Nailed It!: Double Trouble Trailer – Twice the Competitors, Twice the Screw Ups

Season five of Netflix’s hilarious baking competition series, Nailed It!, is pulling a switcheroo. Rather than individuals competing to see who can best replicate a featured bakery item, season five will find twosomes competing for the $10,000 prize.

The six-episode new season will premiere on March 26, 2021. Nicole Byer and Jacques Torres return to sacrifice their stomachs as hosts and judges.

The Plot, Courtesy of Netflix:

The Emmy-nominated series returns with twice the fun! This time, home bakers pair up in teams of two to take a shot at recreating edible masterpieces for a $10,000 prize. From best buds to brothers and sisters, these bakers are twice as bad. This season, we go far and wide for inspiration, ranging from delicious baked treats inspired by Greek mythology to sugary desserts from dear old Grandma.

Nailed It! Season 5
A scene from ‘Nailed It! season 5 (Photo Credit ©2021 Netflix)