‘The Flash’ Season 2 Episode 14 Recap: Escape From Earth-2

Flash Season 2 Episode 14
Zoom and Grant Gustin in ‘The Flash’ (Photo: Diyah Pera © 2016 The CW Network, LLC)

The Flash season two episode 13 was action-packed but episode 14 didn’t exactly take it easy on Team Flash. Episode 13 ended with Zoom capturing The Flash and locking him up in his lair in a cell next to the one containing Harrison’s daughter, Jesse. Zoom killed Killer Frost’s lover, Deathstorm, as well as Cisco’s powerful doppelgänger in episode 13, and as episode 14 opens Zoom’s on the hunt for Harrison Wells.

The Flash season 2 episode 14 recap:

Part 2 picks up on Earth-2 with Zoom leaving threatening messages all over the city, demanding someone turn in Harrison Wells (Tom Cavanagh) who’s gone into hiding. As Harrison watches the news reports, Cisco-1 (Carlos Valdes) rushes in and tells him about Deathstorm and Cisco-2’s deaths and how Zoom was able to capture Barry-1 (Grant Gustin). Harrison thinks it’s a trap and that Cisco has led Zoom to him, and then Barry-2 pipes up from another room, demanding to be let loose of his handcuffs so he can leave. Before he can exit the building, Zoom shows up at S.T.A.R. Labs and Harrison, Barry-2, and Cisco head to a vault to hide. Barry’s squeals of fright are stifled as Zoom comes through the wall, but they’re hidden away behind a fake wall so he doesn’t see them. They need to leave but Barry-2 demands an explanation first.

Meanwhile, Barry-1 looks for a way out of his cell, but Jesse (Violett Beane) says it’s no use. However, the other captive – an unknown man in an iron mask – keeps knocking on the glass and Barry thinks he might be trying to help. Jesse says she still thinks her dad is only out for himself, but Barry says not to give up on him. Zoom pops in to tell her she’s only alive so he can kill her in front of her dad. And, Zoom tells Barry Harrison’s only alive so that he can give Zoom The Flash’s speed. Once he does, he’ll be dead too. (Zoom’s such a buzzkill!)

Back on Earth-1, Jay (Teddy Sears) and Caitlin (Danielle Panabaker) have stabilized the portal so Barry and Cisco can come home. Velocity-8 is almost ready but Caitlin doesn’t want to give it to Jay because it’s making him worse. However, Jay needs it to defeat Geomancer (Adam Stafford).

At the newspaper, Iris’ new editor wants to run a story about how The Flash won’t always be there to save the city. Iris doesn’t want that story to run so she offers up a feature on Jay Garrick. If she doesn’t get it, then the editor will run a piece on how The Flash might not be the hero the citizens believe he is.

Barry-2 meets up with Iris-2 (Candice Patton) and she’s pissed he wasn’t there for her after her father died. He tries to explain that Barry wasn’t actually him and that it was in fact his doppelgänger. Harrison and Cisco-1 are there to back him up, and it dawns on Iris that’s why Barry-2 wasn’t wearing his ring and why their kiss was off. With that squared away, Iris has researched Zoom and Harrison wants to know how they can track him. They think Killer Frost might be able to lead them to Zoom, and Barry-2 is capable of tracking down Killer Frost through an algorithm he’s developed. He thinks she’s in the woodlands, and Iris, Harrison, and Cisco prepare to track her down. Barry doesn’t want her to go, but Iris needs to try and stop Zoom from killing anyone else. Barry demands to go with them and they reluctantly agree as long as he stays out of their way.

In Zoom’s prison, Barry-1 is trying to figure out if the prisoner is tapping out a code but Jesse says there’s no pattern. Barry tells her her father thinks she’s the smartest person he knows, and convinces her to team up with him to try and figure out the code being tapped out. It’s a 5 x 5 tap code used by POWs.

On Earth-1, Caitlin reformulated the formula again to come up with Velocity-9. Iris arrives and she’s worried about Barry making it back before they close the breach. She also needs to ask Jay if she can write an article about him to calm the citizens until Barry gets back. Just then an alarm goes off and Geomancer’s on TV threatening the city. Jay demands the Velocity-9 as a building downtown starts to crumble.

Jay speeds to the site and saves the people from inside the building. He thinks Velocity-9 is a winner and after seeing his rescue, Iris doesn’t need to do an actual interview as he’s proven to the citizens they will be safe until The Flash returns.

Barry-1 and the masked prisoner communicate via taps, spelling out J-A-Y. He gets upset when Barry talks about Jay Garrick and how Jay’s now on Earth-1, and then Zoom arrives and tells him not to talk to them again. Zoom enters Barry’s cell and Barry says, “I’m going to get out of here. I’m going to destroy you.” Zoom tells him he only needs to be barely alive to give up his speed and proceeds to viciously beat him before leaving. After he’s gone, Barry says Zoom just showed him how to get out of the cell.

Flash Season 2 Episode 14 Killer Frost
Carlos Valdes, Danielle Panabaker and Candice Patton in ‘The Flash’ (Photo: Bettina Strauss © 2016 The CW Network, LLC)

In the woodlands, the gang finds Killer Frost and asks how to find Zoom. Cisco-1 reminds her Zoom killed the love of her life, and she says if she tells them he’ll kill her. But if she kills them, Zoom will be happy with her. She starts attacking and they split up, and Cisco gets the drop on her after she grabs Iris by the neck.

On Earth-1, Caitlin discovers how to save Jay’s life. And then in walks Geomancer who says he likes to watch heroes fall. He pounds the floor and S.T.A.R. Labs starts coming apart. Caitlin’s injured and Geomancer grabs Iris. As he’s ready to hit the floor again, Caitlin revives and knocks him out.

Back on Earth-2, they keep asking Caitlin-2 where Zoom is and she gets angry whenever they use her name. Cisco-1 knows her boyfriend’s death devastated her and he needs her help to stop Zoom. All she has to do is say where Zoom’s keeping them and she can leave. She agrees to show them where it is. They head off to the Ascension Cliffs where Cisco will make an awesome reference to The Princess Bride.

Barry-1 keeps running into the wall of his cell but can’t phase through it. Jesse suggests he’s resonating at a different frequency and he needs to go faster to make it through.

The gang walks through the woods and arrives at Zoom’s hideout (Cisco says they have to call it a lair because it belongs to a villain) up on cliff. Killer Frost can make them something to climb on and Barry is completely worried about climbing up the ice ladder, but he doesn’t want to stay behind.

On Earth-1, Joe puts Geomancer in a cell and Jay apologizes for not getting there soon enough to help. Caitlin shows Jay his cells are repairing themselves and she’s hopeful they can get it to work permanently. They kiss and just then the alarm goes off because the speed cannon was affected by Geomancer. It has to be fixed fast or Barry and Cisco won’t be able to ever come back.

Jay and Caitlin work on the breach and Iris and Joe want to know what happens if they don’t fix it in time. There’s only an hour left.

Cisco-1 and the crew find Barry-1 thanks to Killer Frost, and Harrison reunites with his daughter. He opens her cell doors but she’s still chained. They need Killer Frost to break the chains, which she does. She also attempts to break Barry’s cell wall but can’t. Harrison says the cell is made out of carbine and ice won’t work. Barry tells them to leave because he can’t get out; he’s not fast enough to phase through it. Barry-2 says they convinced Killer Frost to find this place and climbed an ice wall to get to the lair. Barry-2 says he did things he didn’t believe were possible and that means so can Barry-1. “I’m just Barry Allen. You’re The Flash,” says Barry-2. (No one is paying any attention to the other prisoner.) Barry-1 tries again and it works! He’s out! Of course Zoom shows up and he thanks Killer Frost for bringing them to him. Cisco’s pissed they were double-crossed. Barry-1 tells Zoom to let the others go. Zoom grabs Jesse and says he’s going to kill her in front of her father, which pisses off Killer Frost who holds Zoom at bay so they can escape. Barry promises to come back for the man in the iron mask when it’s all over.

Back on Earth-1, they try to reboot the system and Joe volunteers to help Jay do it. Jay sets to work, Joe starts flipping switches, and as Velocity-9 runs out, the breach is stabilized.

On Earth-2, everyone’s back at S.T.A.R. Labs and Barry-1 tells them to leave town because Zoom will be after them. Iris-2 asks if her dad’s still alive on his earth and after learning he is, asks Barry to hug him for her. Harrison and Jesse also need to leave because Zoom will be hunting them and won’t stop until they’re dead. He and Jesse will head to Earth-1 with Cisco and Barry.

On Earth-2, the Team Flash travelers prepare to step through the breach but Zoom grabs Harrison before he can make it through. He injects Zoom with something and then goes through the breach. As the gang celebrates in S.T.A.R. Labs on Earth-1, Zoom reaches through and grabs Jay, dragging him back to Earth-2.

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