Joseph Morgan Interview: ‘The Originals’ Season 4

The Originals star Joseph Morgan
‘The Originals’ star Joseph Morgan is ready to sign autographs for fans at the Warner Bros. booth during Comic-Con 2016 on Saturday, July 23. #WBSDCC (Photo © 2016 WBEI. All Rights Reserved)

The CW’s The Originals cast members made the trip to San Diego for the 2016 Comic Con where they conducted a lively panel with fans, answering questions (without disclosing any spoilers) about the show’s upcoming fourth season. The series’ stars also met with the press to talk about the series and what’s going on with the Mikaelson family. In our interview with Joseph Morgan (‘Klaus Mikaelson’), he told us we can expect a very different Klaus at the beginning of the season but one that’s still very dangerous.

The CW’s The Originals season four will premiere in early 2017.

Joseph Morgan Interview:

How quickly is Klaus going to get out of the box?

Joseph Morgan: “He’s out of the box and in a dungeon when we find him. Marcel still has him captive and he’s not going anywhere, at least not the first episode.”

The bromance is definitely off between Klaus and Marcel then?

Joseph Morgan: “I don’t know. I think maybe the chains and the bondage have sort of increased the potential for bromance, if anything.”

While he’s in prison is he going to contemplate the sins of his past?

Joseph Morgan: “I think so. You know, I think in giving himself up as he did so bloody heroically, he maybe atoned for some of the sins of his past. Hopefully there’s a chance for redemption.”

What went through your mind when you read the script for the season three finale? Did you know what was coming?

Joseph Morgan: “Not exactly what was coming, but I knew there was going to be a lose for the Mikaelsons. I knew that we weren’t going to emerge from it (winners). Season two we defeated Dahlia and we kind of came out of it on top. I knew that season three ultimately was going to end with the fall of the Mikaelsons and then there was going to be this time jump. But, I was really excited. I love grandstanding so the whole kind of trial sequence and reading those speeches and Claire (Holt) coming back and everything was pretty exciting.”

How will Klaus react to missing five years of Hope’s life?

Joseph Morgan: “Probably angrily, I would say. The one thing he can hold in his heart is that he kept her safe by doing that which I guess a lot of fathers do things for the good of their children but at the expense of the relationship with their children. So I think this is maybe just that on a grander scale. The interesting thing to me will be how Hope reacts to him when they finally meet again. I’m really excited to shoot those scenes.”

What’s going on with the rest of the siblings? They were kind of fragmented. Will they get a chance to come back together?

Joseph Morgan: “I hope so. I like to believe there’s always a chance for the Mikaelsons. They have this philosophy of family above all and so I think there’s always going to be a chance, but there’s always going to be drama there as well.”

Are there any new characters that Klaus will be interacting with?

Joseph Morgan: “Oh, yeah, of course. Every season there’s new characters that come in. A friend of mine, Neil Jackson, just got cast as a character called Alistair who’s a vampire in the show. I haven’t worked with him since 2002. We did a film together in Morocco in the desert so it’ll be interesting to work with him again. It’s lovely to see people come in and out. The show tends to maintain a fairly high standard of actors coming in and it’s fun to play with these guys. So yeah, Klaus gets to interact with a lot of these guys.”

What’s his mindset when we meet him again? What’s he thinking? What’s he want to do?

Joseph Morgan: “You know, it’s interesting because in the first episode especially I would say he’s fairly withdrawn. I mean, my goal is for him to have his walls up and for us to not quite know what’s going on with him. I think Marcel’s holding all the cards and he’s lording over Klaus and I feel like Klaus is keeping his cards close to his chest. He’s waiting for an opportunity. He’s like a snake or a coiled spring, I feel. I’m hoping to maintain that the first few episodes at least.”

What can you kind of tease as far as romances in the upcoming season?

Joseph Morgan: “I don’t know. I can’t tease anything. I’ve read the first two scripts and Klaus is a prisoner. But honestly further than that I don’t know.”

Can you talk about the loss of Cami and how that affected Klaus?

Joseph Morgan: “It’s interesting. We took a long time to get there with Klaus and Cami and then it felt like just as we were arriving at something it was snatched away, which I think was a beautiful touch of drama. For me personally, I’m not sure that Klaus deserves happiness and love yet, so I feel like that’s perhaps a good thing. Also I feel like in order for us to maintain the level of drama there needs to be tragedy in the show, and so naturally the characters that we feel the most for – and that our characters feel the most for – are killed off and taken away. We also want to maintain the level of threat, just like Vicki Donovan being killed in the beginning of Vampire Diaries. It’s important to snatch people away when you least expect it and that informs the other characters’ emotions and how they see the world. There’s a lot of anger in Klaus because of what happened to Cami and he’s reminded of that.”

How dangerous is he now?

Joseph Morgan: “You’re going to find out in episode one how dangerous he is?”

(Interview by Carrie Chavez. Article by Rebecca Murray.)