‘The Royals’ Season 3 Finale Preview: 2 New Clips and Plot Details

The Royals Season 3 Episode 10

William Moseley as Prince Liam in E!’s ‘The Royals’ season 3 episode 10.

Season three of E!’s addictive drama The Royals will finish up with episode 10 titled ‘To Show My Duty in Your Coronation’ airing on February 19, 2017 at 10pm ET/PT. Episode nine found Cyrus on the losing end of the vote and Robert, newly returned from the dead, named the new King of England. The penultimate episode ended with Liam determined to find out the secret about his brother’s plane crash, and Jasper warning him that it’s a game-changer that he won’t be able to ignore.

The Royals season three cast includes Elizabeth Hurley (“Queen Helena”), William Moseley (“Prince Liam”), Alexandra Park (“Princess Eleanor”), Jake Maskall (“King Cyrus”), Tom Austen (“Jasper”), Genevieve Gaunt (“Willow”), Rocky Marshall (“James Hill”), Victoria Ekanoye (“Rachel”), and Andrew Cooper (“Beck”). Max Brown (“Prince Robert”), Jules Knight (“Spencer,” the new Lord Chamberlain) and Damian Hurley, Elizabeth’s son, (“Hansel,” the Crown Prince of Lichtenstein) are also featured in The Royals‘ third season.

The ‘To Show My Duty in Your Coronation’ Plot: In the season finale, Liam finds himself in unexpected places while looking to validate or dismiss the latest palace scandal. Helena is heartbroken over a recent loss, while Jasper makes a final play for Eleanor’s heart. The family occupies a global stage as historic changes assure that nothing will ever be the same behind the palace gates.

Clip 1 – Things get physical between the brothers when Liam demands the truth about Robert’s disappearance:

Clip 2 – The Royal bodyguard vents to pint-sized Sarah Alice about his love for the Princess. Will he tell Eleanor his true feelings?


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