The Order Season 2: Sarah Grey Interview on Alyssa and Choices Made in the Finale

Netflix hasn’t yet announced when we’ll be treated to a second season of The Order, although we do know it will arrive sometime in 2020. The cast of the popular supernatural series hosted a panel at the 2019 San Diego Comic and participated in roundtable interviews to discuss season one and what’s possibly in store with season two. Sarah Grey was among the stars of The Order who made the trek to the Southern California pop culture convention to chat about the show and her character, Alyssa Drake.

Prior to coming to the Con, Grey had only read the first two episodes of season two. However, she was still able to tease a little of what fans can expect. “I can’t say much about it, obviously. (Laughing) But I do know that there’s a lot of humor involved, and I really like where we find the characters coming back. I think the audience is going to find it hilarious,” revealed Grey.

What did you think about the season one finale?

Sarah Grey: “I was with everyone else. I know a lot of people were upset about this and I was too. It was hard but I understand. Like, when I really looked into it Alyssa was put in a really hard position and it was a matter of saving this person that she loves from dying along with the other wolves. So, I understand why she had to do what she did and, who knows? At least he’s not dead. There’s opportunities and it’s a crazy world. I’m hoping they can reconnect somehow.”

Who do you hope Alyssa will have more scenes with next season?

Sarah Grey: “Louriza and I are pretty good friends and so I think it would be fun if their storylines intertwine a bit more. We have so much fun together. Yeah, I think that would be funny because there is a hateful relationship between the two. I just think it’s a fun relationship.”

Looking back on the first season, is there a specific scene or even an episode that you think totally defines Alyssa?

Sarah Grey: “Great question. I mean, I feel like a few different scenes inform who Alyssa is, like even the first scene off the bat when Jack came in and started leading the tour that she was trying to do and the fact that she let him I think shows that she likes being challenged. And I think that’s a huge part of Alyssa. And something that I love about her is she’s constantly wanting to prove herself, to be challenged. Yeah, she was definitely intrigued by Jack. Off the top of my head that’s all I can think of.”

Speaking of challenging yourself, where do you think she stands in The Order right now? It’s not like her and Vera have always gotten along, so where do you think she stands in the beginning of season two?

Sarah Grey: “At the end of season one she was promoted, which is great and she’s happy about. I’m hoping that in season two she can move up even further because I think that she deserves it. I think her moral compass is so pure and so great. She does have a lot of heart and I think that is important with people that have a lot of power. And so, yeah, I think she deserves to move up in The Order, definitely.”

The Order star Sarah Grey
Sarah Grey and Jake Manley in season 1 of ‘The Order’ (Photo Credit: Netflix)

Is this material sort of supernatural material something you personally enjoy?

Sarah Grey: “Absolutely! Oh my goodness, yes. Like growing up I loved magic. I would literally be in my room trying to will a candle on or levitate something. Literally I would do this. I would stare at something and try to levitate it. I am a huge fan of Harry Potter and Matilda and things like that. I was obsessed with the supernatural and magic.”

Do you think you’ll be exploring further powers further on in season two?

Sarah Grey: “Definitely, I feel like new spells are always popping up. I think that’s the great thing about magic is that it’s so open ended and you can do so many things with magic. So, yeah, I think we’re definitely going to be seeing new spells.”

And will be seeing more of her romantic life?

Sarah Grey: “I hope so. I do. I’m definitely romantic and I hope we’ll explore further in that. I don’t know how but I definitely think there will be more love. Love is always in the air.”

Do you think she’ll spend a good deal of time in season two trying to justify her decision to use the powder?

Sarah Grey: “I think that’s going to be an ongoing guilt that she has, and I think it’s going to be a struggle because she might see Jack and she’s going to have to deal with the fact she took their memory away. But, yeah, at the end of the day I think she knows that’s what she had to do. So, I don’t think it will be too much of a struggle, but I think that it will definitely going to be a sore spot that she’s just going to have to live with. It’s just part of losing someone that you love. It’s part of life.”

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