‘Supernatural’ Season 13: Misha Collins Interview on Castiel’s Return

Supernatural star Misha Collins
‘Supernatural’ star Misha Collins at the Warner Bros. booth at Comic-Con 2017 (Photo © 2017 WBEI)

The CW’s Supernatural Season 12’s finale left a few characters possibly/probably dead, with Castiel among the likely deceased. Misha Collins says that every year prior to doing interviews at the San Diego Comic Con, the cast of Supernatural’s provided with a list of items they’re allowed to talk about for the upcoming season. This year, Collins’ list for Castiel simply said, “Well, nobody’s really dead forever on Supernatural.”

What’s going on with Castiel when the season picks up?

Misha Collins: […] “I’ll just tell you everything that’s going on in the first eight episodes to spite them. So, we find Cas dead. Surprise, surprise. And the most relevant aspect of Castiel’s death this time is how it plays out, how the boys process Castiel’s death. So, ultimately, as the season plays out, Castiel’s death is going to be less important for him because he was just dead than it is for the boys who go through the grieving process and really have to process the loss of their friend.

When he does come back as more than a lifeless body, we find him in a realm that we’ve talked about on Supernatural but we’ve never seen. And, he finds himself alone in this realm with only one other companion who is another powerful being played by a great actor. I can tell you that.”

How would you describe Castiel’s growth over the years in his relationship with the Winchester brothers, and how has that been as an actor to play?

Misha Collins: “I don’t think that there are very many parallels for actors because what we’re doing is actually really weird. We’re playing the same character in an evolving set of circumstances over the course of more than a decade. So, you never get to do that on a play; you rarely get to do that on a television series. I mean, super rarely. It’s very uncommon. And not only that, but layer on top of that the fact that these characters go through circumstances that change wildly and they go through these incredibly life-changing… I mean, we all die but we also take on other personalities.

We get all pop culture downloaded with the snap of the fingers. We change radically in short periods of time, and then also there’s this very gradual morphing that happens over time. Ultimately, I think it ends up being a fairly unconscious process. Like, we are taking in the information and the characters are changing as the storyline dictates. But I don’t think that we’re trying to remember all of the stuff. It’s just sort of become a part of us.

It’s more organic to the process than I would have expected. I would have expected we’d have to sit down and run over things in our heads and refresh our memories about what’s going on. And in fact, it’s more like just having a personality that is changing. I think that’s how the characters develop.”

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