Eddie Kaye Thomas and Jadyn Wong Interview: ‘Scorpion’ Season 3 and ‘Quintis’

Scorpion stars Eddie Kaye Thomas and Jadyn Wong
Eddie Kaye Thomas and Jadyn Wong from ‘Scorpion’ at the Comic Con 2016 (Photos © Richard Chavez)

Season three of the CBS dramatic series Scorpion will premiere on October 3, 2016 and, hopefully, will quickly let viewers in on the mystery left dangling at the end of season two: who is Happy married to? Neither Eddie Kaye Thomas (‘Toby’) or Jadyn Wong (‘Happy’) would provide any clues as to Happy’s husband’s identity, but they did tell us during our interview at the 2016 San Diego Comic Con that they both know the answer. Eddie Kaye Thomas also explained why he believes Scorpion has such a passionate fan base. “As heightened as our reality is, I think the show works because there’s a baseline of truth to the whole thing. And, the truth comes from the characters,” explained Thomas.

Eddie Kaye Thomas and Jadyn Wong Interview:

What can we expect from season three?

Eddie Kaye Thomas: “Well, season two ended with Toby proposing marriage, singing a beautiful song – which was a first and I feel great about my singing – and then we find out that this one right here is already married. So, we might or might not find out who she’s married to and we will find out how strong this love really is.”

How did you feel about that marriage twist?

Jadyn Wong: “I think for me as an actor and just reading the script it’s like, ‘Oh…okay,’ because it was so unexpected. And I think it creates that obstacle between Toby and Happy, and again that’s something that’s cool to play and explore.”

But wouldn’t it also be nice just to have a happy ending?

Eddie Kaye Thomas: “We want the show to last a little while, you know what I mean?”

A relationship ending.

Eddie Kaye Thomas: “Yeah, but I think even the best relationships in the world take a lot of work and a lot of challenge. This show does such a great job of showing the very human realistic side of relationships. These characters are heightened versions of genius and having trouble fitting in the world. Something I love about the whole Toby/Happy thing is these are people navigating completely unknown waters. I think, I assume that’s what people are relating to with the show and why we’ve been able to stay on the air is it’s not just the action and excitement and the mysteries of the week. These are very real people we can relate to.”

Toby went through a lot of emotional turmoil at the end of last season. How did you handle that?

Eddie Kaye Thomas: “I mean I’ve never before gotten on my knees and proposed marriage and had someone say no. So, you know, when you’re playing a scene like that, you just kind of go with it. I mean, god, doing Scorpion is like going to the gym for an actor because we get to do everything. We don’t have much time to think about it. ‘You’re doing a scene where he gets rejected by marriage, go!’ ‘You’re doing a scene where you’re about to die, go!’ Comedy, drama, action, suspense…and I think as an actor it’s nice to not have to think too much about it and just kind of go, go, go, go, go.”

Jadyn Wong: “I think that’s really where the spontaneity comes up and just the nuances and stuff. I feel like that’s what the editors actually kind of use is the surprises.”

Eddie Kaye Thomas: “Most of the stuff that you wind up seeing is stuff that just happened on the spot. Not an lines or stuff, but just acting-wise.”

Is there any aspect of the show you particularly enjoy, be it the comedy, action, or romance?

Jadyn Wong: “It depends. I think that’s, again, what’s so great is that because of the action, the relationship stuff, it changes all the time and so it doesn’t feel like a routine.”

Eddie Kaye Thomas: “I’m lucky to be on a TV show, but to be on a TV show where we’re not doing the same thing every week… Look, there’s some things that are procedural-like but we’ll do some action. In the middle of the action there’s romance moments. In the middle of the suspense, I’m going to make some wise-ass joke. It gets very emotional, the stuff between Happy and her dad, the stuff amongst the group itself. We’re not just doing a sitcom and doing comedy all the time. We’re not doing a really dark show where it’s really serious all the time. We really cover all of our bases. I’m not just saying it; it’s really lucky as an actor to get to do all these things.”

The characters feel like a family. Is there a lot of bonding off set?

Eddie Kaye Thomas: “We don’t have time. We’re shooting every day all day and we just making the show bonds us. We go through so much and we work incredibly long, difficult hours and sometimes we get annoyed with each other, sometimes we’ll lean on each other. You can’t help but just get very intimate and close on the show.”

Can you tease anything about season three?

Jadyn Wong: “It’s hard because we left off on season two where there’s these cliffhangers. I know that Happy’s married to someone else. That’s all I can say.”

Eddie Kaye Thomas: “We can tell you that we know. When we found out what it was, our jaws hit the floor. It’s really exciting. What I do know that I can tell you about the season is you’re going to see a lot of characters interacting in ways that you haven’t before. There’s different combinations. And, some really exciting storylines. You know what’s really not fair? The writers come up with all of this stuff and then tell us about it, and then they go back and hide in their room and send us out and have to tell you guys that we can’t talk about it!”

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