‘The Spanish Princess’ Episode 6 Recap: “A Polite Kidnapping”

The Spanish Princess Episode 6
Charlotte Hope (Princess Catherine) and Nadia Parkes (Rosa) in ‘The Spanish Princess’ episode 6 (Photo Credit: Starz)

Starz’s The Spanish Princess episode five found King Henry withdrawing his marriage proposal. The King will not marry Princess Catherine and instead gave his permission for his son, Prince Harry, to wed Catherine. However, Queen Isabella must provide the promised dowry and the Pope must legitimatize the union before the ceremony can take place.

Episode five ended with Richard Pole dying in his wife’s arms following a horrible accident.

Episode six titled “A Polite Kidnapping” and airing on June 9, 2019 begins with Princess Catherine (Charlotte Hope) writing to her mother. Catherine insists the marriage will solidify the treaty between the two countries, and she’s anxious for word from home that will allow her to move forward with Prince Harry.

Princess Catherine begs her mother in the letter to please hurry and send the dowry. She informs her mother she’s in love and together with Prince Harry they will rule England “as a land of chivalry, basking in the holy light of God.”

During a romantic picnic in the country, Prince Harry (Ruairi O’Connor) assures Princess Catherine they will wed, no matter what action her mother decides to take. He doesn’t care what anyone thinks; he’s in love. Catherine explains after they’re married she wants to help Maggie Pole now that she’s lost her husband.

Lady Margaret (Harriet Walter) is thrilled to learn the Spanish have arrived in England. King Henry (Elliot Cowan) breathes a sigh of relief at the news.

Rosa (Nadia Parkes) is concerned Stafford hasn’t told her of his plans for their child. Her talk with Lina (Stephanie Levi-John) is interrupted by the delivery of a letter from Lady Margaret. Catherine, in her bath, learns the Queen of Spain is in England. However, the news isn’t good. The Queen is not Catherine’s mother…it’s her sister, Joanna. Catherine learns from Lady Margaret’s letter that her mother has died and Joanna is now Queen of Spain.

Lady Margaret truly believes God’s smiling on them as she delivers the news to the council. Queen Joanna’s husband, Philip I of Castile, is the son of the Holy Roman Emperor Maximilian. Maximilian is currently harboring the traitor Edmund De La Pool.

King Henry tells his council he’s invited Queen Joanna to court while her ship is being repaired. During that time they’ll need to persuade King Consort Philip to turn the York traitor over to King Henry, even though Maximilian has sworn to keep him safe.

Queen Joanna (Alba Galocha), clad in fiery red, is introduced to the King and Queen of England. They welcome the Spanish contingent to court, instructing them to leave their weapons outside as they’re among friends.

Princess Catherine’s in mourning, dressed in all black when she meets her sister shortly after her arrival. It’s apparent Queen Joanna doesn’t hold her sister in high regard, although Princess Catherine appears to actually care for her older sibling. Queen Joanna explains their mother died of grief over the death of their brother, John. Her voice is full of resentment as Joanna says, “That’s what they said. Seven years of grieving for her favorite child.”

Only a few minutes into their reunion and Queen Joanna’s dislike of her mother’s choices for their lives is evident. Joanna believes their mother always placed alliances and God over her children.

When a priest interrupts to announce a mass will be said in Queen Isabella’s memory, Joanna tells him all the gold in Spain wouldn’t buy a large enough mass to save their mother’s soul. Joanna admits she did not love her mother, although she realizes Catherine did. “I knew her for the whore she was,” says Joanna, venom dripping from every word.

King Consort Philip (Philip Andrew) and Lady Margaret have a brief chat in which Philip reveals Joanna does not believe in God. Despite his wife’s lack of belief, Philip keeps the faith.

Prince Harry speaks to Princess Catherine immediately before the meal set to welcome the Spaniards to England. Harry confirms King Henry has called off their marriage now that Joanna is Queen of Spain. Harry reveals Spain won’t pay the dowry and Lady Margaret believes Princess Catherine’s rank is now too low to be of any political advantage. Harry’s just beginning to declare his continuing commitment when King Henry draws him away from Catherine’s side. In defiance, Harry tells his father the Spanish royalty visiting will soon be his family.

Meanwhile, Maggie Pole struggles to feed her family. She receives the devastating news her sons are wards of the King and she’s now behind on taxes. She’s three months in arrears on paying and the amount she owes each month is far beyond her current means. She begs for more time from the tax collector but he’s unsympathetic. Since she can not pay, they take items from her home to go toward what she owes.

Back at court, the banquet continues and Joanna’s definitely not in mourning. Lady Margaret’s shocked when Joanna announces she wants to dance with her sister as they did as children. King Henry, on the other hand, is fully supportive and asks for Spanish music to be played.

King Henry doesn’t try to conceal his infatuation with the beautiful Joanna and Harry’s had enough. He asks for his father to be removed so as not to make everyone ill with embarrassment. “The Spanish Queen is someone else’s wife, father. You must learn to find your own,” says Harry.

The Spanish Princess Episode 6
Alba Golacho as Queen Joanna in ‘The Spanish Princess’ episode 6 (Photo Credit: Starz)

Joanna dances while her husband flirts with a servant. It’s not until their young daughter joins the dance that Philip pays any attention to the music. Joanna, furious, tosses wine in his face and runs from the room.

Lina meets Oviedo (Aaron Cobham) in the stables and announces she has decided she will marry him. Oviedo isn’t overjoyed by the news, wondering why she doesn’t care he isn’t earning wages. He wants Lina to return the three golden plates given to her by Princess Catherine, insisting they will only marry when he can support her. The tension breaks and they touch foreheads before sharing a romantic kiss.

That evening Catherine and Joanna spend time alone. Catherine confesses when asked that she tried to love Prince Arthur. In fact, she did love his kindness and who he could become.

Joanna, full of rage, says Philip recently took his seventh lover during their marriage. She cut off the woman’s hair, which upset Philip. She also had her lady attempt to put love potions in Philip’s wine, but she was caught.

Joanna confesses her heart is in a noose and that Philip wants to rule Spain. He’s attempting to convince her father he should be in control, not Joanna. Joanna, angry and nearly in tears, reveals Philip wants coins minted with his image as King next to Joanna as Queen. Their father also hungers to take the throne away from Joanna and crown himself King of Spain.

Catherine reminds her sister their mother’s crown passed directly to her, not her husband or their father. But Joanna’ aware these men want power and will take it. Joanna advises her sister not to ever marry and instead to remain free from controlling men.

Rosa’s giddy because Stafford wants to meet with her in the gardens in the dead of night. It’s freezing outside and Lina provides her with a coat to keep her unborn baby warm. After Rosa leaves, Princess Catherine arrives in a dismal mood. She no longer believes she will be Queen of England.

The following morning Queen Joanna is furious to learn her ship has not finished being repaired. Her stay in England will have to be extended.

Also the next morning Lina and Oviedo frantically search for Rosa in the gardens. They discover her all alone; Stafford never showed up. Lina promises she’ll talk to Stafford.

Princess Catherine goes looking for her sister and finds Philip having sex with some random woman. She eventually locates her sister admiring the gold in a cross and tells her she’s right about men. Catherine’s tired of being controlled by King Henry and believes she and Joanna should help each other. Joanna can only laugh; she doesn’t think Catherine has the means to help anyone.

Princess Catherine attempts to convince Joanna she’s still a virgin and that Prince Harry loves her. All she needs is her dowry paid and she can marry him. “If he’s so different, you don’t need a dowry. He will marry you for love,” replies Joanna.

“When I’m Queen of England we can be each other’s allies. Henry will do anything I ask of him. We’ll stand with you against our father and your husband,” declares Catherine.

Joanna reveals she’s aware her ship has been repaired, and that Philip is in cahoots with King Henry to keep her in England.

King Consort Philip meets with King Henry, Lady Margaret, and the council. The discussion centers around Edmund De La Pool, yet Philip grabs the attention by declaring his father hates walnuts. He keeps them nearby anyway to eat with each favored guest, even though they give him gas. He calls his father a Christian man and then reveals his father ate a walnut with Edmund.

Enraged, King Henry dashes from the room but not before calling out Philip for mocking him. He runs into Harry and takes his anger out on his son. He calls him an “ungrateful little sh*t” and threatens to choose a different heir.

Princess Catherine speaks to Harry after King Henry leaves, and Harry blames his father’s anger on Catherine. Harry stands firm behind his love for Catherine and won’t let his father break him.

Queen Joanna’s watching their exchange from nearby, and you can plainly see the jealousy on her face.

Lina returns from meeting with Stafford to deliver the message he’ll always love Rosa, but he’s married. He does not intend to help Rosa or the baby. Rosa’s been sitting on the floor by the bed and when Lina takes her hands, she sees they’re covered in blood.

“The baby knew it wasn’t wanted,” cries Rosa.

Prince Harry clears the kitchen for a romantic moment with Catherine. Joanna barges in and warns her sister a virgin shouldn’t entertain a man alone. Joanna wickedly taunts her sister and Harry, and Catherine attempts to shield Harry. Joanna is undeterred. She reveals their mother used to torture her by hanging her from a hook or beam to cure her of blasphemy. Catherine seems unaware of their mother’s cruelty and abuse.

Joanna reveals Queen Isabella had washed her hands of Catherine because Prince Arthur died and she didn’t have a child. Catherine lashes out, slapping her sister. That prompts Joanna to declare Catherine will never receive a dowry.

Catherine flees the room and demands her horse.

Joanna remains in the kitchen with Harry who claims he’s not afraid of her. When he attempts to leave, Joanna asks if it’s true he’d do anything Catherine told him to. She then teases him, asking if he’s worried he’d make his father angry if they had sex when it’s obvious King Henry is infatuated with her.

Harry advances on Joanna and they don’t break eye contact until he’s inches from her face. He grabs her as the scene switches to Catherine riding through the streets remembering when she was a child and heard her sister screaming. Her mother had said Joanna needed to turn away from evil.

Catherine returns to her rooms to learn Rosa has miscarried.

Maggie’s continuing to struggle to feed her family when she receives a letter asking her to return to court. It’s from King Henry and the letter says he’ll help with her plight.

Prince Harry and Princess Catherine take a walk, and he confirms he remains steadfast in his desire to marry her. He claims he’ll always love her. Catherine admits she shouldn’t have slapped her sister, but she won’t have her mother’s name besmirched.

Prince Harry explains his father’s stalling for time because he wants to make a deal to have Edmund turned over. Catherine believes Joanna can persuade Maximilian to stop sheltering Edmund because Joanna wears the crown and all treaties go through her, not Philip. If they make the deal, then Catherine could obtain her dowry in exchange for Joanna being able to leave England.

Catherine wants to strike an agreement with Joanna to tell her how she can escape England. Catherine will reveal what needs to be done, if Joanna assures her Spain will pay her dowry. Joanna initially refuses to make the deal, and Catherine confesses she’s remembered what their mother did to her when they were children. She apologizes to her sister and Joanna, surprisingly, agrees to pay the dowry.

Catherine instructs Joanna to write to Maximilian to return Edmund. When he agrees, King Henry will allow Joanna to sail away.

Armed with this information, Joanna barges into the council. She assures King Henry that Maximilian would never make a deal with Philip; he deals only with her as the Queen of Spain. Maximilian needs to keep his treaty with her as Spain’s Queen, and Philip’s wants and needs don’t matter.

Queen Joanna says if King Henry swears on the splinter of the one true cross they won’t chop off Edmund’s head, she’ll be able to convince Maximilian to turn Edmund over. King Henry swears on the relic that no harm will befall Edmund De La Pool and Joanna confirms she’ll tell Maximilian to return Edmund or else he’ll lose all trade with Spain.

Maggie arrives at court and Stafford escorts her to a meeting. Maggie’s shocked she’s meeting with Lady Margaret rather than King Henry. Maggie asks for help saving her children and Lady Margaret assures her the children will be taken care of if Maggie confesses her sins. If she confirms Catherine and Arthur consummated their marriage, Lady Margaret will help her family.

Maggie’s stunned at Lady Margaret’s lack of empathy and refuses to say what Lady Margaret demands be said.

As Queen Joanna completes the deal with King Henry, Lady Margaret approaches her with a second deal to secure Spain and England’s future as allies.

Harry and Catherine play a game of chess, holding hands across the board. Joanna interrupts to speak with her sister, telling her she’s come to terms with King Henry. Joanna and Philip sail tomorrow, and Edmund De La Pool will be returned to England. However, Joanna will not pay Catherine’s dowry. She has made an arrangement for her son to marry Princess Mary. That means Spain doesn’t need Catherine to marry Prince Harry to secure a treaty with England. No dowry will be paid because Princess Catherine won’t be marrying Prince Harry or becoming Queen of England.