‘SNL’ Skit: The Last Fry with Gal Gadot


Saturday Night Live The Last Fry Skit with Gal Gadot

It turns out one of the best skits from the October 7, 2017 episode of NBC’s Saturday Night Live was one that was cut for time. The three-minute video features Kyle Mooney and Beck Bennett playing BFFs who head to the local burger joint for lunch. They’re sitting at a table munching on fries and rapping when in walks Gal Gadot. Obviously, they’re distracted by her beauty and when she asks if she can have a seat at their table, they immediately invite her to join them.

However, when she grabs the last fry without asking, they decide she’s not as cool as they thought.

Meanwhile, everyone except for the rapping BFFs are freaking out over the start of a nuclear war between the U.S. and North Korea. The oblivious rappers have no idea how close world is to nuclear annihilation.


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