‘Teen Wolf’s Final Season: Dylan Sprayberry Interview on Liam’s Defining Season

Teen Wolf Cast Photo
The cast of MTV’s ‘Teen Wolf’ at the 2017 San Diego Comic Con.
MTV’s Teen Wolf said goodbye to their fans with one last trip to the San Diego Comic Con in support of season 6B, the show’s final season. In addition to taking part in their last Comic Con panel as a cast, the Teen Wolf stars also sat down for roundtable interviews to discuss the final episodes of the supernatural series. Chatting with Dylan Sprayberry, Teen Wolf‘s Alpha-in-Training Liam Dunbar, we discovered what he thinks Liam will be doing in 10 years and what fans can expect as the series wraps up its six year run.

What’s Liam going to be going through this season?

Dylan Sprayberry: “I don’t know. His girlfriend’s gone – Liam’s girlfriend’s gone – so I think that’s a big issue for him because he’s kind of alone now. He doesn’t have anyone to fall back on. I think he’s getting closer and closer to becoming the leader of the pack, you know, with time. I think he’s kind of stressing out about that because every season Liam takes on more responsibility. I think that that’s always going to be a constant struggle, especially with his anger thing.”

Is this second half of season six something you really look forward to the fans getting to check out?

Dylan Sprayberry: “Yeah. I mean, I look forward to the fans seeing every season but this is the last one and we all put everything into it. We really gave it our all. I’ve seen a lot of the stuff and there’s a lot of really good performances. It’s ending the whole show so it’s a little nerve-wracking because not everyone might like how it ends so you don’t know. But, I think we’ve killed this season so I can’t wait for everyone to see it.”

What was it like to have the gang all back together?

Dylan Sprayberry: “It was great. We all have different storylines so we work at different times. We have different plots and stuff. But, it was great just having them back on set. I worked with Tyler Hoechlin in season four a little bit, and I was there the day he wrapped from the show and then he came back. It’s just good to have the family back together. I’ve met Colton (Haynes) here and there, and I know Max and Charlie (Carver). Max isn’t back but Charlie is. It’s just good to have everyone back. It was like a really full, fun set this last season.”

Does Liam team up with anyone that we might not expect him to?

Dylan Sprayberry: “I mean, he’s with Theo. He’s still teaming up with Theo. They kind of have a really funny relationship. I don’t think we anticipated for people to like it as much as they did in the last part of the season. But everyone does so they just played on that and wrote more stuff for me and Cody to do.

For Liam, it’s Liam and Theo, and Liam and Mason pretty much. And then the rest of the group and everything. But I think probably the only one is Theo.”

Have they been writing more comedy for Liam? Is that something you requested?

Dylan Sprayberry: “I didn’t really request it, I don’t think. But I think kind of as we’ve been doing the show, Jeff will write things here and there and the writers will test stuff out. Like, ‘Let’s give him a funny line and see if it works.’ I think ever since I did that ‘fell in a hole’ thing, that’s kind of when everyone really was like, ‘Okay, he can be funny.’ Since then they’ve been writing more and more funny stuff. I definitely have some really cool comedic moments in the last season that are going to be really funny that I’m excited for everyone to see.”

Looking back over the seasons, is there an episode that’s really Liam’s defining episode?

Dylan Sprayberry: “There’s going to be a lot of stuff this season. This season that we just did is really like the first one I really felt Liam was very adult. The character was a little bit more respectable. You know what I mean? Liam’s always been a good character, but in terms of just the tone – it’s overall a lot more adult. He just seems grown up this season.

I think there’s been all kinds of scenes that define Liam. There’s been a couple things, but he’s always struggled with his anger. He’s not completely there yet, but I feel like this season is setting him up to be (better). What I’m trying to say is this season’s really defining Liam as going forward.”

Did you find it interesting the show’s going full circle in that instead of hunting supernatural creatures, you’re being hunted?

Dylan Sprayberry: “Yeah. I think in terms of the show the way that they mapped it out, that’s really cool. And I also think that just as an actor it was fun to do that. In the season before this, we had the beast which was fun but that’s like a big animated character and you should really act. Whereas we got to work with all real people for the most part and it was a lot easier to play to, a lot closer to home because it’s kind of like if you see a gun in real life that’s scary and then you act that out, it’s also scary. It’s kind of hard to imagine, ‘What would it be like if I see a beast in real life?’ You kind of have to do some tweaking in your brain to make that work for you, whereas running from someone shooting at you is a lot easier and more real to play. So, I think for the actors that was fun going back to that. I remember seeing the hunters in season one and two, and I was like, ‘That would be cool to do.’ The gunfights are fun to film.

I like doing the real people. There’s something about it that was a lot easier to do.”

What was the hardest goodbye?

Dylan Sprayberry: “I don’t know. I’m going to miss everybody. I worked with Tyler (Posey) and Khylin (Rhambo) the most, and Cody (Christian), but I live really close to Cody so I see him all the time. I live pretty close to Tyler. I think I’ll probably miss Khylin the most because we have so much fun filming and he lives two hours away. Unless we’re doing this Con stuff, we still talk but we don’t see each other as much because of our physical locations. I think I’ll miss living with him because he lived at my house while we were filming. I’ll miss that roommate/bachelor thing. We were together 24/7 when we were filming. We were always driving to set together, so I think I’ll miss that routine. But, I’m close to everyone on set.”

If we were to catch up with Liam in 10 years, what would he be doing?

Dylan Sprayberry: “I feel like he would get back together with his girlfriend. I think he would. I just really like them – their relationship – so I think that would happen. I don’t know. We didn’t really explore too much what Liam would be doing as a career as an adult because I think his character was still kind of young on the show. But, I think he’s probably still in Beacon Hills. He’s probably either… I don’t know what happens with Scott. I don’t know if he stays the Alpha or what he does so I’d say Liam’s either right there beside him still or Liam’s the new leader. He really cares about the pack and I think he wouldn’t abandon them. I don’t know. Maybe he’s a mechanic. Maybe he works at the grocery store and then he fights crime at night. I like that. He’s the manager in a local Beacon Hills grocery store.”

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