‘Sleepy Hollow’ – Lyndie Greenwood and Zach Appelman Interview

Lyndie Greenwood and Zach Appelman at WonderCon
‘Sleepy Hollow’ stars Lyndie Greenwood and Zach Appelman at WonderCon 2016 (Photos by Richard Chavez / Showbiz Junkies)

On screen couple Lyndie Greenwood and Zach Appelman teamed up off screen to discuss Fox’s Sleepy Hollow season three at the 2016 WonderCon in downtown Los Angeles. During our interview on the current season of the supernatural series, it was obvious that both Greenwood and Appelman not only have enjoyed the journey their characters Jenny Mills and Joe Corbin have been on over the course of season but also that the two actors genuinely like working together on the series. While they wouldn’t come close to revealing what’s coming up on the final episodes of season three, Appelman did say there’s lots of crazy stuff to come, lots of things happening, and he guaranteed big surprises are in store for the finale.

Lyndie Greenwood and Zach Appelman Interview:

Zach, you actually look like you could be Clancy Brown’s son.

Zach Appelman: “Well, what was funny was when I initially got the audition the phone call from my agent was, ‘I’ve this audition for you for Sleepy Hollow. You’re playing the son of Sheriff Corbin and you’re a dead ringer for this guy’s kid.’ And I said to myself, ‘I wonder if it’s Clancy Brown,’ because I hadn’t even seen the show before so I didn’t know. And then I IMDB’d it and I was like, ‘It’s Clancy Brown,’ because I’ve been seeing him in movies for years and I was always like, ‘I kind of look like that guy.'”

What’s it been like to play out the Joe and Jenny relationship this season?

Lyndie Greenwood: “It’s been one of my favorite parts of the show in general, to be honest with you. It’s very rewarding as an actor. And also as someone who loves Jenny, it’s been very cool to see her sort of blossom a bit and allow herself to experience love outside her sister and see how difficult that is for her but how patient Joe has been and just working through these scenes. I mean, some of the scenes with Joe and Jenny have definitely been my favorite things in the series.”

Zach Appelman: “Jenny’s had such a tough life that I think it’s nice to suddenly see some positive, some nice, good things happening for her.”

Is their father back for a while?

Lyndie Greenwood: “We’ll definitely see more of the father. I really don’t want to tell too much but it’s definitely an interesting story that continues so we’ll see more of that.”

Do you see Jenny and Joe as sidekicks to Abbie and Ichabod or that you are one cohesive group that doesn’t work without each other?

Lyndie Greenwood: “I think sidekicks, to be honest.”

Zach Appelman: “The show as it is right now is very much it’s Abbie and Crane’s story and we do feel like we’re there in support…”

Lyndie Greenwood: “…of their mission, which is a communal mission, obviously. I’d say I’m Robin.”

Zach Appelman: “Wait, if you’re Robin then I’m…”

Lyndie Greenwood and the interviewers: “Nightwing.”

What’s been your favorite scene this season?

Zach Appelman: “For me, there’s been a couple. I actually think it was a couple of episodes after we fought the ghoul and fought Nevins, the scene where we wake up in the morning in her trailer. We’re just lying on the couch together talking about our dads. It was a short little scene at the end of the episode. It was one of my favorites. I loved when I read it in the script. I found it really moving and just simple and human. I thought it was shot beautifully. I kept saying when we watched it she just looked amazing the way it was lit.”

Lyndie Greenwood: “Every now and again I get that right angle.”

Zach Appelman: [Laughing] “Every so often. It was just a very human, simple scene.”

Lyndie Greenwood: “I liked it when I kicked your ass when we were kickboxing.”

Zach Appelman: “You had magic powers. I was holding my own.”

Joe’s really working on finding who he really is. Can you talk about that?

Zach Appelman: “I think as an actor you find the thing at the beginning that you can latch onto. It’s hard to latch onto the supernatural but what I could latch onto at the beginning coming into the show was I’m a guy who’s just lost his dad. He doesn’t know why his dad died. He doesn’t know the circumstances and he’s got a lot of shit to work through about that. So that was my way in. That’s something that just as a person you can identify with independent of any supernatural thing. So when you have something like that with a character you find that as an entry. It’s like, ‘Okay, I’m a young man trying to mourn and process the loss of a parent. That’s the way in.’ That was the starting point and fortunately they’ve let that be kind of a continuing storyline for Joe throughout this season. That’s always been a thing for me to anchor to, I think.”

What are your favorite Sleepy Hollow monsters?

Lyndie Greenwood: “I really liked the Banshee.”

Zach Appelman: “Loved the Banshee. That was one of my favorites.”

Lyndie Greenwood: “And the Wendigo.”

Zach Appelman: “I don’t like the Wendigo. I love that they brought Kindred back.”

Why do you think the fans love the Mills sisters so much and are so protective of them?

Lyndie Greenwood: “I’m happy they are and so am I. I think it’s a really unique relationship that we don’t see very often in television, two really strong women that come together for a common purpose and are nice to each other and love each other and don’t fight over petty things like boys…not that boys are petty. I think it’s an important relationship to show particularly to young women, women of all ages and men. It’s just a great relationship to look at. And it’s wonderful to be a part of. Working with Nicole [Beharie’s] great. Our scenes, I think, are always really touching and awesome.”

Zach Appelman: “The genre’s been so historically dominated with male characters so I also think for young men to get to be watching a genre show where the women are capable and in charge is really good. They’re not just in tiny little sexy superhero costumes. They’re actually just humans, you know? Beautiful humans.”

Were there any particularly difficult things to play this season?

Zach Appelman: “I’ll say that there were times when I think we had so many back and forths in the relationship this season where like they would be mad at each other and things would be tense. And there were definitely times when I was just like, ‘Oh, come on! I just want it to work,’ and as an actor I was getting frustrated by that. But then I realized the character is feeling the same way, ‘I just want this to work.'”

Like the trailer argument?

Zach Appelman: “The trailer argument, but that was one of many.”

Lyndie Greenwood: “That was an interesting episode because actually a lot was cut out of the episode because it happens in TV. You have one storyline and then it doesn’t work. So there was so much more…”

Zach Appelman: “We fought a giant plant.”

Lyndie Greenwood: “Yeah, we were supposed to fight this giant plant. One of the reasons Jenny was so angry when she ran away is because there was more to that story, but we didn’t see it.”

Zach Appelman: “I’d taken something from the trailer and put it in the Masonic cell and it activated. It was like a little houseplant but it was actually supernatural and the Masonic cell activated it and it became like this thing.”

Lyndie Greenwood: “There’s all this backstory and really you just see Jenny really pissed off, which she was pissed off anyway but she was particularly pissed off because of the plant storyline – not really that mad at Joe.”

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