‘Lucifer’ Season 2 Episode 7 Recap: My Little Monkey

Lucifer season 2 episode 7 Tom Ellis, Lauren German, Leslie Ann Brandt
Tom Ellis, Lauren German and Lesley-Ann Brandt in ‘Lucifer’ (Photo by Michael Courtney © 2016 Fox Broadcasting Co)

How is Dr. Linda (Rachael Harris) processing the truth about Lucifer Morningstar, will Maze (Lesley-Ann Brandt) figure out what she really wants to do with her time on Earth, and could a bromance be brewing between Lucifer (Tom Ellis) and Dan/Detective Douche (Kevin Alejandro)? Fox’s Lucifer season two episode seven answers those questions and much more. Titled ‘My Little Monkey’ and airing on November 7, 2016, episode seven opens with a flashback in which we meet Chloe’s dad, Officer John Decker (Chris Payne Gilbert), as he’s grabbing a bite to eat while on duty. He’s joking with the guy cooking up his meal and he gives him two tickets to check out Chloe’s film, Hot Tub High School. He calls Chloe his “little monkey” and before he can leave, a man enters the establishment wearing a hoodie and shoots him twice in the chest. He robs the place, leaving Officer Decker dead on the floor.

We quickly learn the point of the flashback. The killer could be leaving prison and Chloe (Lauren German) is furious. She’s upset and not in the best mood to deal with Lucifer, but of course since it’s all about him, he doesn’t care she doesn’t want to hear about his current problem which concerns Dr. Linda. Dr. Linda won’t take his calls which makes total sense after Lucifer showed her his real face. He blames Chloe for opening up to Dr. Linda and even though Chloe is so very obviously not able to take on anything else, Lucifer just won’t stop pushing. Chloe tells Lucifer he can’t help her right now and Lucifer actually takes it to heart when she says the reason is because he’s “too you,” deciding he needs to be less himself and more like someone who’s more boring and helpful. Dan arrives with a hot cup of coffee and immediately notices something’s bothering her. Lucifer says he didn’t notice…but then it dawns on him Dan did.

Chloe visits the prison and she’s upset Joe Fields (Lobo Sebastian), her father’s killer, is being let out on family leave to go to his granddaughter’s christening. He’s been a model prisoner and as he leaves the prison in handcuffs, he gives Chloe a slight smile. Chloe’s watching him being loaded into a van when Lucifer calls announcing he has a plan for being less himself. He’s going to try and see the world from Dan’s perspective. He asks for her permission to follow Dan, and she gives him the go-ahead without really listening.

Chloe follows the prisoner transport van and finds it in an alley with the officers shot dead in the front seat. Joe Fields has also been killed and is dead in the back of the van.

Lucifer is taking his shadowing of Dan seriously, telling Detective Douche his approach to life intrigues him. He compares Dan to duct tape or a socket wrench in that he’s helpful, and he wants Dan to teach him how to be a tool. Dan can’t say no since Lucifer claims Chloe’s given the okay, and they arrive at the crime scene where Lucifer discovers what had Chloe so worked up earlier that day. Dan can’t believe the murder victim is Chloe’s dad’s killer, and Chloe thinks it was a hit. Ella (Aimee Garcia) thinks it’s messed up Chloe’s assigned to work the case, but Lucifer seems gleeful about it since it means the man received the ultimate punishment.

Chloe reveals she was first on the scene, and back at the station Dan questions her because it looks bad. No one thinks she murdered Fields, but she’s stepping away from the case and letting Dan – and his shadow – catch the killer. Dan doesn’t want Lucifer to be involved and surprisingly Lucifer agrees, calling himself a loose cannon. But, since he’s now just another Dan, Lucifer thinks it will be fine. He even announces the Dans are on the case. Even though Dan isn’t happy about it, Chloe says it would mean a lot if they did in fact work the case together. Ella arrives just then with the news a set of fingerprints in the van belonged to an ex-con named Rodney Lam who served time with Fields.

Maze has a job interview as a pre-school aide, but she’s dressed in her usual sexy black leather attire. Chloe’s not sure that’s appropriate and Trixie (Scarlett Estevez) questions whether Maze likes kids. Neither Chloe nor Trixie think this is the right job for Maze and suggest she think about what she really likes to do.

The almost-too-adorable-for-words Trixie wants to know why Chloe doesn’t talk about her dad, and Chloe says it’s because she misses him. Trixie heads off to work on her homework when a woman arrives at the door and pulls a gun on Chloe, telling her she’ll pay for what she’s done. She’s Tina Fields (Caitlin Stryker), Joe Fields’ daughter, and she holds Chloe responsible for his murder. Trixie wants to know if everything’s okay, and Chloe’s able to disarm Tina before anything happens. Tina starts crying and apologizing, saying she was just angry and never believed Joe killed Chloe’s dad. Plus, she received a video from her father’s lawyer that she was only supposed to see after her father died.

Lucifer, who’s now dressing like Dan complete with combing his hair in a Dan-inspired style, apologizes to Dan for being late, blaming the costume change. Dan thinks Lucifer’s not taking this seriously, but it seems the retired Lord of Hell is doing his best to absorb Dan’s better qualities. Dan’s tracked Rodney Lam to Pink’s, the famous hotdog place, and is prepared to stake it out for as long as it takes when Lucifer points out Rodney is sitting just a few feet away from them munching on a hotdog. Rodney (Ronnie Gene Blevins) doesn’t put up a struggle and goes willing when placed under arrest.

Back at Chloe’s place, Tina and Chloe watch the video which has Joe swearing he didn’t kill the cop. He says he loves his daughter and he made his lawyer hold onto the tape for 16 years, only giving it to Tina after his death. Chloe figures out from the background that Joe recorded it the day her father was killed, three minutes before he died way across town. That means the real killer is still out there.

Rodney confesses to killing Joe because he disrespected him in the yard. Lucifer’s happy the case is solved, but Dan suspects the guy’s lying. He makes him go through the details again and they don’t match the crime scene at all; Rodney even has the location of the murders wrong. Lucifer, who calls Dan “Dan #1,” is impressed with Dan’s ability to determine Rodney is confessing to a crime he didn’t commit. When Dan can’t get Rodney to say why he’s doing that, Lucifer takes a time out from his “Dansformation” to use his own special skill set and get the answer. Rodney reveals he got paid to confess to the crime so he could help his family. If they don’t arrest him, then he doesn’t get paid. Rodney then lays out the whole scheme, while Lucifer returns to his Dansformation mode and mimics the way Dan leans back in a chair, places his arm on the table, and taps his fingers on the table.

Maze knocks on Dr. Linda’s office door, saying she needs a character reference. Dr. Linda quietly locks the door and doesn’t answer, but when she turns around, Maze is sitting on her desk. Dr. Linda is, justifiably, surprised and asks if Maze can teleport. No, she can’t, but she did climb in the window. Maze quickly figures out Dr. Linda knows the truth about Lucifer and now she’s also afraid of her. “You’re a demon. He told me…I thought it was a sexual metaphor!” says Dr. Linda. Maze admits she’s a demon, but asks if it’s really so bad. Dr. Linda answers by asking Maze to leave.

Back at the police station, Chloe rushes by Dan and Lucifer while telling them Joe didn’t kill her dad. He was paid to say he did and she has the account number where the money came from. The Dans tell her Rodney also got paid for making a false confession, and the paperwork shows the money paid to both men was paid out of the same account. Whoever killed Joe Fields must have also killed Chloe’s father.

Another flashback shows Chloe on her first day as a cop and Dan protecting her from being picked on. Dan helps her out, shows her around, and makes the first day easier. He puts two and two together and realizes she’s John Decker’s daughter and tells Chloe her dad was a legend around the station.

Chloe’s going through the evidence box from her dad’s murder when Lucifer announces his presence by saying, “Never fear, Lucidan is here! Or, is it Douchifer? Actually, that’s got more of a ring to it, doesn’t it?” Chloe notices they’re dressed alike which Dan tells her to ignore, delivering the bad news the bank account traces back to a dummy front for a Russian syndicate. Their suspect is a guy named Boris Sokolov who owns a bath house. Lucifer promises they won’t rest until they get to the bottom of this.

And now for a little eye candy… Dan and Lucifer visit the bath house and to fit in they’re wearing only towels around their waists. Lucifer’s super impressed by Dan’s guns and tries out an American accent to make them seem like two normal dudes, even declaring the investigation is going to be “epic.” Dan wants him to cut it out and take the investigation seriously, and Lucifer reluctantly agrees. Dan wants Lucifer to approach Boris quietly to try to convince him he needs a fall guy for a murder he’s going to commit. Lucifer doesn’t really have a quiet or subtle mode, so he falls back to his old pre-Dan #2 self, yells Boris’ name, and introduces himself as Dan.

The prison warden brings Chloe Joe Fields’ personal effects while Ella peeks in from the door. Chloe thinks she’s caught working on a case that isn’t hers, but actually Ella volunteers to work with her to go through Joe’s personal items. Ella also reveals she’s been looking into Chloe’s dad’s cases to see what he was working on during the last six months before he was killed. Chloe’s so appreciative that she gives Ella a hug. Chloe thinks there was a clever cover-up, with Joe even in possession of the murder weapon. There was a set of fingerprints found that still hasn’t been identified, and Ella says she’ll start working on that.

Back at the bath house with our two nearly naked Dans, Boris is suspicious until Dan #2 says he wants Lucifer Morningstar dead. Why? Because he hurts people including those he’s closest to. Dan #1 confirms that’s true, adding that he’s a loose cannon. Dan #2 adds that the world would be a better place without Lucifer, and Boris agrees to find a patsy for the Dans so they can take care of Lucifer. A handshake seals the deal and also earns Boris a set of handcuffs and a trip to the police station.

Chloe interrogates him but Boris isn’t talking. She confesses she’s not really on the case; she’s a daughter looking for her dad’s murderer. She tells him her dad’s name and Boris says he once heard that John Decker was sniffing somewhere he didn’t belong.

Dan tells Lucifer he did nice work earlier and that the lie about wanting to kill Lucifer Morningstar worked. Lucifer says it wasn’t a lie, admitting he has serious issues and asking why else he’d be doing all of this. Lucifer hasn’t figured out Dan’s secret, but Dan says he doesn’t have one. Chloe interrupts and says she’s discovered her father’s death was a hit. He stumbled on something and was taken out.

Chloe takes her work home and Maze charges in wearing a leather sexy maid outfit. She didn’t realize getting a job working topless would mean she’d have to actually do some cleaning. This is definitely not the right job for Maze, but she doesn’t know what she wants to do. Plus, Dr. Linda’s stopped talking to her.

No longer officially shadowing Dan, Lucifer is more or less stalking him, even imitating Dan’s walk as he follows him into a building. Dan apparently is into improv and Lucifer’s extremely disappointed when he catches him up on stage. He expected Dan to be up to something, maybe even into clown porn, but not improv. Lucifer watches as on stage Dan does an impression of him, even attempting a British accent. When Dan as Lucifer suggests a threesome with the girlfriend of the guy he’s pretending to drive around, Lucifer steps up from the back of the audience and angrily says, “That is not me!”

After the show’s over, Lucifer confronts Detective Douche about making fun of him, and Dan points out that seems to be what Lucifer has been doing to him the last few days…or, more exactly, since they met. Lucifer explains he only shadowed him because Dan’s everything he’s not: boring, helpful, and he has a simple life. Dan laughs about that one, and points out Lucifer is rich, handsome, dates hot girls, drives fancy cars, and has no kids or responsibilities. Lucifer says Dan doesn’t know the whole story and he can’t tell him everything because the truth just hurts people. They bond over their flaws, with Dan admitting he’s done things he’s not proud of. Dan’s doing improv because he needed a distraction and a way to step out of his own skin. He’s not spontaneous, and Lucifer figures out Dan was trying to learn how not to ‘douche’.

Lucifer, back in his own tailored clothes, shows up at Chloe’s and now it’s Maze’s turn to unload on her ex-boss. She tells him she lost her friend because of him, and Lucifer says he was just trying to be truthful and didn’t think Dr. Linda would react the way she did. Maze wishes he would think about someone other than himself once in a while, and Chloe wants Lucifer to stop pitying himself over a bad week and help her figure out her dad’s murderer. He asks if he can play the me’s advocate for a minute because something about the case has been bothering him. Lucifer wants to know why Joe Fields smiled at her on the way out of prison. Why would an innocent man smile at the daughter of the man he was in prison for killing? Chloe says he wouldn’t and then she figures out Joe Fields was actually smiling at the warden next to her, and it could be the warden’s prints in the van. The warden didn’t enter the van so they shouldn’t have been there. Joe wanted out of the deal and the warden approved his request for family leave just so he could kill him. Chloe wants to bring the warden in and she needs her partner – Lucifer Morningstar, not Dan – to help her out.

By the time Chloe and Lucifer make it to the prison, Dan and other cops have arrived. Unfortunately, the warden gave them the slip.

Lucifer walks Chloe back to her apartment at the end of the day and tries to comfort her, telling her at least she knows for sure who the real killer is. Lucifer suggests she open a bottle of wine and as she’s about to open her apartment door, she hears muffled noises inside. Lucifer and Chloe enter and find Maze has tracked down the warden and has him tied up and gagged. Maze may have found the job she was meant to be doing! Lucifer and Maze tell Chloe to think about whether she wants to punish the warden herself, assuring her they won’t judge. Chloe rips the gag off his mouth, enraged and ready to shoot him. He promises her the names of the people in his operation and/or money, and although tears are streaming down her face, Chloe is able to restrain herself from shooting him. Going to prison will be punishment enough.

Maze is back at Dr. Linda’s door and while she realizes Linda won’t talk to her, she wants to share the news she got her first paycheck as a bounty hunter! Inside the office, Dr. Linda smiles as Maze explains she is tracking down human scumbags and it’s an actual job. Maze wanted to celebrate with her friend, “That’s you, Linda.” On the other side of the door, Linda’s struggling with her decision to keep Maze locked out. She finally opens the door and asks how they can be friends. “You’re a demon. Lucifer’s the devil. How am I supposed to get over that?” Maze wants to know what’s changed, holding up her first paycheck and offering to buy her a drink. She even jokes, “Maybe I’ll devour your soul or something,” and Linda smiles.

Chloe’s making sandwiches and Lucifer takes the first one that was meant for Trixie. He’s larger, hungrier, and thinks he deserves it more. Trixie says it’s okay and then after she gets her own sandwich, she makes like she’s going to hug Lucifer. He jerks away and she gives him a high five instead. After she leaves, Lucifer stumbles through telling Chloe her dad would be proud of her. She starts crying and he doesn’t understand. She hugs him, tears streaming down her face, and Lucifer hugs her back.