‘The Walking Dead’ Season 7 Episode 13 Recap and Review: Bury Me Here

The Walking Dead Season 7 episode 13

Khary Payton as Ezekiel, Kerry Cahill as Dianne, Carlos Navarro as Alvaro, Cooper Andrews as Jerry, and Daniel Newman as Daniel in ‘The Walking Dead’ season 7 episode 13 (Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC)

“Who’s the girl?” asks Morgan (Lennie James) to Benjamin (Logan Miller) as they get ready to go on another supply delivery in AMC’s The Walking Dead season seven episode 13 titled ‘Bury Me Here.’

As episode 13 begins, Carol (Melissa McBride) can’t sleep. She gets up early in the morning and heads over to The Kingdom, taking out a half a dozen walkers as she approaches the gates. Morgan is up early, too, training Benjamin’s younger brother how to use a staff to defend himself. Carol enters The Kingdom and immediately seeks out Morgan. She tells him what Daryl (Norman Reedus) told her about Rick (Andrew Lincoln) and everyone being all right after making a deal with the Saviors similar to The Kingdom’s and asks him if it’s true. Morgan tells her it’s between her and Daryl and for her to ask him. He even offers to go to Alexandria with her if she wants, but reminds her that she did what did to get away from everyone. Carol has tears in her eyes, realizing Daryl lied and someone from the group is most likely dead. Still, she decides to go back to her house.

Richard (Karl Makinen) is outside digging a grave beneath a child’s backpack with the name Katy on it. He also collects the day’s offering for the Saviors: 12 cantaloupes. This goes on while elsewhere in The Kingdom Benjamin gives Morgan a gift. It’s a piece of artwork he found the last time he was out scavenging and a girl he knows fixed it up for him.

Morgan and Benjamin join Richard, Ezekiel (Khary Payton), and a few others from The Kingdom for the supply delivery to the Saviors. Shortly into their trip, they see a long line of shopping carts set up as a roadblock. They get out to investigate and discover an open grave with a sign at one end reading “Bury Me Here.” Ezekiel comments on how this world has driven some people mad, but Benjamin reminds Ezekiel that ‘he’ has built another world for them.

Ezekiel and his group arrive late due to the roadblock and Gavin (Jayson Warner Smith) is upset about it. Some intense words are exchanged and then Gavin takes a look at the offering. He informs Ezekiel that he and his people need to give up their guns, which leads to a brief standoff involving both groups pointing their guns at each other. Morgan tells Ezekiel to do it and that it will be all right, so the King accepts the demand.

They turn over their weapons and then Gavin reveals they took their guns because things are about to get emotional and they don’t handle that well. He says they’re one short. Ezekiel argues he’s wrong but when he checks for himself, he sees there are only 11 cantaloupes. He tries to convince Gavin they’ll bring him double tomorrow, but Gavin says Ezekiel needs to understand the situation he’s in. “The problems have to end now,” says Gavin. He motions to Jared to raise his gun and he points it at Richard’s face. “Just do it,” says Richard and Jared fires his gun past him while Ezekiel yells “No!”

It turns out Benjamin is shot instead of Richard. Morgan runs over and tries to stop the bleeding while Gavin tells Ezekiel to be back with the twelfth cantaloupe tomorrow at the same time, adding there must be no more problems.

The Kingdom people load Benjamin in the truck and drive quickly over to Carol’s place since she’s closer and has medical supplies. Once there, they try to stop the bleeding but unfortunately Benjamin was shot in the main artery in his leg and it’s a wonder he survived as long as he did. As Benjamin bleeds out he tells Morgan that it’s okay, saying “to injure your opponent is to injure yourself,” and then he dies. Morgan runs outside and has flashbacks of all the horrific events that have happened to him since the fall of civilization. He even gets ready to cut his wrist when he kicks a plastic crate over out of anger and discovers the missing cantaloupe.

Morgan barges into Richard’s room and throws down the crate. He knows it was Richard who shorted the delivery, and Richard tells him he thought he would be the one the Saviors killed and that he was trying to start a war. Richard gets emotional, revealing how he lost his wife and daughter when the outbreak first happened and how he didn’t do anything to save them. He’s tired of not doing anything and he wants to use Benjamin’s death to convince Ezekiel to start fighting. Richard assures Morgan he’ll tell Ezekiel he’s the one who sabotaged the delivery.

The Walking Dead season 7 episode 13

Khary Payton, Lennie James, Jayson Warner Smith, Kerry Cahill, Carlos Navarro, Daniel Newman, and Karl Makinen in ‘The Walking Dead’ (Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC)

The next day, Ezekiel, Morgan, Richard, and the group return to the drop-off to meet Gavin to deliver the missing cantaloupe. Morgan asks if Richard confessed what he did to Ezekiel and Richard brushes Morgan off saying he’ll tell him when they get back.

Gavin and his band of Saviors arrive and Gavin asks how the boy is doing. He’s met with silence and realizes he died. Angry about it, he tells Jared to start walking back and if he gives a look or says one word, he’ll kill him. Richard is about to give Gavin the cantaloupe, telling him they understand now what they need to do, when he’s hit by Morgan’s staff. Shocked, Gavin steps back and Ezekiel yells at Morgan to stop but he doesn’t listen. Morgan gets on top of Richard and begins to choke him. Richard tries to stop him but he’s no match for Morgan’s rage. Morgan keeps choking Richard until he’s dead. Morgan tells Ezekiel that it was Richard who sabotaged the delivery in hopes of starting a war with the Saviors. “It’s his fault Benjamin is dead,” says Morgan, still on his knees. Morgan looks at Gavin and tells him, “I wanted to show you that we get it.” Still in shock about what happened, Gavin says a feeble good, takes the cantaloupe, and tells Ezekiel same time next week as he and his Saviors leave. Ezekiel asks Morgan to get up because they need to leave, but Morgan tells them to go without him.

Morgan drags Richard’s body to the grave Richard previously dug and buries him along with his daughter’s backpack. Morgan makes his way through a handful of walkers, dispatching them with his staff, and arrives at Carol’s house. “Do you want to know what happened in Alexandria?” asks Morgan. Carol nods yes so he tells her the truth that Negan killed Abraham and Glenn by beating them to death with a baseball bat. He also reveals Negan killed Spencer and Olivia. “Rick wants to fight them,” says Morgan, adding, “You wanted to know. Now you do.” He leaves the house and Carol goes after him, asking where he’s going. “I’m going to kill them. Out there, one by one,” responds Morgan. Carol asks him to wait and says, “You can go and not go,” offering him her house.

Carol packs her bag and heads over to The Kingdom. She pays her respects to Ezekiel and tells him she’s sorry about Benjamin. “I’m going to be here now. We have to get ready. We have to fight,” says Carol. “We do…but not today,” replies Ezekiel.

The very last scene is Morgan sitting just outside Carol’s front door sharpening one end of his staff to a fine point.

The Walking Dead Season 7 Episode 13 Review:

Surprising and dramatic, episode 13 titled ‘Bury Me Here’ pushes Ezekiel and Carol to get ready to join the upcoming battle against the Saviors. Ezekiel’s prompted into action with the deaths of Benjamin and Richard, and Carol is back in the game after learning the truth about Glenn and Abraham.

The stand-out performance this time goes to Lennie James as Morgan who experiences so much loss, anger, and rage it finally causes him to stop being the pacifist he’s been striving so hard to be and to kill another person. The scene where he leaves Carol’s house after the death of Benjamin – who in some ways reminded him of his son, Duane – and experiences flashbacks to all the terrible events in his life is very powerful and disturbing. Another strong and shocking scene is Morgan’s killing of Richard. He doesn’t just shoot him or kill him quickly with his staff, but instead slowly strangles him to death. The rage and determination in his face is so unlike Morgan, and Lennie James delivered another fantastic performance in this episode

With Carol moving into The Kingdom to help them get ready to fight and Ezekiel finally agreeing it’s the right course of action, it looks like Rick’s allies have just become much bigger in the upcoming war against the Saviors.


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