‘The Walking Dead’ Season 8 Episode 3 Recap: Monsters

The Walking Dead Season 8 Episode 3
Andrew Lincoln as Rick Grimes in ‘The Walking Dead’ season 8 episode 3 (Photo by Gene Page / AMC)

AMC’s The Walking Dead season eight episode two ended with Rick being held at gunpoint by Morales. The men remembered each other from the beginning of the zombie apocalypse but have taken different paths. Morales warned Rick he’d already called the Saviors and they’re on their way.

Season eight episode three begins with King Ezekiel (Khary Payton) holding up a walkie talkie and telling his group the Saviors are coming for them. And yet, he smiles. He points out that Carol (Melissa McBride) also smiles.

Ezekiel’s group moves forward and hears the Saviors whistling. The Kingdom group surrender as the Saviors advance.

Why did Carol smile? The Saviors have the numbers but The Kingdom has the strategy. Members of the group have been in hiding and it’s actually the Saviors who are surrounded. Ezekiel believes if they stick to their training, they won’t lose a single person. Shiva growls in agreement.

And now we return to Rick (Andrew Lincoln) and Morales. Rick is disarmed and Morales can’t believe the Rick he knows is the “Rick from Alexandria.” Morales realizes this Rick is changed though, and neither men are the same as they used to be. Since Rick’s a prize, Morales called the Saviors. Rick learns the Saviors want him, the widow, and King Ezekiel taken alive.

The Saviors and Alexandrians/The Hilltop group are still exchanging gunfire when the Saviors break off the fight, turn around, and charge toward a building.

Aaron (Ross Marquand) brings Eric (Jordan Woods-Robinson) to safety, letting him know there’s an exit wound so it’s not that bad. Aaron helps him to a comfortable spot away from the fighting and assures Eric he’ll take him to The Kingdom’s doctor. He apologizes for getting Eric into this, but Eric says he wanted to fight. Eric sends Aaron off, reminding him the others need him. Aaron protests and doesn’t want to leave, but Eric tells him to go win this thing.

Aaron promises “we” will win this fight and then tells Eric he loves him. He leaves him with a weapon, crying as he runs back to the fight.

Tara (Alanna Masterson) mimes shooting Saviors while standing in the back of a truck in front of all the prisoners. The fact the Saviors are prisoners doesn’t seem to affect Jared who whistles while he walks tied up with his Savior buddies. Morgan (Lennie James) and Jesus (Tom Payne) walk with them, and Morgan’s still not sold on taking these prisoners to The Hilltop. He knows it’s too dangerous to keep them alive, but Jesus says they’re still people, no matter what. Jesus refuses to execute those who surrendered.

Back with Rick, he asks about Morales’ family and learns his family is dead. Rick ticks off the names of people he also lost, including those who Negan killed. He tells Morales about Negan killing Glenn, bashing in his head in front of his pregnant wife. Rick then reveals Glenn’s wife is “the widow” Negan wants brought in alive.

Unfortunately, Morales claims he’s now Negan and has to be to survive.

Morales still believes he and Rick are the same, but Rick is positive that’s not true. Morales claims he’s not worse than Rick, just luckier. If the situation were reversed, Rick would have already killed him. Rick says he would have found another way, but Morales thinks Rick – aka Officer Friendly – died right along with the rest of those people.

Daryl (Norman Reedus) picks the exact right moment to kill Morales. Rick asks if he remembers Morales, and Daryl does but it doesn’t matter. Rick is barely able to reveal the guns aren’t there and that they have to escape now before they hear the Saviors in the building.

Jared begins a one-sided conversation with Morgan, teasing him about the small armor he’s wearing. Their conversation’s interrupted by walkers tumbling down the hill toward the group. The Alexandrians fight them off, however many of the Saviors are killed and others flee.

Morgan is almost bitten but finally frees himself to chase after the fleeing Saviors who are still tied together. The men wrap themselves around a tree and some fall, and Morgan kills one. Jesus stops him from killing more and Morgan’s livid. He’s mad the Saviors fled, but Jesus is positive Maggie will find another option. Morgan believes Maggie might agree with him, that death is the right sentence for all Saviors.

Jesus says they must find a way to make peace because they have to live with these people after the war. Morgan is having none of this and attacks Jesus.

The Walking Dead Season 8 Episode 2
Khary Payton as Ezekiel in ‘The Walking Dead’ (Photo by Gene Page / AMC)

Ezekiel’s group has taken out one garrison and continues to march forward. The King believes one victory will deliver their second, and so on. Once again, his group’s able to take cover and surprise a group of Saviors – marking their second victory as Ezekiel predicted.

Rick and Daryl are under heavy fire as the Saviors approach down the hallway.

Back in the woods, Morgan and Jesus fight and Jesus tries to calm him down. It doesn’t work, but Jesus is easily capable of holding his own. Morgan finally gets in a few good hits and knocks Jesus down, nearly impaling him.

Rick and Daryl continue the gunfight but they’re running out of bullets. Rick spots a fire extinguisher and shoots it. They’re able to attack the Saviors through the steam. And, thankfully, backup arrives.

Jesus gets to his feet and the fight continues. Jesus disarms Morgan and asks if it’s over. Morgan, eyes still crazy, attacks once more after Jesus gives him his stick back. Morgan regains his senses and says, “I’m not right. I know that. I’m not right. But that doesn’t make me wrong.” He adds, “I can’t be a part of this.”

As he’s walking away, Tara says, “Morgan, you are right.”

Back at The Hilltop, Gregory (Xander Berkeley) arrives and pounds on the gates. He screams for them to open up, saying he needs help because he’s been through hell. Maggie (Lauren Cohan) won’t open the gate all the way, demanding to know what Gregory’s doing with Father Gabriel’s car. Gregory feigns innocence but Maggie’s furious. She knows he tried to sell them out, but Gregory says Negan made him say those horrible things. He claims he only went to Negan to try and save lives. He even has the nerve to call himself heroic.

Maggie reveals Kal told him his plans and that’s why Kal left him there. Gregory begs to be let in, saying he went there because he was scared. He didn’t think they could win, but now he knows fighting is the only way. The Saviors can’t be reasoned with and he was wrong.

Gregory continues to beg, asking if Maggie has any mercy. She finally lets him in, saying he’s not worth killing yet anyway. He keeps saying he’s a believer now and she’ll see.

Jesus arrives just then with the Saviors who are prisoners. Gregory calls them all killers and says no way should they be allowed in. Tara agrees with Gregory and Maggie reminds Jesus there are families here with children. She also reminds him what the Saviors have taken from them. Jesus thinks they can lock them in two trailers under guard. He also reiterates that they can’t just kill them.

Walkers eat the newly dead at the site of the gunfight until Rick’s group walks through the slaughter and finishes off the walkers. Rick continues to take Polaroids of the dead Saviors. The wounded are placed in trucks and taken home while their dead are covered in blankets after making sure they can’t turn.

Rick writes a note and folds it up.

Aaron returns to retrieve Eric but he’s no longer where he left him. His weapon is there, and there’s blood on the tree. Aaron looks up and sees Eric, now a walker, stumbling down the road. Aaron sobs, heartbroken. He doesn’t want Eric to just walk off, but a friend assures him that’s not Eric anymore and they have to leave right now.

Rick informs the group the guns aren’t there and they all have to leave. Aaron sits, alone, and thinks about Eric.

Rick brings the baby outside and Aaron takes her, saying he’ll bring her to The Hilltop. Rick asks if he’s sure, and Aaron reveals he and Eric were going to go there after the fight and update Maggie. He’s still planning on going there and says, “Please. I have to,” as Rick hands Gracie over. Aaron cradles her.

Rick has a job to do on his own and is about to leave when he and Daryl are fired on. It’s a single shot and Rick yells out, “You’re alone. You’ve got to be. There’s not enough room for two behind that tree.” He offers if the person drops their gun and tells them what they need to know, he’ll let him/her take a car and leave. He gives the person his word and says a man’s word has to mean something, right?

The Savior steps forward and his name’s Todd. Rick wants to know if they had M2 Browning .50 caliber guns at that location. They did until yesterday when they were sent to another outpost, answers Todd. They were sent to Gavin, west of this location. After he’s provided the info, Daryl shoots him in the head. He then asks Rick which team is at Gavin’s.

Once more to King Ezekiel’s group we go and they’re all accounted for after another battle. Carol suggests they sweep the compound. While they wait, The Kingdom group decide to take care of the dead. As they’re beginning that task, King Ezekiel sees the guns inside the nearby building. He yells at his group to scatter as bullets rain down.

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