‘The Arrangement’ Season 2 Trailer Debuts and Premiere Date Announced


E!’s dramatic series The Arrangement will return to the network’s primetime lineup on Sunday, March 11, 2018 at 9pm ET/PT. Season two will consist of 10 new one-hour episodes, with The Arrangement Post Nup digital recap series pairing up once again with the drama. The Post Nup show will also premiere on March 11th.

The Arrangement is written by Emmy Award-winner Jonathan Abrahams (Mad Men). Abrahams executive produces along with Adam Milch, Robert Duncan McNeill, Jimmy Fox, Layla Smith, and Gregory Lipstone.

The Season 2 Plot: The second season opens as Megan Morrison’s (Christine Evangelista) star is rising. With her elevated status, Megan is taking control and forging ahead with her plan to take down the Institute of The Higher Mind. She is also planning her “fairy tale” A-list wedding to Kyle (Josh Henderson) – from the engagement party to the bachelorette, to fittings, photo shoots and more.

Meanwhile, Kyle’s dark past is revealed, as well as why and how he’s connected to IHM leader Terence Anderson (Michael Vartan) and his wife Deann Anderson (Lexa Doig). Terence continues to work tirelessly to build the IHM profile, while simultaneously dealing with his complicated marriage to DeAnn and the highs and lows that come along with being a friend and mentor to Kyle.

A Look Back at Season 1: The show follows Megan Morrison (Evangelista), a beautiful young actress who auditions for the female lead in a summer blockbuster playing opposite Kyle West (Henderson), one of the world’s top movie stars. After Megan’s amazing audition leads to an incredible first date (and more) with Kyle, her Cinderella story takes an unexpected turn when she is presented with a contract that would change her life forever and secure her fame. However, it raises the question: is their relationship about love or about the contract? And while Megan has a mysterious past she is trying to keep hidden, Kyle seems to be hiding his own big secret as well.

Kyle’s mentor Terence Anderson (Vartan), runs a self-help organization called the Institute of The Higher Mind and is married to Kyle’s producing partner Deann (Doig) and is the creator of this contract that is designed to “protect” Kyle. But are his own motives much more sinister? In a town where fame means everything, Megan must decide how far she’s willing to go to launch her career and whether or not she will accept The Arrangement.

The Arrangement stars Josh Henderson and Christine Evangelista

Josh Henderson as Kyle West and Christine Evangelista as Megan Morrison in ‘The Arrangement’ (Photo by Daniel Power/E! Entertainment)


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