‘The Americans’ Season 6 Episode 4 Recap: Mr. and Mrs. Teacup

The Americans Season 6 Episode 4 Recap
Keri Russell as Elizabeth Jennings in ‘The Americans’ season 6 episode 4 (Photo by Eric Liebowitz/FX)

FX’s The Americans continues its riveting final season with episode four titled “Mr. and Mrs. Teacup.” Season six episode four picks up where episode three left off, with Philip (Matthew Rhys) and Oleg Burov (Costa Ronin) meeting in the middle of the night. They walk and talk, getting to know each other and sharing their feelings about Russia and America. Oleg admits he’s come to America at this time because it’s the best chance there might ever be for Russia and America to make peace. Oleg explains Gorbachev is in trouble and that there are people trying to overthrow him. The people running The Center don’t like progress because it could spell the end of communism.

Oleg continues, explaining who’s for and who’s against Gorbachev. The people of Russia appear to want progress.

Philip is sure Elizabeth (Keri Russell) wouldn’t hurt Russia, but Oleg thinks her loyalty could be manipulated. He wants the details on her current assignments and Philip, breaking Elizabeth’s trust, says she’s been working on the Summit and trying to obtain a radiation sensor. He even spills the beans that General Lyle Rennhull was killed after Elizabeth unsuccessfully attempted to get him to hand over a sensor.

Oleg reveals he’s being followed which means they can’t be seen together again.

Philip returns home to find Elizabeth outside smoking in the dark. She comes inside and they barely speak to each other.

Later that night, Elizabeth and her team break into Altheon where the sensors are stored. (Elizabeth secured the layout of the facility and potential shortcomings in security in episode three.) The mission doesn’t go smoothly and as the alarms sound, Elizabeth is forced to shoot security guards. She barely escapes the building before police arrive to back up the on-site security.

Meanwhile, Philip gets back into the spy game again, wearing his Jim Baxter disguise and visiting Kimberly Breland (Julia Garner). She’s been away at college and although she’s busy, she makes time for Jim. She’s excited to be heading off to Greece for a vacation with her roommates and seems happy with her life. She’s worried about Philip not being in a relationship and suggests he needs to seize the day.

At home, Paige (Holly Taylor) and Elizabeth discuss what happened at Altheon. Elizabeth wasn’t able to obtain the sensor before being chased from the building. Paige reveals she went out with friends from college and one of the guys who seems to like her interns for Charles Bennett, a Florida congressman.

Philip’s arrival causes Paige to clam up, but Elizabeth urges her to finish her story. Paige reveals Bennett is on the Armed Services committee and Philip interrupts again. He says, “Right back into it. Is this how it is?” Paige tries to tell her dad everything is okay, still under the impression General Rennhull killed himself and Elizabeth tried to stop him. Philip tries to make her see the truth and then asks Elizabeth why the General killed himself.

Paige threatens to leave if her parents keep fighting. Philip gives up and leaves the room, while Elizabeth assures Paige that Philip loves them both. “This work can get to be too much for people, even the best ones,” explains Elizabeth. She then tells Paige she’s really proud of her but doesn’t want Paige to go after the intern. She’s not ready to do that kind of work, plus Elizabeth doesn’t want her mixing her personal life with work. Elizabeth reminds her she’s targeting a State Department job and must be protected.

Minutes later in their bedroom, Elizabeth tells Philip he was out of line. He’s mad Paige’s life was in danger and Elizabeth assures him it won’t happen again. He turns over his latest tape from the Breland house and says it’ll be the last one before Christmas because Kimberly’s going to Greece. Elizabeth’s upset about that because they have to know what’s being discussed before the Summit.

Oleg calls his dad, Igor Pavlovich, at the Ministry of Transportation in Moscow to catch up on the family and pass on what he’s learned in America. He wants to know if they’ve seen his wife and child, and it’s confirmed Oleg’s mom visits them every day. Sasha’s a healthy eater and doing fine. Oleg passes on a coded message, disguising it as news about a new algorithm with arrivals and departures.

Elizabeth hands over the Breland tape to Claudia (Margo Martindale), informing her that it contains the revelation that the CIA believes a top general might resign because Gorbachev didn’t consult him about the negotiations containing a short-range missile deal. More importantly, the tape mentions “our guy inside” and that that person can’t get away right now. Elizabeth and Claudia don’t know who they’re referring to or whether that person is in America or Russia.

As they’re talking, Claudia lets Elizabeth know that a discussion Stan Beeman had with his wife about a Russian couple might be about a courier who defected with his wife and child. Claudia wants more info and wants Elizabeth to deal with the courier who apparently used to be a national hockey team player. His defection and subsequent publicity tour would look bad for Russia.

Philip’s at work when Henry (Keidrich Sellati) calls and fills him in on school and the hockey team. Henry thinks he might be made captain next year, but Philip breaks the news that financially things aren’t going well. It’s possible Philip won’t be able to pay for tuition next year because of a big loan he took out and a lack of business. Henry is devastated and quickly gets off the phone.

Elizabeth meets with an associate and passes on a photo of Stan and the info that they’re looking for a man who probably just moved into a safe house.

Philip and Stan (Noah Emmerich) meet for drinks and to catch up on their families. Philip wonders if Stan ever worries about money, but Stan doesn’t have those sorts of problems.

Igor Pavlovich passes on the information he’s learned from his son. Igor confesses Oleg’s wife and mother are worried and miss him terribly. Unfortunately he’s told Oleg isn’t coming home quite yet.

Philip finally has the talk with Elizabeth about their finances. They’re in bed when he admits they’re in debt because he moved too fast. Elizabeth suggests he cut back, but Philip doesn’t think that would fix it. He’s trying to figure it out, but he can’t. Philip also admits he told Henry they can’t pay his tuition for his senior year. Elizabeth doesn’t have much to contribute to the conversation other than to say Henry is Philip’s department.

Philip asks about Paige and Elizabeth assures him she’s fine. He then asks Elizabeth about herself and they kiss. She admits she’s tired all the time, turning her back and rolling away from him in bed.

Stan drives to work and he’s being tailed by Elizabeth’s team.

The Americans Season 6 Episode 4 Recap
Miriam Shor as Erica in ‘The Americans’ season 6 episode 4 (Photo by Eric Liebowitz/FX)

Elizabeth’s back on nurse duty and her patient, Erica (Miriam Shor), reveals that when she found out she was sick, her first thoughts were that her drawings would live on. Her work would remain when she was gone. But now she thinks she should have spent the time with her husband, Glenn, instead of drawing.

As Elizabeth’s working on drawing a vase (per Erica’s instructions), she listens as Glenn tells Erica a bunch of his co-workers/friends are getting together with a Russian to watch the World Series. Erica wants Glenn to go, but he’s reluctant. Elizabeth volunteers to take Erica to the party, saying she’d monitor her meds and make sure everything’s okay. Glenn agrees to the plan and finally so does Erica.

Stan meets with Agent Dennis Aderholt (Brandon J Dirden) and learns they’re still tailing Oleg. Also, Dennis reveals “Mr. and Mrs. Teacup” – Sofia and Gennadi – are causing problems and both are demanding to see Stan. Stan’s done playing babysitter, but Dennis really needs him to do this.

Philip goes over the numbers at work again before heading off for more Country line dancing with his employees.

Paige goes out with some of her friends from college, including the guy who’s interning at with the Florida congressman. Meanwhile, Elizabeth smuggles a jacket out of Erica and Glenn’s place and has a recording device inserted in the lining.

Paige ends up sleeping with the intern and while he’s still in bed, she spots his government ID hanging nearby.

The following day, Elizabeth joins Erica and Glenn for their outing with friends to watch the World Series. Glenn’s very attentive at the party but Elizabeth assures him they’re fine. After he returns to his friends, Erica admits she shouldn’t have come.

Elizabeth watches as Glenn speaks one-on-one with the Russian at the party. However, Glenn’s called away from the Russian because Erica doesn’t feel well and vomits. It’s obviously she needs to return home immediately.

Later, Elizabeth listens to the tape of the conversation from the party. It’s only a discussion about Erica’s illness that’s interrupted by Erica becoming ill and needing to leave.

While Philip works on the books and eats, he has a flashback to being a child who existed on crumbs of food handed out in an alley.

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