‘Teen Wolf’ Final Season: Jeff Davis Interview on the Show Coming Full Circle

Teen Wolf Season 6B
A scene from ‘Teen Wolf’ season 6B (Photo by Scott Everett White © 2016 Viacom International Inc)

Teen Wolf series creator/executive producer Jeff Davis promises the show’s finale will be epic. MTV’s Teen Wolf is ending after six seasons which meant Davis and his cast including Tyler Posey, Dylan Sprayberry, and Dylan O’Brien’s 2017 trip to the San Diego Comic Con would be their last as a Teen Wolf group. Sitting down for roundtable interviews, Davis assured fans season 6B will tie up storylines and send the series off with a fitting ending. “There is lots to tease,” said Davis. “The return of old characters to the show, a death or two, an extended finale…”

Are you going to break our hearts?

Jeff Davis: “I hope so. That’s what we come to TV for, right?”

How did the final episode compare to what you originally envisioned for the series finale?

Jeff Davis: “My original vision for the series finale was episode 5-20 so that was one of the things that changed. It’s always evolved. Once I knew that the network wanted another 20 episodes we were in a little bit of trouble because of filming schedules. So, we had to get a little creative with people like Dylan O’Brien who still wanted to do the show but was under contract to Fox and had to go away for seven months. I said, ‘Well, if we’re going to do it I’ve got this idea about memory loss and how to keep Stiles in it.’ And then for these last 10 episodes, I knew I wanted to separate them out.

Part of it was going back to Scott McCall’s character, going and saying, ‘How can we finish the Teen Wolf story?’ We started with Scott and with Scott being hunted, and we decided let’s end with that as well. Let’s come full circle. And it’s sort of the season of the rise of the hunters. It’s led by Sibongile Mlambo who is a phenomenal wonderful person. She’s going to make a really good villain.”

Any other new characters we should be on the lookout for?

Jeff Davis: “Yes. There’s sort of a group of new young characters, Froy Gutierrez and Andrew Matarazzo, they play young students in Beacon Hills who are also rising new hunters as well. Sibongile’s character, Monroe, sort of gets into the hearts and souls of the teenage population and Scott and his friends find everyone turning against them and seeing them as pariahs. So, the new season is very much about fear, about being an outcast, about being an outsider.”

Why did it take so long to start fearing them?

Jeff Davis: “Well, we looked at season five and there were scenes in season five that I knew we wanted to do which was sort of a call back to Buffy. At one point, everybody knows who Buffy is. They all know she’s the slayer; they all know about vampires now. And we knew that we were going to have to reach that point in Teen Wolf, and it’s really the scene in the library where all those students are hiding in the stacks. They see Scott – they see him. So, one of the first things we start out with in the beginning of 6A is people talking. ‘People don’t say anything, but we all know what we saw in the library that night.’ So, that’s where it starts off with.”

Is Jackson bisexual? There was a scene released where he looks at a girl and then a boy, and it confused people.

Jeff Davis: “Yeah, that was confusing, wasn’t it? You’ll have to wait and see. […] Well it was said and always said in season two, ‘Jackson’s everyone’s type,’ right? So, we’ll see just what that means.”

Are there other strands like that that will tie up in the last episodes?

Jeff Davis: “I hope so. We had so many characters by the end that writing the finale was a real challenge. I also wasn’t there for a good bit of shooting because I was off doing a pilot for Let the Right One In for TNT, which unfortunately did not go forward, so I had my own distractions. But, thankfully I had a great team of writers carrying the torch. We put our all into the last few episodes especially, so hopefully the fans like it.”

Your cast has described it as epic. Would you describe it as epic?

Jeff Davis: “Yeah, it’s pretty epic. We worked really hard. And the last scene feels like a series-ender to me. It felt good when I finished it.”

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