Reggie Lee Interview: ‘Grimm’ Season 5 and Wu Wants a Girlfriend

Reggie Lee Interview - Grimm Season 5
Reggie Lee as Sgt. Wu and Jacqueline Toboni as Trubel in ‘Grimm’ (Photo by Scott Green / NBC)

Sergeant Wu is an official member of Grimm‘s small band of Wesen hunters now that he was let in on the secret during season four of the popular NBC series. What that means for Reggie Lee as an actor is that it’s made for a far more interesting character to play. Discussing the series and season five at the 2015 San Diego Comic Con, Lee talked about how he’s enjoying playing a guy who is in the know and who’s now an integral member of the team.

“I think with whatever character I’m given I always try to put some spice or flavor in there. But, he’s also been so passive. So this is like, ‘How does my personality incorporate into this knowing now? What do I do with this?’ But I do think as a cop I wanted to be the best cop ever. Like know my stuff, know everything, solve the crime before Nick and Hank do, in my mind. So now I’m kind of the same with Wesen. It’s like I want every crime to be a Wesen crime because I want to show them that I can do this,” explained Lee during our roundtable interview.

“After having a hell of a time finding out and being freaked out most of the time, I think I’ve turned a corner and kind of gone the other way. But from what I hear, this season is not going to be so easy for Wu. It’s never easy for Wu! It’s never easy. It’s like all the peril comes towards me. But as an actor that’s exciting. That’s the exciting part, so I’m looking forward to it. And it’s going to be a whole reboot this season. It really is with no Juliette – it’s a whole different thing. With Nick, the way he’s reacting, that’s going to be a whole different thing and it’s going to be like a domino effect for all of us. I mean the first episode he’s freaked out. He’s on a rampage.”

With Nick (played by David Giuntoli) now out for revenge, the dynamics between the characters in season five will change. “I think we’re going to have to hold his hand for certain things and lead him along, rather than go down a direction that’s going to be so destructive. Because in the past he has taken the lead and I’ve followed that lead, especially when it comes to Wesen. Now, it’s like he’s teaching me and I’m learning from him, but now all of this stuff is going on and it’s emotional stuff,” said Lee. “It’s great for David because he’s really wonderful at it but that’s where I think the human aspect of life really comes into play in the show, and I think that that’s really going to be great because you see how friends can be supportive in this way. I think that brings the humanity to it. I think that’s kind of going to be at the forefront of this next season.”

Looking back at season four, Juliette (played by Bitsie Tulloch) went on a ramage, destroying everything that Nick held dear including the trailer with all of the Wesen books and weapons. Fans have been speculating that maybe all is not lost and that may Sgt. Wu copied some of the books before Juliette torched the trailer. Asked about that possibility, Lee replied, “That was brought up to me so many times. I’m like, ‘Please let that happen!’ How can I kind of hand this over to the directors and tell them…but you know I can’t. I can’t do that. They’re going to write it the way they need to write it. That would make Wu the hero for the rest of eternity. That can’t happen.”

But what might happen if Lee’s wishes come true is we could see the bachelor sergeant finally get a girlfriend. Lee says he doesn’t even care if she’s a Wesen. “Whatever. I know there has to be something – it can’t just be a regular person. There has to be some kind of twist. Who knows? They like the balance of people being singled and people being coupled up. But they also like the balance of people knowing and people not knowing and now everyone knows. So who knows what may be in store,” said Lee. “Hank’s always had the love interest so gosh darn it, it’s my turn!”

What kind of woman is Wu attracted to? “I’m not saying it should be Rosalee because Rosalee is taken, but someone that is soft and sexy but someone who is badass. I like that.”

And, it’s a possibility that Lee’s dream for Wu could come true. I mentioned to Lee that I find Sgt. Wu sexier now that he’s more empowered and Lee responded, saying, “Wow. I will take that and run with that. I’m so going to walk with more swagger in that belt.”

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