Paul Blackthorne Interview – ‘Arrow’ Season Four

Paul Blackthorne Interview - Arrow Season 4
Emily Bett Rickards and Paul Blackthorne (Photo by Richard Chavez)

Paul Blackthorne is more than ready/actively campaigning for his character on The CW’s Arrow to get a girlfriend. Talking about season four of the hit series during roundtable interviews at Comic Con, Blackthorne was asked if this upcoming season is the one in which Quentin Lance will finally meet Donna Smoak. Laughing, he replied, “I thought you were going to say is Quentin going to finally get laid this year. #GetLanceLaid, if we could start that off please. Yes, I would like to. I really hope so. I really hope so. The boy needs some love, let’s face it. In an off-screen backstory I gave him one sort of little moment but obviously on the screen there’s been nothing for him. I think for the man’s sanity let’s get him laid.”

Fortunately for fans of Blackthorne, Quentin’s somehow managed to make it through all three of the show’s seasons and Blackthorne’s definitely thankful for that even if it has been without a love interest thus far. He doesn’t live in constant fear of having his character killed off, but he knows it’s always a possibility. “When you’re lucky enough to become a part of a television show, then one thing – especially if it’s an action show of sorts – is that you realize the landscape entails potentially not being a part of the television show in order to keep that good old thing called story running along in a very interesting fashion. So, if one is philosophical about it, if you’re fortunate to be in season one, ‘Great!’ Season two, ‘Okay, lovely!’ Season three, ‘Wow, this is good. I’m still in it.’ Season four, ‘I’m counting my lucky stars.’ I think we can all realize that Arrow the show is probably going to run for quite a long time but personally my approach is season by season, in terms of your own participation. But while it’s happening, thank you very much.”

So, while Quentin’s still on the show will he continue trying to bring Arrow down? “I think if he did that it would be a bit of a waste of energy of sorts,” replied Blackthorne. “Once the stuff starts hitting the fan in Starling City, the city is the most important thing to him and if Arrow in whatever guise he is in this year, whatever form he is in, is around to help it, then he’ll get over. Also, Laurel would have talked him through some of that stuff. She would have been the first. She would have been like, ‘Look, it wasn’t the Arrow’s idea. Roy, he was the one who did it,’ so that certainly helps Lance with that. Laurel would have talked him out of the idea that the Arrow was behind that, that Oliver Queen was behind that.”

How would Quentin react if Sarah returned from the dead for a second time? “‘Are you dead or are you alive? Make up your mind!’ I don’t know,” said Blackthorne, laughing. “It would be a very interesting moment. If that plays out I look forward to that scene because it would be interesting.”

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