‘Once Upon a Time’ Season 6 Episode 10 Recap: Wish You Were Here

Once Upon a Time Lana Parrilla Season 6 Episode 10
Lana Parrilla as the Evil Queen in ‘Once Upon a Time’ season six episode 10.

The Once Upon a Time season six midseason finale brought back a fan favorite, had a little Hook and David bonding (between arguments), and included a knighting ceremony. Episode 10 titled ‘Wish You Were Here’ began with Emma (Jennifer Morrison) carrying the sword from her vision as she, Hook (Colin O’Donoghue), and Regina (Lana Parrilla) head to Regina’s vault to find out more about that particular sword’s history in hopes of destroying it. Before they get to the vault, they come across the Evil Queen kneeling in front of Robin’s grave. The Evil Queen says losing Robin caused Regina to liberate her, reminding Regina there’s no way to hurt her without hurting herself. Then the Evil Queen focuses her taunts at Emma, telling her to say hi to Sleeping Beauty…or Sleeping Daddy. Emma is so angry she can’t control herself and lashes out with the sword. She slashes the Evil Queen across the face and draws blood, but the wound doesn’t appear on Regina. Have our heroes found the weapon that will kill the Evil Queen? Even her magic doesn’t heal the wound and the Evil Queen disappears before Emma can stab her again.

If the Evil Queen thought she’d get any sympathy from Gold (Robert Carlyle), she was sadly mistaken. Gold isn’t upset Emma found the weapon that can kill the Evil Queen and he places a tracking bracelet on her arm because of what she did to Belle and his son. He’s fine with her dying and if Emma doesn’t do the job, he swears he will after he finds his son.

Back at the Charming house, Emma tells her dad and Henry (Jared Gilmore) about the sword. Henry doesn’t want her to take on the Evil Queen because a fight using that sword is how she dies. After the argument, Emma has a lengthy vision but doesn’t tell anyone. She, Hook, and David (Josh Dallas) hurry off to chase down the Evil Queen, leaving Regina with Henry.

The Evil Queen was spotted downtown and when Hook, David, and Emma arrive, they hear a scream coming from Granny’s. The Evil Queen has Princess Jasmine tied up and when Emma tries to use the sword, the Evil Queen threatens to kill Jasmine. The Evil Queen also has the lamp and uses it to summon Aladdin. Her first wish: make it so that Emma Swan was never the savior. Aladdin grants the wish and Emma disappears.

And now we’re back in Fairy Tale Land where Emma is blowing out her birthday candles as her mom and dad, who have aged appropriately, look on. The citizens cheer but Emma is noticeably disturbed, and Snow wants to know what’s wrong. Emma says she’s having dreams of a strange land and being the savior, but Snow assures her they defeated the Evil Queen so that will never happen. Emma can even remember the name Storybrooke, but her dad says it definitely was a dream. Still, Emma did find a sword (the sword) under her bed. Henry runs in then, apologizing for being late. Tomorrow is his knighting ceremony and he wishes his dad, Baelfire, was there to watch the ceremony.

Meanwhile in Storybrooke, the gang’s upset over the disappearance of Emma. Regina’s angry she stayed behind and wasn’t with them in Granny’s and she can’t believe David doesn’t know where Emma would be if she wasn’t the savior. Hook has no idea either, and he and David yell at each other about not knowing Emma’s secrets. Regina settles everyone down, reminding the group infighting is what the Evil Queen wants. Plus, she’s got an idea how to get back at the Evil Queen.

Gold uses a hair from Belle and one of his own to try and find his son, but the magic fails to locate his boy.

Aladdin (Deniz Akdeniz) is waiting on the Evil Queen since she’s his current master, mixing drinks and looking miserable. Regina barges in, since it is her office, and the Evil Queen reminds her no one can undo a wish. The Evil Queen makes a toast to kicking Emma out of town and tearing Snow and Charming apart, but Regina fails to clink glasses. The Evil Queen describes this as a victory, but Regina has a huge surprise in store. Since they’re the same person, as the Evil Queen continuously points out, Regina is also a master of the lamp. Regina wishes to be sent to the same place as Emma Swan.

Wish granted, Regina’s back in the Enchanted Forest and sees the seven dwarfs walking by but unfortunately they don’t know she’s not the Evil Queen. They race off to warn the Charmings the war isn’t over. Regina walks further through the forest and sees a statue with Snow and Charming along with a plaque saying they defeated the Evil Queen on that spot. Just then Regina spots Emma walking through the forest, humming a tune, and carrying a flower basket. She doesn’t believe Regina when she says where they’re from they are friends and share custody of a son, but when Regina calls her the savior she has Emma’s full attention. They’re interrupted by Charming and Snow who tell Regina it’s their kingdom now, but Regina insists this is all fake. Before Charming and Snow can attack, Regina vanishes.

In Storybrooke, Hook believes Regina will get Emma back but David’s upset about the possibility the Evil Queen will make another wish that’s even worse. He refuses to wake Snow until this is over and is about to charge out to get the lamp when Hook stops him. Hook convinces him they’re outgunned and don’t even have magic on their side or the sword. They need a plan and whatever it is they decide on, Princess Jasmine (Karen David) wants in. Suddenly, David comes up with an idea but won’t tell them what he’s thinking. Instead, he says they should meet him in an hour at the sheriff’s station. “The Evil Queen’s reign ends today,” declares David.

Regina’s walking through the Enchanted Forest and finds Rumple locked up in jail. He’s super excited to see her but won’t help her because he believes she’s a failure. Regina says where they are now isn’t even a reality, just something created by a wish to trap Emma. Once he figures out Regina’s talking about the savior, Rumple says he’ll give her his assistance if she lets him out of jail. She refuses his deal but then he says Emma became a savior in the first place because of the Evil Queen. Regina must be an Evil Queen again and then the savior will be reborn. She’s about to walk away when he reminds her she doesn’t have a way back to Storybrooke. She’ll need a magic bean and he knows where one is. Regina finally lets him out and they agree to meet tomorrow at noon by the lake. He then reminds her she needs to look like the Evil Queen and she transforms into her evil costume.

Catching up with new mom Belle in Storybrooke, we see her sitting by a lake, holding a teddy bear. Gold approaches and compliments her, telling her she looks well. Belle reminds him she won’t say where her son went and he tells her their son is missing because he couldn’t locate him using a spell. He removes her tracking bracelet as a sign of good faith and then she calls Mother Superior and is told something horrible happened.

Back in Fairy Tale Land, the Charmings and their subjects attend the knighting ceremony. As it gets underway, the Evil Queen strides in and vows to destroy Snow White and Prince Charming’s happiness unless there is a hero who can stop her. Emma begs for mercy, which isn’t the answer the Evil Queen wanted. She tells Emma to look for that hero and then leaves. Henry wants to know what they should do, and Emma says she’s got it.

David tricked Hook and Jasmine into going to the sheriff’s station while he was actually heading to the mayor’s office to battle the Evil Queen. Pushing a sword toward her feet, he taunts her but she won’t pick it up. Instead, she throws him against the wall and is distracted enough for him to retrieve the lamp and give it a rub. Aladdin appears and David is his new master. Aladdin’s happy to have David in control and is ready to grant any wish, especially one that will hurt the Evil Queen, but he reminds David all wishes come with a price. His wish: the Evil Queen gets exactly what she deserves. Aladdin grants the wish but nothing happens. The Evil Queen laughs because all she’s ever wanted is to tear David’s family apart, which she’s accomplished. She grabs David as he’s about to attack but fortunately Hook, Henry and Jasmine arrive to save him. She leaves, but tells David death is too good – she wants him to suffer.

In Fairy Tale Land, Snow and David are with the Regina/Evil Queen when Emma arrives carrying a small box. In it is the key to their kingdom which she’ll give to the Evil Queen if she leaves her parents alone. Frustrated, Regina throws the key down and says she just wants Emma to remember her life in Storybrooke. That does jar a memory and Emma wants to know how Regina knows about her dreams. Regina grabs David and Snow’s hearts and tells Emma she has to be the savior to save her parents. Emma claims she’s not a savior and Regina tells her she knows there’s a hero inside of her. Snow and David’s hearts crumble in Regina’s hands and Emma breaks down, sobbing. Henry enters the room, angry the Evil Queen murdered his grandparents and telling her she’ll pay. Regina says she won’t hurt Henry and as Henry throws his sword, Emma uses her magic to freeze the action. She remembers, and it was the Evil Queen refusing to fight back against Henry that convinced her Regina was telling the truth.

The Evil Queen strolls down main street in Storybrooke and a figure cloaked in black walks out of Granny’s diner. It knocks her down and then transforms her into a snake in a cage before walking off.

Mother Superior, who was found in bad condition in the forest, tells Belle and Gold the Black Fairy took their son.

Emma and Regina get the magic bean from Rumple and prepare to head back to Storybrooke.

David is upset and worried he’s just like his brother. Hook tells him they all make mistakes and that doesn’t change who they are. As he’s about to wake up Snow and take her place, Princess Jasmine and Aladdin arrive with the lamp. They think a wish might break the sleeping curse, but David’s leery of it after the problems they’ve had due to wishes. He gives the lamp back to Princess Jasmine and she says they owe it to her people to try and help them. Off they go but not before Aladdin gives Henry something to pass on to his mother when she returns.

Belle and Gold fight over their missing son, placing the blame on each other. Gold swears he didn’t dose her with the magic and Belle wants to know what they’ve done to each other and their son. Gold says they have to work together, and neither know where the Dark Fairy has taken their boy. Time runs differently in that dark place and anything’s possible.

Leroy brings the cage with the Evil Queen, who’s now a very pissed off snake, to the Charming house. David says she got what she deserved and Leroy tells him a guy in a hood did it. David thinks the person in the hood might be the same person from Emma’s vision.

Speaking of the hooded figure, he/she walks into Gold’s shop and pulls down the hood. It’s their now grown-up son and he looks angry.

As Emma and Regina are about to step through the portal to return to Storybrooke, arrows whiz by over their heads. It’s Robin! Of course, he doesn’t realize he knows them and Emma tries to remind Regina that Robin’s not real. Emma says they’ve got to go but the portal closes while Regina stares lovingly at her soulmate.