‘Siren’ – Eline Powell, Alex Roe and Fola Evans-Akingbola Talk Season 2 and Laughing Mermaids


Freeform’s Siren stars Eline Powell (‘Ryn’), Alex Roe (‘Ben’), and Fola Evans-Akingbola (‘Maddie’) teamed up at the San Diego Comic Con to discuss season two of the mermaid drama. Season two will introduce more mermaids to the town of Bristol Cove, and during our interview the three Siren stars discussed what else is in store when the series returns on January 24, 2019.

What can you tell us about this love triangle in season two?

Eline Powell: “It’s fair to say that we’ve laid such foundations in season one that I would be shocked if nothing was left of that. I think it only gives us a platform to build on. I think perhaps if we all neutralize our struggles a little bit – Ben with the song, and Maddie with her home situation, and Ryn with her new situation – maybe time allows for things to grow.”

Alex Roe: “I think the way that they’ve built it so far in season one is really interesting. They haven’t jumped into anything too quickly. You’re just letting these connections build and now as you’re saying, a lot of the characters are quite broken. (Indicating Fola) You’ve got your mom coming back to town and you’ve got to deal with that. I’ve got the siren song in my head and I’ve got to deal with that. And, both of them have left so I’ve got to deal with that. You’ve got to deal with entering a new world. And then more mermaids might be coming to town so not only do you have all this to deal with, more mermaids.”

Fola Evans-Akingbola: “And they’re also going to probably be nice to look at.”

Siren‘s character-driven and not just a “mermaid” show. It’s about friends and relationships. Is that what grabbed you in the first place?

Alex Roe: “For sure.”

Fola Evans-Akingbola: “I think the combination of both. I think it’s exactly what you’re saying that it’s about the relationships and exploring how difficult and out of the ordinary circumstances affect relationships and people. But honestly the mermaid mythology was exciting to me. I think it’s such a universal mythology. All around the world there’s some kind of either water goddess or mermaid myth. And so, I was really excited to see how the writers and creators would manifest that in a TV show in a way we’ve not seen before. And I think we do that.”

Eline Powell: “I’ve got to say for me the take on the mermaids was really cool. And also, then to draw it to the point of seeing our world through someone brand new, through their eyes – someone who’s never experienced humans before. I did really like the mermaid aspect of it.”

Alex Roe: “I think that’s what pulls you in. This different take on the mermaid legend pulls you in and then I think the experience that the town is having because of that really keeps it going.”

Siren Season 2 Cast

Eline Powell, Alex Roe, and Fola Evans-Akingbola in ‘Siren’ season 2 (Freeform/Ed Herrera)

We learned from the showrunner that mermaids don’t laugh. Is it hard for you to keep track of what mermaids do and don’t do?

Eline Powell: (Laughing) “Honestly I’ve got a little book. It’s not that I don’t think they laugh, to be fair Ryn’s just not had a situation that’s particularly, to Ryn, funny. Ryn’s been very funny to other people. But I just think it would be great if it was different to how humans do it. I know that chimpanzees can laugh and enjoy tickling. Dolphins can laugh. They express it in a different way.”

Alex Roe: “I think you have to do some crazy laugh, like if your whole-body shakes!”

Eline Powell: “Right! It’s just interesting, isn’t it? I try to keep track of those emotions. I don’t discount them just because they’re human. I just try to not think logically. ‘Oh, she’ll laugh now. She’ll cry now.’ I always try to think what could be completely different but still you can kind of relate to what she’s feeling.”


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