitches.”

Over at Lucifer’s place, Lucifer’s happy to see Amenadiel and asks his brother whether he thinks he’s boyfriend material. Amenadiel reminds him he doesn’t get emotionally attached and wonders if this line of questioning is about Chloe. Amenadiel, still working with his mom on getting Lucifer and Chloe hooked up, tells Lucifer he’s underestimated him and that maybe Lucifer underestimates himself when it comes to Chloe. Lucifer’s floored to receive a compliment from Amenadiel who tells Lucifer to ask himself if he’s a worthy romantic partner.

And now it’s time for the sting. Dan’s ready to go, seated at the bar as Maze walks in dressed as a flight attendant. She sits right next to Dan and orders drinks, thinking that looks more natural than him ignoring her. Maze, who doesn’t have a filter, begins talking about Dan needing to own up to what he did. He tries to mouth to her that he’s wired and Chloe’s listening, but Maze doesn’t get it. She tells him to come clean about sleeping with Charlotte and outside in the van, Chloe immediately questions Lucifer about Dan’s sexual activities. She wants to know if anyone hasn’t slept with Charlotte, and Lucifer raises his hand. She has a hard time believing him and Lucifer promises he just wants to prove his worth to her. Chloe says she and him are not happening; they are very different people and she has different priorities. She sends him out of the van and slips the headphones back on as Burt arrives at the bar.

Maze and Burt head up to her hotel room where she immediately attacks him. Unfortunately, this isn’t Burt. Burt gave this guy, Jim, money to say he was him and the real Burt is outside holding a gun to Lucifer’s head, demanding his package.

Chloe and Dan race to the hotel room where Maze is still restraining Jim. Jim says Burt took off when he saw a tall guy in a suit that he recognized. Chloe and Dan head out to find Lucifer while the real Burt tells Lucifer he recognized him from Andy’s party (Burt’s the guy who hit on Chloe). Burt thinks Jana was at Lux to stash the package, and Lucifer clears up that misconception telling Burt Jana left quickly because he wouldn’t sleep with her. Lucifer doesn’t think a package of cocaine is worth murdering people and Burt surprises Lucifer by telling him the package doesn’t contain drugs. Lucifer disarms Burt when he calls Jana a stupid bitch. Looking crazy (but with normal eyes, not devil eyes), Lucifer tells Burt Jana deserved better than both of them. Burt wants to make a deal but Lucifer calls him a bad man, and then admits he’s much worse. Lucifer shows his true face and Burt freaks out, cowering in fear as Dan, Chloe, and the cops show up to arrest him.

Chloe tells Dan she doesn’t care he slept with Charlotte. She’s too preoccupied wondering why a guy would kill so many people just to get back one package of drugs.

So, who took the package? Andy. He’s stumbling around the airplane hangar, apologizing for stealing the package and admitting he’s broke. The real owner of the package grabs it from Andy as Andy confesses he had no idea it wasn’t drugs. Inside are vials containing what seems to be a deadly virus, and Andy broke one. He falls to his knees, nose bleeding profusely. The mysterious stranger strangles him.

Chloe catches up with Lucifer who’s standing by himself on the beach. She’s flirty in a Chloe sort of way, but Lucifer tells her he’s changed his mind and doesn’t think they would work out after all. He won’t attempt any more “moments” and will just work with her as partners. He confesses he had an epiphany that she deserves someone worthy and that’s not him. Lucifer tells Chloe she deserves someone better because she’s “selfless to a nauseating degree.” He also tells her she’s special and he’s not worth it. She thinks he’s probably right and then goes in for the kiss! Yes, it happened! He manages to say, “Detective,” before she kisses him again.

The trailer for episode 12 shows Lucifer and Chloe getting all hot and heavy, and it teases Lucifer asking his mom if this is actually real.