‘Lucifer’ Season 2 Episode 6 Recap: Monster

Lucifer Season 2 Episode 6 stars Tom Ellis and Lauren German
Tom Ellis and Lauren German in the Monster episode of ‘Lucifer’ (Photo by Bettina Strauss © 2016 Fox Broadcasting Co)

Season two episode six of Fox’s hit series Lucifer opens with a zombified wedding ceremony that quickly takes a turn to the dark side after the groom is shot. The guests think this is part of the monster-themed ceremony until the bride also takes a bullet to the chest. Their laughter turns to screams as the bride dies before finishing her vows.

Lucifer (Tom Ellis) is partying hardy at Lux, going from woman to woman and drink to drink. Dr. Linda (Rachael Harris) shows up and she’s worried because Lucifer – for the first time ever – cancelled their session. He explains it’s because of a little family drama, telling her his brother (not Amenadiel) died. She says this might be when he needs to talk the most and he moves in for a kiss, saying that’s what he actually needs. Dr. Linda, showing an immense amount of will power, stops his romantic advances. She reminds him she’s there if he needs to talk. Lucifer’s done with her, saying she’s killing his buzz and that she just thinks he talks in metaphors all the time anyway.

Chloe (Lauren German) is busy decorating for Halloween while Trixie (Scarlett Estevez) is having fun in Maze’s sex swing. Chloe puts the kibosh on the sex swing and Maze (Lesley-Ann Brandt), pissed off after having been told she could bring her furniture, tells Chloe she doesn’t like her Halloween decorations. Maze loves Halloween (masquerade orgies, sex parties, etc.) but not Chloe’s version of Halloween. They have a stare-off and then come to the joint conclusion living together was probably a bad idea.

Out at the zombie wedding crime scene, Dan (Kevin Alejandro) tells Chloe the bride was Peggy Russo, a movie make-up artist. The weapon was probably a rifle and no one at the wedding party saw the shooter. Chloe thinks it’s strange the killer just winged the groom with his first shot but hit the bride dead center with his second.

As Chloe’s interrogating the groom in the ambulance, a very drunk Lucifer shows up looking disheveled and burping. The groom says Peggy was amazing, smart, and funny, and that’s when Lucifer spots a devil’s food cake with a brain (made of cake) on top. He cuts himself a slice of the wedding cake and Chloe stops him, telling him he’s late and he’s eating evidence. She asks if he’s drunk and he says he’s not because of his supernatural metabolism, which prompts him to pour himself a glass of champagne. He thinks everyone at the crime scene looks dead…obviously he’s not in the mood for this…and Chloe tells him the bride took a bullet to the chest. He wonders why the shooter didn’t go for the head since that’s how you kill a zombie and then pours another glass of champagne. He claims to want to work the case, saying, “Every killer must be punished,” and Chloe warns him he’s got to calm down and pull himself together.

After Chloe walks away, Lucifer asks the bridesmaids which of them wanted the bride dead. He points out their flaws that undoubtedly the bride had also pointed out, and one of the bridesmaids begins crying. That’s the one Lucifer targets with his special power and she confesses she wanted to ruin Peggy’s wedding because she was perfect. The bridesmaid reveals she told Peggy’s ex-boyfriend the location of the wedding, and now she thinks he showed up and killed Peggy and it’s all her fault. Lucifer tells her she’s beautiful and they start making out. Chloe tries to pull them apart and Lucifer says, “Call me,” as he’s being yanked away from the woman’s mouth.

Back at the station, Chloe lets Lucifer know he’s acting completely inappropriately. Even Dan knows there’s something off about Lucifer, but Chloe thinks this is different than his usual weirdness. As Dan and Chloe talk, Lucifer spots the ex-boyfriend, Jason, looking all smug in the interrogation room. Lucifer rips the handles off the doors and flashes his Devil eyes. No matter how much Dan and Chloe pound on the door, Lucifer won’t open it. Jason is now on the floor, cradling his knees and sobbing like a baby.

Chloe finally makes Lucifer leave the room, and Lucifer declares the ex is innocent. Lucifer didn’t lay a finger on Jason; he’s crying over Peggy, not because Lucifer tortured him. Lucifer got all the details, down to the fact Jason left and couldn’t watch the wedding because he was too upset and has a wedding musician with a guitar case as an alibi. Chloe thinks that’s weird because they booked a DJ, and Lucifer insists the crying ex isn’t lying. Chloe thinks the musician was the shooter. She relays the info to Dan, and says she needs to interrogate Jason again about the musician’s description. Lucifer’s happy with himself over getting the info and Chloe yells at him, again, for doing something inappropriate. If he does it once more, that will be the end of the crime-fighting team of Chloe and Lucifer.

And now it’s time to catch up with Amenadiel (DB Woodside) and Charlotte (Tricia Helfer) who are hanging out at Lux, discussing Uriel. Amenadiel doesn’t think Uriel’s death affected Lucifer, but Charlotte says Lucifer always acts out instead of facing his emotions and she uses the apple in Eden as an example. Amenadiel realizes blaming Lucifer for Uriel’s death isn’t right because he’s also responsible for his brother’s death. Charlotte guesses Amenadiel doesn’t have his powers anymore, and she says he can regain them. Amenadiel thinks it’s too late, but Charlotte has something to show him.

Returning to the action at the station, Dan says they found the location of the killer off of the service road by where the wedding ceremony took place. They also found a napkin from a pastry truck at the scene and Lucifer whips out his phone, pulling up Freddy’s Dutch Oven app to find the food truck. (Lucifer’s so handy with a phone now!)

The food truck’s at the beach and Chloe makes Lucifer stay back (where he can check out a bikini-clad woman) while she questions the owner. Chloe talks to the owner, Alfred Loomis, as Lucifer screams his order from his position behind the crowd waiting in line. A worker in the truck says a man matching what Chloe has described was there in the morning and asked for Alfred specifically. Lucifer takes this moment to up his order from one to two items. Chloe turns to yell at Lucifer and that’s when Alfred’s shot. She sees a reflection on the roof of a nearby building and races off to find the shooter. She finds evidence but no shooter, and she determines it was premeditated and didn’t have anything to do with her questioning Alfred. She thinks the shooter has a list and asks, “God, who’s next?” and Lucifer replies, “He’s not going to tell you.” Even upset and mourning his brother, Lucifer can be called on to be witty.

A hungry Lucifer’s banging on a snack machine at the police station and needs change for a $100. Chloe, exasperated, tells him the same gun was used in both shootings. She needs to find a connection between the victims, and Lucifer is sort of listening as he forces open the machine. He offers her snacks and now he’s once again in trouble, this time for trying to steal food while in a police station. But when Chloe’s distracted talking to Trixie on the phone, Lucifer loads up with snacks. Chloe’s sorry she’s not home to take Trixie trick or treating, and Trixie laughs as she tells her mom the babysitter went into Maze’s room and then left the house, screaming. Maze is now babysitting Trixie, and Trixie begs to be allowed to go trick or treating with her. Chloe immediately says no but then asks Maze to please take Trixie out at 3:00 to get some candy. Maze incorrectly assumes Chloe means 3am when all the best after parties start, but Chloe sets her straight.

Lucifer season 2 episode 6 stars Lesley Ann Brandt and Scarlett Estevez
Lesley-Ann Brandt and Scarlett Estevez in the “Monster” episode of ‘Lucifer’ (Photo by Bettina Strauss © 2016 Fox Broadcasting Co)

Trixie puts on her princess costume but she’s not happy about it. Apparently it’s so last year, and Maze asks her what she wants to be instead. Trixie smiles…

Dan questioned the food truck owner’s wife and she didn’t know the zombie bride. However, she does recognize the groom. He’s a lawyer and handles her hospital’s malpractice suits. Chloe and Dan think the shooter’s taking out his anger on the spouses of people he’s upset with.

Lucifer and Chloe check out the hospital, and Chloe tells him he can talk to her about whatever is bothering him. Lucifer opts not to but says she can give him a warm hug instead. Dan walks up then with news they can’t get the info on the cases and Lucifer decides it’s actually Dan who needs a hug. He grabs Dan and then suggests Dan talk to Chloe about his “earth shattering” problems. Lucifer walks off and then comes back with all the files they were looking for. He used Dan’s badge and got the files they needed. He also stole Dan’s gun when they were hugging, and of course Dan’s beyond pissed at this point. Chloe tries to settle the two angry men down, but when Dan says Lucifer only does what he wants to do not what he has to do, Lucifer takes offense. Lucifer says he has done things he had to do, not just what he wanted to do. To sort of prove the point, he punches Dan in the nose. Chloe wants to know what’s wrong with him and Lucifer yells, “Why are you so surprised, detective? I’m the Devil. I’m evil!” Chloe kicks him off the case and sends him home.

Dan wants to check out the files and not return them, even though they were illegally obtained, because they need to find the killer.

Amenadiel and Charlotte go for a walk in the woods, and she assures Amenadiel Uriel’s death wasn’t his fault. She also feels responsible since they’re fighting over her. They keep going back and forth about who is responsible and why they act the way they do. Charlotte even tells him that if his father was here, he would see Amenadiel should be rewarded for all the good acts he’s done for the family. Light shines through the trees and Charlotte shows Amenadiel where Lucifer buried Uriel.

Chloe and Dan go through all the cases, trying to find a common denominator. They find a likely suspect named Wesley Williams and it turns out he’s an ATF agent nicknamed The Ghost because of his high marksmanship scores. They raid his house and he’s not there, but they discover he’s making counterfeit badges for Strode Pharmaceuticals.

Wesley’s wearing one of his fake badges as he enters Strode.

And now we get to discover what it is that Trixie has decided to be for Halloween. Trixie is dressed as the President of Mars, complete with Margarita glasses as ears/antennas. She even has one of Maze’s leather whips and when Maze doesn’t believe a homeowner dressed as a pirate has given Trixie enough candy, she steps forward, looking extremely intimidating. She doesn’t leave until he puts the money from his wallet in Trixie’s bag. They’re having a blast but Trixie wishes Maze wore a costume. Maze tells her she did bring something to wear. When Trixie turns back around, Maze is showing half of her real face and it’s pretty disturbing, but Trixie loves it! She grabs Maze’s hand and off they go for more trick or treating.

Lucifer, now both sad and drunk, sits at the piano in Lux and plays a sorrowful tune. Meanwhile in the woods, Charlotte tells Amenadiel he needs to let himself grieve. He wonders how his father let this happen. Charlotte tells him to let it all out while back at the club Lucifer is absorbed in his music. Amenadiel wants to know where his father is and he tells Charlotte he’s done trying to please someone who’s not even there. Charlotte takes his hand as Lucifer hits a sour note and closes the piano. He yells for everyone in the club to leave as he gets even more upset.

Dan and Chloe head out to Strode and they figure out the killer is targeting the spouse of the person who ran the drug trial that provided his wife with a placebo instead of the real drug. But then Dan discovers the trial was run by a married couple, Dr. Jack Peterson and Dr. Sally Peterson. They both could be targets.

Dan stays with Jack as Chloe tries to find Sally. Wesley has Sally in his crosshairs when Lucifer shows up and steps in front of her. He doesn’t know exactly where Wesley is, but he knows he’s close. Wesley lines up his shot on Lucifer (Sally’s crouched behind him) and actually shoots supplies on the coffee cart behind him instead. Lucifer taunts him to do better as Chloe tries to zero in on Wesley’s location. Lucifer yells, “Shoot me!” and Chloe demands to know what he’s doing. Lucifer continues to call on Wesley to shoot him and Chloe figures out where the shots are coming from. Wesley shoots again, still not hitting Lucifer. Shot after shot and he keeps missing, and Lucifer turns around to tell Sally, “It’s like he’s not even trying.”

Chloe finally locates Wesley and makes him surrender, which he does peacefully. As Chloe’s taking him away, Lucifer wants to know why Wesley didn’t shoot him. Wesley says it’s because he didn’t deserve it. He wanted to scare Lucifer away from Sally, and then Lucifer figures out Wesley holds himself accountable for his wife’s death. Lucifer says, “It’s not vengeance you want, it’s punishment,” and that realization hits close to home for the retired Lord of Hell.

Chloe tells Lucifer he was reckless and stupid, but he saved Sally’s life. She doesn’t buy Lucifer’s story that he was just trying to get himself killed, and she doesn’t think he’s the Devil or evil. She also deduces he wants to be punished for something, and she begs him to talk to her. She wants to understand and help him, but Lucifer says she can’t understand and never will. She suggests he pay a visit to Dr. Linda.

Chloe arrives home to find Maze and Trixie cuddling on the couch, asleep with a scary movie on. Candy wrappers litter the floor.

Chloe told Lucifer to go visit Dr. Linda and Lucifer, for once, takes her advice. Dr. Linda’s glad he changed his mind. Lucifer says since Uriel’s death he’s felt guilty, something he’s never felt before. Lucifer says he killed Uriel and he’s never done that before. He punished dead people when he ran Hell, not the living. Lucifer tries to lay out the reasons why he had to kill Uriel (including all the real details of Uriel’s appearance on Earth), but Dr. Linda believes he’s making it all up again. She tells him she can’t keep track of the metaphors, but Lucifer tries to convince her she needs to believe everything he’s saying or else she won’t understand. He declares himself a monster who deserves to be punished. She tells him he must be completely honest with her about who he is. Lucifer asks, “Completely honest? Are you sure?” and Dr. Linda says she is. She says all their sessions are about getting to know the real Lucifer. He agrees, a light flashes, and we see Dr. Linda’s shocked. The camera turns back to Lucifer and he’s showing his real, true Devil face. The brief flash of light again and he’s back to normal. Dr. Linda’s rendered speechless, bottom lip quivering. Lucifer gets up to leave, looking a little sad. A light flashes again in her office as he closes the door and walks away.