‘Lucifer’ Season 2 Episode 13 Recap: A Good Day to Die

Lucifer Season 2 Episode 13
Kevin Alejandro, Lauren German and Scarlett Estevez in the “A Good Day to Die” episode of ‘Lucifer’ (Photo by Michael Courtney / Fox)

Lucifer‘s final season two episode before the popular Fox series takes a three month break picks up with Lucifer (Tom Ellis) driving like a maniac to get his partner to the hospital. Chloe (Lauren German) can’t believe she’s been poisoned and tells Lucifer if they don’t find an antidote, she’ll die. She doesn’t want to go to the hospital; she wants to find the cure.

Instead of the hospital, Lucifer and Chloe head to the station to look through the files for any info on the antidote. Ella (Aimee Garcia) shows up looking as if she was yanked out of bed to help the partners who, at first, lie about the possibility of there being another victim. Chloe doesn’t want to tell Ella the truth, thinking she’ll freak out, but Lucifer feels they should. Ella reveals she found a syringe on the scene with a little poison in it, so there’s a possibility someone was dosed. Plus, she found a vial that might have had the antidote, but its contents were destroyed. Ella describes what will happen to the victim in vivid detail while Chloe looks sick.

While Chloe and Ella go over all the evidence, Amenadiel (DB Woodside) shows up and Lucifer hits him. He thinks Chloe’s death could be part of their dad’s plans. Amenadiel says he didn’t know he was putting Chloe in Lucifer’s path, claiming to be just another pawn in the game. He also tells Lucifer that Chloe isn’t aware of any of this. Amenadiel admits he’s been played and so has Lucifer, and all he’s done is spend his existence trying to make his father proud. He’s pissed he was used to make Lucifer a girlfriend, telling his brother they’re on the same side. Lucifer wants to know how deep the plan goes and if the poisoning is part of it. Amenadiel doesn’t know anything about that and Chloe interrupts to say she has an idea.

Chloe thinks maybe Burt (Joe Williamson) was also smuggling the antidotes and they can track him using his ankle bracelet.

Burt’s throwing a wild party, celebrating being released from custody. Chloe bumps into him and he remembers her from the beach party. She asks to see his bedroom and her nose starts bleeding which turns him off. Chloe resorts to violence to get him into his bedroom where Lucifer awaits. Lucifer flashes his Devil eyes again, and Burt screams. The last time they saw each other, Burt begged to be taken away from Lucifer after seeing his real face.

Burt’s still screaming as Lucifer emerges from the bedroom with the bad news he didn’t smuggle the antidote. But, there is a middle man, Dave Maddox, they can track down. Chloe continues bleeding from the nose and faints.

Dan (Kevin Alejandro) is super pissed at Lucifer for not bringing Chloe straight to the hospital as soon as he learned she’s sick. They bicker a bit and Chloe wakes up, angry she’s in the hospital. Dan pledges to take it from there and Lucifer adds, “Yes, we will,” so now we’re back to the team of Detective Douche and the Devil.

Dan warns Lucifer to follow his lead, telling Lucifer the art on the walls is just a cover for illegal deals. Dan spots Dave Maddox, getting his attention by telling him they have to talk about Professor Jason Carlisle. After Dave makes a horrible joke about letting Dan’s ex-wife die, Dan punches him in the face. Dan’s goons hold them at gunpoint and then handcuff both Dan and Lucifer before beating Dan. Since he’s following Dan’s lead, Lucifer asks if he’s supposed to let them punch him too, and Dan tells him no. Lucifer says, “So, this is not some elaborate game of bloody possum?” When Dan says no again, Lucifer lets himself out of his handcuffs and Dan can’t believe Lucifer let them beat the crap out of him without stepping in. Lucifer reminds him he promised not to act without Dan’s permission. Lucifer knocks out the goons and when Dave returns with a bat, Lucifer makes him put it down and uses his Jedi mind trick to find out what Dave wants. And that is…someone to actually like his art. He wants to be treated like a real artist and Lucifer says they can come to an arrangement. Lucifer buys a painting and Dave hands over the list of antidote ingredients but not the formula. Only the professor had that formula, but he’s dead.

Back at the hospital, Charlotte (Tricia Helfer) tells Lucifer she’s sorry about Chloe. Lucifer admits he can’t even go into Chloe’s hospital room because he doesn’t want to tell her it’s hopeless. Charlotte reminds him that at least the professor is in Hell, and Lucifer gets excited, realizing he can visit Hell and talk to the professor. All he has to do is die.

#TeamLucifer gathers at Lucifer’s place where he goes over his plan. They’ll kill him, he’ll go to Hell, get the formula, and then they’ll bring him back. Charlotte, Maze (Lesley-Ann Brandt), and Amenadiel think this is a crazy idea and Charlotte forbids it. Maze agrees because she can’t go with him, and he’ll be stranded without any back-up. Amenadiel reminds him father brought him back last time, and Maze says he can’t go through any of the doors in Hell or he’ll be trapped. Lucifer turns to Dr. Linda (Rachael Harris) for support and she says she only followed half of the conversation. Amenadiel realizes Lucifer told Dr. Linda their secrets and is mad no one let him know – he’s the only one in the room who didn’t come clean to Dr. Linda.

Dr. Linda asks if there’s any possibility he’d go to Heaven, and Lucifer is certain that’s not possible since he’s banned from there. Also, is dying the only way he can get to Hell? Charlotte’s had enough of the discussion and wants to leave but Amenadiel says Chloe doesn’t deserve this so he’s sticking around to help. Maze is also in, but Charlotte still won’t support her son. Dr. Linda asks what her part is in this plan and Lucifer says she’ll bring him back from the dead. Both Amenadiel and Maze offer to kill him, not even hesitating when he asks for a volunteer.

Tom Ellis and DB Woodside in 'Lucifer' (Photo by Michael Courtney / Fox)
Tom Ellis and DB Woodside in ‘Lucifer’ (Photo by Michael Courtney / Fox)

Lucifer rushes to the hospital and tells Dan to gather the ingredients. When Lucifer checks through the window on Chloe, she’s curled up in bed with Trixie. Meanwhile, Maze complains about the “boxy” doctor’s scrubs as she and Dr. Linda find the hospital room directly below Chloe’s. Amenadiel is going to watch over Chloe and make sure no one moves her so that Lucifer is killable. But, Amenadiel also has to make sure she doesn’t move as long as Lucifer’s dead in case she has to be there so he can come back.

Ella and Dan work on the ingredients and they have just one left, a rare (and illegal) substance called ZX3. It’s used for making cars go faster and Ella knows where there’s a black market stash of it locked up. They decide they will break in and steal it since they have no other options.

Maze and Dr. Linda prepare Lucifer to have his heart zapped with the defibrillator. Dr. Linda’s only giving him 60 seconds and Maze reminds him time moves much slower in Hell. Dr. Linda and Lucifer get in a bit of a shouting match about why she’s doing this, and then Maze holds the paddles to zap him – but can’t go through with it. She wants Linda to do it, but they made a deal the doctor would bring him back so Maze has to kill him. Lucifer takes matters into his own hands and zaps himself. Dead on Earth, Lucifer walks through Hell.

Amenadiel finally gets to meet Trixie and seems just as taken with her as Lucifer. Trixie’s super worried about her mom and wonders why there are bad people in the world. Amenadiel says there are more good people than bad, and she gives Amenadiel a hug telling him he’s one of the good ones.

Lucifer watches Professor Jason Carlisle relive the car crash followed by a confrontation with an angry mob. Lucifer explains to Jason that he’s in Hell and that’s why he keeps reliving the accident over and over again. Lucifer’s never seen anyone pull themselves out of Hell, but if he makes amends he might be able to. If he gives Lucifer the formula, then maybe his guilt will be alleviated. The professor hands the formula to Lucifer who walks through the mob. He shows Jason his real face before the mob descends on the professor yet again.

Formula in hand, he wonders where his resurrection is and sees a door. It leads him to his brother, Uriel (Michael Imperioli), playing the piano. Lucifer hugs him but Uriel doesn’t hug back. Uriel tells his brother he doesn’t deserve to be in Hell, but Lucifer does. Lucifer has Azrael’s blade in his hand and stabs Uriel again. Now it’s Lucifer’s turn to relive his worst memory and try and work through his guilt.

Dr. Linda tries to zap Lucifer back to life but nothing happens.

Dan and Ella sneak into the building to look for the final ingredient. Ella’s got a lot of illegal skills including lock picking, but they’re caught in the act and held at gunpoint.

Lucifer keeps stabbing Uriel and screams, “I don’t want this!” Uriel reminds him he didn’t even follow up on what he whispered in his ear when he was dying: “The peace is here.” Lucifer thought it was nonsense. His last words were a clue and Lucifer has to figure it out for himself. Uriel tells him he’s never getting out of Hell.

Chloe’s not doing well and Trixie is rushed from the room as her mom has a seizure.

Maze figures out Lucifer is trapped in a cell in Hell and that’s why they can’t bring him back. Someone has to pull him out, but she can’t because she doesn’t have a soul. Dr. Linda volunteers to go but Maze thinks Linda would go to Heaven. Charlotte barges in just then and says, “Send me.” Hell wants her back and she’s been resisting, but she would die a thousand deaths to rescue Lucifer. Maze doesn’t even think about it this time, zapping Charlotte while she’s still talking.

The doctor and nurses work on Chloe and have to move her to CT, but Amenadiel won’t let them leave. The doctor calls for security.

Ella knows the guy and convinces him to put down his gun. Turns out he’s Ella’s brother and he wanted to keep his stuff away from his law enforcement sister. Ella begs him for the ZX3, telling him it’s for a dying friend. That convinces him and he gives it up to his sister.

Lucifer keeps apologizing and saying he has no choice as he stabs Uriel. Charlotte arrives, telling him she’s there to rescue him. He doesn’t belong in Hell and Uriel isn’t real. Charlotte tries to convince Lucifer it’s not his fault and then realizes it’s hers. She confesses she’s been manipulating Lucifer, stoking his anger against his father, and pushing him into Chloe’s arms. When Charlotte says Chloe’s name, Lucifer comes to himself and says they have to leave so they can save the detective. Lucifer drags Charlotte away from Uriel, even though she doesn’t want to go. She begs him to let her stay.

At the hospital, the security guards wrestle with Amenadiel as Dr. Linda continues to zap Lucifer. Amenadiel tosses the guards from the room and blocks Chloe’s door as Dr. Linda finally brings Lucifer back. Maze brings Charlotte back as Lucifer stumbles from the room. Amenadiel has kept his promise and now Lucifer’s back so Chloe can finally be moved.

Chloe wakes up and Lucifer welcomes her back. She heard Lucifer saved her but he says it was a team effort. She wants to pick up where they left off, but Lucifer tells her she needs to work on feeling better. He ever so slightly shakes his head yes when she asks if they’ll talk later.

Lucifer takes a walk outside the hospital and Charlotte catches up with him to ask how Chloe’s doing. He still can’t believe dad set this whole thing up and nothing was real. He calls his relationship with Chloe a sham, a “long con,” and wants to get back at his dad. He can’t trust anyone and he thinks Charlotte doesn’t love him. She reminds him she went to Hell to help him, but he’s done with her manipulations. He won’t be part of a feud between his mother and father. He says he’s done and walks away.

Chloe is driving while leaving what she says is voicemail #337 for Lucifer. He won’t call her back so she’s heading to his place. When she arrives, everything has been covered with sheets and no one’s there. Her voice breaks as she calls out, “Lucifer?”