‘The 100’ – Tasya Teles Interview on Season 6 and Playing Echo

The cast of The CW’s The 100 made the trek to the 2019 WonderCon to participate in a panel for the much-anticipated (and long-awaited) sixth season. Those fortunate enough to grab a seat in the panel were the first to see season six’s premiere episode. In addition, fans had the opportunity to participate in a Q&A with the cast and series creator/executive producer Jason Rothenberg.

The 100 stars also sat down for roundtable interviews in support of the April 30, 2019 season premiere. Tasya Teles talked to us about Echo’s approach to this new world, Echo’s relationship with Bellamy, and missing characters who’ve exited the series over the past few seasons.

How is Echo coping in the new world?

Tasya Teles: “You know, I’m really happy. It was a surprise that Echo loves space so much because to me she is such an earthy person. She’s a warrior and they’re very visceral people, and so being in space I thought was going to be a departure, like a tough time for her. But she actually enjoyed it because she was like, ‘This is relaxing. There’s no weird bears with two heads,’ etc. etc.

I think she has a confidence going into the new world that she’ll be able to handle it, but I think she’s surprised at the ways in which she gets disarmed by it, which is always fun to play as the actor, the surprise threats that you don’t see coming.”

How long is she in this new world before Echo finds herself in some drama?

Tasya Teles: “Pretty immediately. Like, maybe right away. Like, episode two. (Laughing) It’s like coming in hot.”

Well, you get to relax during episode one.

Tasya Teles: (Laughing) “I was on the swing set. I watched Murphy do a fantastic air band rendition of whatever. That was a fun day at work too. (Mimicking swinging) I was just like, ‘This is the best day!’ But, yeah, right away. You saw how the premiere finished so, yeah, things happen pretty quickly to the rest of us, too.”

Is the relationship between Echo and Bellamy tested in the beginning of the season? How is that going?

Tasya Teles: “I think they balance each other really well. Echo’s whole thing is she’s very no drama. She’s all about getting to the point and being very objective and oriented on the goal at hand. And also, she doesn’t know everybody very much either so she’s more like the watchful passenger. But they do have their first fight on screen, so that was fun to do with Bob (Morley).”

A physical fight?

Tasya Teles: “No, no. We actually did that in season four. I put him on his back which was also fun. No, they do good. They balance each other out, but there is some tension that happens this season.”

Did Bob Morley direct you in his episode?

Tasya Teles: “He sure did.”

How did he do?

Tasya Teles: “I told him I was going to give him a tough time. I said, ‘Bob, I’m going to be a little brat on set.’ He’s like, ‘Great…’ No, he did a great job. I mean it was really – I’m sure you’ve heard this already today – he just took to directing so naturally. It was amazing to watch, and it brought him a joy when he was. He’s always like joyful and fun at work and stuff like that, but he was just discovering this new kind of side of him. He’s really good at directing, so it was really great.”

The 100 Tasya Teles and Bob Morley
Bob Morley as Bellamy and Tasya Teles as Echo in ‘The 100’ season 5 (Photo: Michael Courtney © 2018 The CW Network)

This season is the start of Book 2. Did it feel like a new show going into it?

Tasya Teles: “It feels like a completely different (show). You know what? This is like the beauty of the season is it felt totally different as an actor walking into the space. And I remember I turned around and I looked at everybody and (was surprised). It’s like visually and the colors and everything were so different, and yet in such an interesting way like there’s woven in all of the themes and symbols of the previous seasons.”

How does she feel about Madi this season? What does Echo believe in at this point?

Tasya Teles: “That’s something that I processed a lot, you know, Echo’s understanding of spirituality and technology because she was very, very committed to the Azgeda theology and then she lived in space. So, I was like, ‘Where does that land her when she got explained all the things that have gone on over the last six years?’

I think she’s agnostic. I think that she’s processing that for herself. But I do think that she does have an undeniable commitment to Madi that she just won’t (break). Following the commander is a part of her fabric and she’s still learning so much too, which is so interesting. She’s so capable so it’s an interesting thing to play as like someone who’s learning all these new things and someone who’s also very capable physically – a physically capable human.”

Sometimes Clarke goes against Madi’s wishes. Would Echo be taking Madi’s side in those instances?

Tasya Teles: “That’s a difficult one to answer. I don’t know how to answer that clearly.”

We’ve lost so many characters over the seasons. Are there any that were close to your heart that you miss?

Tasya Teles: “Of course, my god. I was devastated…I mean like every season you get devastated which is kind of the fun of The 100, too, is that surprising ‘Oh, wow!’ to the losses of the show. I mean, I miss characters but they’ve become friends so as the actor I’ll miss having friends on set. I miss Roan, I miss Nadia, I miss Luna. I miss Chelsea and Chris.”

You’ve potentially got 400 new characters in the pods.

Tasya Teles: “Oh yeah.”

Initially there will be the landing crew, but how long does it take for us to see everybody?

Tasya Teles: “There were people who were there for longer than I had anticipated. At the end of the season I remember being like, ‘Thank god you’re out. We needed you. We missed you.’ But you know there’s people that show up kind of in the middle that are integral to the story.”

The trailer was beautiful and the sets looked gorgeous. Was there any particular part of the set that you really enjoyed?

Tasya Teles: “Oh my gosh the whole set is so amazing. When the writers…like for their episode they’ll fly down the writer so it was like every time there would be a new episode I would remember being like, ‘Have you seen the set yet?’ Like, ‘Come. Welcome!’

Everything was just so visually stimulating. There is this one party scene in the trailer that looks like a little bit of a disco part. That was such a fun day to shoot. All of us are like, ‘Where are we?’ That was really fun.”

Will you get a chance to interact with the new characters coming in? You didn’t get to interact with many of the newbies last season.

Tasya Teles: “I know. I want to play with the others! Give me the others! Yes, I will. And then there’s like a whole bunch of other stuff coming up but we haven’t even danced on it yet in terms of the trailer and whatnot – other friends I play with too. New friends!”