‘Teen Wolf’ Season 6B: Tyler Posey Interview on the Show’s Final Season

Teen Wolf stars Tyler Posey and Dylan O'Brien
‘Teen Wolf’ stars Dylan O’Brien and Tyler Posey at the 2017 San Diego Comic Con (Photo Courtesy of MTV)

Both during the final San Diego Comic Con panel for MTV’s Teen Wolf and during roundtable interviews for the series’ season 6B, Tyler Posey got a little emotional about saying goodbye to the show. However, Posey’s not sad about leaving his co-stars behind because he’s sure they’ll remain close even though their time together on Teen Wolf is nearly over. Teen Wolf season 6B is set to premiere on Sunday, July 30, 2017 at 8pm ET/PT, and during our roundtable interview Posey discussed what’s in store for Scott and Malia as well as the return of a few of his former co-stars.

So everyone returns to help Scott in the final battle?

Tyler Posey: “I feel like they’re always kind of helping me out. They’re always coming to me for guidance and Scott’s like, ‘I don’t know what the hell I’m doing but this feels right. Let’s go this way.’ They’ve got my back. But this season it does tend to focus more on Scott and revolves around him. Yeah, they’re definitely helping me out. They’re my little badass pack. Love ‘em.”

It feels like there are a lot of Alphas in Beacon Hills. Will there be just one by the end of the series?

Tyler Posey: “Do we have a lot of Alphas right now? Tyler (Hoechlin’s) not an Alpha, right? Technically not, he was. Hoechlin’s not an Alpha anymore. I am, is there anybody else?”

Liam’s in training?

Tyler Posey: (Laughs) “Okay, the kid’s got potential…don’t get me wrong. Yeah, absolutely. We’ve been kind of teasing Liam stepping up and kind of taking Scott’s position and the Alpha role and the leader of Beacon Hills. But I think he’s going to have to do it his own way, figure out how to be an Alpha. I don’t know if true Alphas are handed out that easily. So, he’s going to have to work for it, I guess. Or, kill me. If you kill an Alpha, you become an Alpha.”

It just seems like there are a lot of Alphas.

Tyler Posey: “Peter Hale was once upon a time an Alpha. I believe it’s just one. They’re all former Alphas – Alpha alumni, if you will. An Alpha reunion. It’s really cool having the whole pack that once were Alphas because they know how to fight as Alphas. It’s easier to work with somebody who was an Alpha. Like, it’s easier to date somebody who’s in the same business as you are because they get it, they get your life. It’s kind of like that. (Laughing) I just want to date my Alpha friends – that’s all I’m trying to say.”

What can you say about Scott and Malia?

Tyler Posey: “Season 6A we kind of did a couple of sneak teases to potentially opening up a relationship between Scott and Malia. But, I love it. I always say the best things about Shelley (Hennig). I think that she’s the greatest, most talented person…most loving, caring, affectionate. She’s the greatest and so I was really, really happy that we got to end the season like that. It felt right, in terms of stuff that we haven’t really done before. Scott had been single for the full season which had never happened before, so it was really nice for Scott to take a step back, focus on himself a little bit, realize what he wants, realize who he is. At 18 that’s still kind of hard, so he’s still got some figuring out to do. But, yeah, he and Malia are really sweet and really great friends and I think that’s how every good relationship forms is by being really good friends at first and then just naturally transcend into that.

But, I’m not saying anything. (Laughing) It could have been a dream sequence. I’m telling you, Teen Wolf throws curve balls! You know this.”

Does Scott even have time for a romance given the fact they’re going to be hunted?

Tyler Posey: “Come on, baby, there’s always time for romance. I mean, there’s always turmoil in Beacon Hills. They’re always fighting for their lives and trying to figure out a new method of saving lives or killing the bad guy or defeating the bad guy, whatever. But they’re still kids and we really try to do a good job of making it relatable. Even when you’re thrust into danger and destruction and chaos, you can’t hide feelings. You can’t stop feelings and if those feelings are there, you’re going to act on them. So, we just do a good job. I think that’s what would really happen if kids were faced with danger and there were feelings involved. I don’t think they would push the feelings away. There’s always time.”

What do you think about the way the show wraps up? Did it give you a satisfying ending?

Tyler Posey: “Yeah, totally. I really liked it a lot. I think it gave Scott a really sweet ending, one that I feel like he’s needed for a while. Scott’s kind of a not a troubled kid but that kid’s really stressed out and pressured. I feel bad for him. I feel like he needs a break, and he kind of gets that or you get that sense of it at the very end sort of in a way. It’s a really cool way.”

How did you feel about Scott working with Gerard after defeating him in season 2?

Tyler Posey: “Total full circle. I think it was a really cool way to wrap it up. Each season we kind of try to dive into a new folklore and mythology, and from my point of view sometimes it could get a little confusing. It’s always really fun and really cool, but it can get confusing. Sometimes I’m watching the show and I’m like, ‘What the hell is happening?’ We kind of bring it back to the simplest form that it was: hunters. Hunters hunting these beasts. It doesn’t get that much more simple than that. It’s a war between humans and wolves.

I thought it was really cool, plus I like Michael. Michael Hogan’s a great dude, a really talented guy. I learned a lot from him over the years. He is the most committed dude I’ve ever met. He will just stay there all f*cking night, all day, never complain and just always be on. He’s the greatest.”

Scott’s grown so much since season one. What do you feel like Scott’s learned the most about over the seasons? What does he take away from these past few years as he’s heading to college?

Tyler Posey: “So much. I don’t know. I’ve never thought about that before, really. What’s the most valuable information that he’s learned over the years?”

Maybe how to be a leader?

Tyler Posey: “Yeah, definitely, I was going to say that but there’s a lot of things that come with being a leader, you know? You’ve got to learn to let yourself fail and be okay with that. A lot of learning comes from failure. So, I think that’s one of the things. He’s always had the leader mentality. He’s always wanted to save people and save his friends and be a leader, but he didn’t really know how so I think that’s what he took away. Learning how to be there and be the hero and a leader, but figuring out the balance of leadership and accepting your wrongs – and being a human, also.”

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