‘Golden Globes’ Host Tina Fey Talks Nerves and Wardrobe Choices

Tina Fey Golden Globes Interview
72nd Annual Golden Globe Awards hosts Tina Fey and Amy Poehler (Photo by Art Streiber / NBC)

Tina Fey took part in the Netflix TCA Winter press event at Langham Hotel in Pasadena, California in support of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, the new half-hour comedy series she co-created and executive produces with Robert Carlock, and in addition to talking about her new show, she also briefly chatted about another huge project on her plate: hosting the Golden Globes on Sunday, January 11th. Fey will be teaming up with her good friend Amy Poehler for the third time to gently poke fun at her fellow actors as co-hosts of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association’s annual shindig.

We’ll have more on our interview with Tina Fey closer to the March 6, 2015 premiere of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, but for now here’s what Fey had to say about co-hosting the Globes during our interview at the TCAs:

Are you still nervous about hosting the Globes?

Tina Fey: “Sure. [Laughing] We haven’t written the show yet so we’ve got to hurry up.”

You’ve insinuated that this is your last time hosting the awards show…

Tina Fey: “This is for sure our last time. We did a three-year deal so this is our last one.”

Is there anything you definitely want to do on Sunday then?

Tina Fey: “Bottomless.”

You’ve made jokes about the wardrobe before. Do you have your wardrobe ready?

Tina Fey: “Oh, yes I’m ready to go. I’m bringing it.”

Do you overlap on taste and style choices with Amy Poehler?

Tina Fey: “Amy and I luckily get along very well in that way. We’re both really easygoing about it and we’re both really supportive of like, ‘What do you got? Okay, great. I’ll wear this.’ It couldn’t be a more pleasant pairing in that way.”

Who should be most scared in the audience?

Tina Fey: “Me, if I stepped out into the audience. No one should be scared! We don’t make anyone scared. That’s not how we do it.”

You’ve mentioned the last you ever had to be careful about a joke was on Weekend Update on SNL. Do you remember what that was?

Tina Fey: “Well, I just feel like everything in the early 2000s were just tricky topics. I can’t remember a specific joke.”

How do you make sure you don’t repeat yourself when you host a show three times?

Tina Fey: “There’s new movies, new things to talk about. And then, don’t do it more than three times!”

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– By Fred Topel

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