‘Lucifer’ Season 3: Tom Ellis Interview on the Wings and Lucifer’s New Rival

Lucifer star Tom Ellis at Comic Con
‘Lucifer’ star Tom Ellis at the 2017 San Diego Comic Con (Photo © Richard Chavez / Showbiz Junkies)

Fox’s Lucifer panel was once again a popular one at the San Diego Comic Con, with the enthusiastic cast led by Tom Ellis taking part in a Q&A with fans on Saturday, July 22, 2017 during the sold-out pop culture convention. The cast also sat down for roundtable interviews in which they delved into what viewers can expect when the series returns for season three on October 2, 2017.

That look on your face at the end of the season two finale was such a tease. What were we supposed to get from that?

Tom Ellis: “It was a kind of a WTF moment. That was kind of what it is. One, he’s just come around in this desert, desolate thing and then the big FU to his dad that he thought he’d done and accomplished, like, ‘At least that’s taken care of,’ they’re back on – the wings are back on. It’s got to be dad. And, what does he do about that? What does that mean to him?

This season is really about identity. What do the wings mean to Lucifer? Are they defining of him through dad’s eyes? Lucifer only wants to be defined by himself. That’s what he wants. He wants to be his own man and he’s sick and tired of his dad controlling him. So, as hard as his dad is pushing him one direction – or he believes is his dad is pushing him one direction – Lucifer’s going to pull even harder the other direction. What comes from that is some extra devilishness this year. I think he starts to spiral a little bit back to his dark side.”

Does having the wings back physically change him and give him his more abilities?

Tom Ellis: “If he wanted to, he could fly. But if you’re given a present by somebody you don’t like, what do you do with it? (Laughing) Does that answer your question?”

Rachael Harris and Aimee Garcia both alluded to Lucifer being somewhat nurturing to their characters this season. Can you talk about that a little bit?

Tom Ellis: “A bit of role reversal. Well, I mean, Aimee and I have a really fun episode where we end up going to Vegas to solve a case. I sort of learn a bit more about her. I love that relationship with Lucifer and Ella because it’s kind of what is it about her that he can’t put his finger on but there’s something about her. And the fact that she has a faith, that should mean that he thinks she’s an idiot…but no. So, I would suggest that there’s a purity about Ella that is quite alluring to Lucifer somehow. So, finding out more about each other, working together – I think she still thinks he’s a method actor.

And then in terms of Linda, well Linda’s seen so much. She knows the real truth so I could probably have a conversation with Linda that I can’t have with anybody else. That therapy before was therapeutic, but it wasn’t based in a real truth and now it is. So does that mean that she might open herself up to him? The fun that we’re now having in the third season of the show, we can start cross-pollinating our characters a bit more. We can start putting them in each other’s problems and see what that throws up. Everyone on the show is so accomplished it’s real fun. You’ve got people to play with.”

How’s the dynamic with Tom Welling added into the mix? Will he and Lucifer be enemies?

Tom Ellis: “I’m very resentful about that, actually. (Laughing) No, it’s great. It’s really great actually because one thing that we haven’t really properly explored is there. Dan was never a love rival; he was always someone who Lucifer thought he was better than. But this new lieutenant comes in and I think turns Chloe’s head and attention. That’s a new territory for Lucifer. He’s not number one anymore. Not that they ever sealed the deal with each other but they’ve got this thing. It’s the closest thing to a relationship that Lucifer’s ever had. And, it’s the one relationship that makes him selfless so it’s kind of exposing for him. And then we’ve got a new person coming in who turns the head of the person he’s got feelings for. How does he respond to that?

It’s going to bring a really sort of fun dynamic. And literally Tom and I are the same height as well. Not only are we both called Tom but we’re both 6’3” so we can literally stand toe-to-toe with each other.”

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