‘Supernatural’ Season 12 Episode 12 Recap – Stuck in the Middle (With You)

Supernatural Season 12 Episode 12
Misha Collins as Castiel, Jared Padalecki as Sam, Jensen Ackles as Dean, Donavon Stinson as Wally and Samantha Smith as Mary Winchester in ‘Supernatural’ (Photo: Jack Rowand © 2017 The CW Network)

Supernatural took a very Quentin Tarantino-esque format for season 12 episode 12, complete with time warps, section titles, and even the music style. Those familiar with Reservoir Dogs and Pulp Fiction, especially, will notice the references. For all of you reading this recap, however, we’ll keep it simple and mainly go in chronological order. You’re welcome.

It all begins with Mr. Ketch preparing a cup of tea and asking someone we can’t see to tell him a story…

We’re then taken to the Winchesters and friends at a restaurant preparing for a hunt. Dean (Jensen Ackles), Sam (Jared Padalecki), and Mary (Samantha Smith) are there, along with Castiel (Misha Collins) and another hunter named Wally (Donavon Stinson). The group is hunting a demon that likes to night fish and they know where he lives. Dean, Sam, and Castiel are under the impression that this was Wally’s case and he’d called for their help. A flashback tells us the truth though, this is Mary’s case, given to her by the British Men of Letters. And not only has Wally never hunted an actual demon before, he also doesn’t trust the people who gave her this case. He’d heard their sales pitch and feels it all seems too good to be true. He does trust Mary so plays along with her story.

At the demon’s house, they find the place isn’t warded against angels so they break in and get to work on setting traps. Sam stops Mary and asks if she’s okay, knowing she never wanted to live this hunter life, to which she replies that life rarely gives you what you want. Then she separates herself, sneakily heading down to the basement. Taking a painting off the wall to reveal a safe, Mary uses a fancy gadget from the Men of Letters to open it up and retrieve a mysterious box. We don’t get to see what’s in the box but when it’s opened, the importance of the object is signified by a golden glow.

Eventually they hear the demon walking toward the house, whistling a tune, and they get set for their ambush. As soon as he steps inside, Dean appears from the kitchen and shoots him with their special demon bullets. The guy barely flinches. Then Sam stabs him in the side with their fancy knife. Again, making no impact. They are all standing there a bit shocked while he also kicks the rug aside to reveal the trap painted underneath. Obviously this is no ordinary demon.

When Castiel reveals himself, the demon immediately recognizes him as an angel and almost seems to relish the opportunity to take him on. After knocking Cas around a bit to where he’s collapsed in the kitchen, he locks himself inside the room with Mary where we get another surprise. His eyes glow yellow. Mary certainly seems to attract that kind of demon, doesn’t she?

The boys and Wally don’t have time to try and find a way in to help since two more demons show up and a brawl commences. Sam and Dean do manage to take care of them, but not before Wally gets killed. Things aren’t looking any better for the others as Castiel has come to and fights the yellow-eyed-demon. They end up outside, where Cas gets stabbed with a long spear and is obviously in serious pain. The demon is just about to stab him again when Mary shows up and mows him down with her car.

Rushing as fast as they can, Mary helps Castiel to a nearby barn to hide and assess his injury. It’s bad, and he can’t heal himself either. When he passes out, Mary calls her sons to let them know where they are then texts her MoL, clearly unhappy about what they’ve gotten her into. The boys arrive and see how bad their friend is, obviously dying from whatever poison was on the spear. They also wonder where the other demons came from and Mary tells them about the yellow eyes on the demon.

Some answers are given as Crowley (Mark Sheppard) shows up, calling them idiots and pronouncing that they are all going to die. Now keep in mind that this is Mary’s first time meeting Crowley and she definitely doesn’t like him. Understandable since he is the King of Hell. We do find out that the demons Dean and Sam killed were actually his, sent to watch over Ramiel (Jerry Trimble), a prince of Hell. All of the yellow-eyed demons were princes of Hell, the first generation after Lilith and turned by Lucifer himself. They were trained to be generals and lead the armies of Hell. Azazel, the only other one the Winchesters have met, was one of them but the rest were supposed to be dead. Not so much, apparently.

Six years earlier, Crowley had visited Ramiel after Lucifer had been put in his cage. Azazel and Lilith were dead by this time too and Hell needed a new king. The throne was offered to Ramiel, along with the Lance of Michael and the mysterious object in the box seen earlier in the episode. The prince takes the items, but doesn’t want the throne. He explains that the remaining princes are not interested in ruling Hell, in fact none of them care at all anymore. They only want to be left alone. He tells Crowley to take the throne, to become King and Crowley agrees once the shock wears off. The catch is that Crowley is to make sure they are left in peace and if anyone comes after any of them, it will be on his head.

So now we know what is killing Castiel, and there is no cure. It was designed to kill demons quickly and to kill angels slowly. Of course, the Winchester brothers don’t believe there isn’t a way to save him. There’s always a way. And their best idea is to find Ramiel to see if he knows what it is. They also tell Crowley that if he isn’t going to help, he can just leave. Not surprisingly, Crowley vanishes and the remaining group prepare for Ramiel.

Castiel takes the time to say goodbye to the Winchesters. He tells them how much they’ve affected him, that they are his family and he loves them. He also asks that his last moments not be watching them all die and begs them to run. Like that’s going to happen. He is their family too and family doesn’t get left behind, so they are going to fight for him.

Ramiel walks toward the barn, whistling his tune. But as he nears, Crowley appears and asks what he can do to keep him from going in. When Ramiel asks if they are friends, he explains they are allies, assets they can’t afford to lose. Crowley is reminded of their agreement but he wants to make another deal. Well, that offer is refused and Crowley is forcefully thrown through the door of the barn.

This catches the attention of the Winchesters and they watch as Ramiel strolls into their sanctuary. When he gets to a certain spot, Sam drops a lighter forming a circle with the holy oil, trapping him in place. Words are exchanged and Ramiel shares that he doesn’t care about Heaven, Hell or them. But they stole from him, and that he cannot abide. He wants his object back. Sam and Dean have no idea what he’s talking about, but Mary does and doesn’t say anything.

Pulling out the lance, Ramiel slams it to the ground and extinguishes the fire. The fight is on and the demon prince is noticeably stronger. Yet when Sam gets a hold of the spear and stabs him, Ramiel is a goner. Their problems are only half over though as time is running out for the angel. The three Winchesters rush over to him, watching their friend die.

Crowley, remembering something Ramiel had said about the runes engraved on the spear, picks the item up and breaks it in half. The spell is broken and Castiel is healed. In purely Crowley fashion, he just says “You’re welcome” and disappears. Now all better, Castiel does want to know what Ramiel meant about stealing from him. Mary seems about to confess when Dean speaks up, saying who knows what the crazy guy was talking about.

Back to Mr. Ketch hearing the story, Mary is still irritated about what they sent her into. A friend was killed and she almost lost one of her boys. She tells him if anything like that happens again, she will burn them all down. Mr. Ketch seems about to threaten back, but realizes he’s dealing with a Mama Bear and you just don’t mess with those. So he apologizes, admitting they made a mistake. He then asks to see the object and she hands it over. At last, the mystery is solved…it’s the Colt. That’s right, the Colt is back!

The episode ends with Crowley in his lair, wrestling with the knowledge that the gun is gone. A voice taunts him from a cage in the wall; Lucifer, in the form we all know and love him in, saying that the Winchesters will come for Crowley eventually. It’s only a matter of time.

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