‘Teen Wolf’ Final Season: Tyler Posey Interview on Scott’s Single Status and Ghosts

Teen Wolf's Tyler Posey and Cast at 2016 Comic Con
The ‘Teen Wolf’ cast at the 2016 San Diego Comic Con (Photo © Richard Chavez)

Teen Wolf cast members including series star Tyler Posey made their way to San Diego for Comic Con, answering questions from fans about what series creator Jeff Davis confirmed will be the final season of the MTV series. Season six will finish up the storylines of Scott, Stiles, and the rest of the gang, and is set to premiere this November and conclude in 2017 with the 100th episode.

In addition to participating in the Teen Wolf panel on Thursday, July 21st, Posey answered a few questions during roundtable interviews on Scott’s single status, humorous moments, and fighting the season’s new bad guys.

How does a werewolf fight a ghost?

“Oh, not easily. They’re like lightning ghosts. They’re not even normal ghosts. And, they’re also on horses so they’re like three times the size of us. So, they’re lightning ghosts on horses and it’s no easy task, my friend, let me tell you now. We need to be really, really creative with the ways that we defeat these guys. It’s not just a couple of punches or some spell, or something crazy. We have to really get creative and figure out how the hell we can defeat these dudes. They’re a lot different, them being ghosts. It’s a lot different than any villain we’ve ever dealt with before, so it adds a weird element to it.”

How do you feel about Scott being single this season?

“I think it’s a very nice thing. Everybody in their lives needs to experience that one way or the other, especially in the growing brain years of a young adult Scott. When I was his age and I was in a relationship, bouncing around from relationship to relationship, I didn’t know enough about myself. As soon as I kind of separated from the relationship world I really figured out kind of who I was and became more and more just sure of who I was and where I wanted to be and how to get to where I want to be. I was able to articulate thoughts better and easier. And so I think everybody just kind of needs that moment of clarity from life and Scott had never done that.

Since season one, he was in love with Allison and then broke up with Allison and immediately fell in love with Kira. This is our first time seeing Scott without Kira, so I think it’s an extremely necessary thing. He’s able to focus on the world more, and his friends and his pack without being so much distracted. Saving Kira’s life got him into a lot of sh*t, you know? So now that there’s no girls around he’s able to really focus on the pack and saving the world and his friends, and making sure that Beacon Hills survives without him if he ever has to leave.”

Jeff Davis said there’s some comedy this season. Do you get to do any?

“For Teen Wolf? I mean, every now and then. Scott’s been kind of the awkward, little naive, vulnerable kid kind of and as strong and as confident as he grows, he’s still a little naive and little awkward. There’s always time for comedy when it comes to that. So, yeah, yeah, absolutely. We always mess around with comedy and light-hearted moments in Teen Wolf. It’s one of the things I love the most about the show since day one is that good balance of horror, drama, action and comedy.”

What are you excited for fans to see you do in Yoga Hosers?

“Comedy. Outrageous, outrageous comedy. It’s a little dark too. I’m a huge fan of Kevin Smith and have been most of my life, so I’m really excited. Kevin Smith, I feel like when I was a kid there were a lot more fans of Kevin Smith. My fans, you know my generation, I’m sure don’t really know Kevin Smith that well. They’re kind of not his generation and this will be a good introduction to them to the Kevin Smith world. It’s a little different than most Kevin Smith films. I just saw a test and kind of have a better sense of what this movie’s going to be about. I think that the new kids, the new generation of these fans are going to have a good introduction to the Kevin Smith films with this one. It’s definitely a dark comedy, but it’s good. It’s great. I love it and the two chicks in it are Harley Quinn Smith and Lily-Rose Depp and they carry that film so damn well. I love it.”

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