True Blood Season 4 Episode 9 Recap

Stephen Moyer and Jessica Tuck in True Blood Season 4
Stephen Moyer and Jessica Tuck in 'True Blood' Season 4 - © HBO
HBO’s True Blood Season 4 keeps getting better with each successive episode. The 9th episode of the season, “Let’s Get Out Here,” is no exception, with the writers doing an excellent job of finishing up a storyline while efficiently moving forward on half a dozen others. There’s a lot of balls to juggle this year, and the writers and Alan Ball are doing a great of job of making sure each character gets his/her time in the spotlight.
Here’s our recap (definitely spoiler-ish) of episode #9:
Alcide (Joe Manganiello) rescues Sookie (Anna Paquin) from the witch/vampire skirmish, but it’s Bill’s blood that ultimately saves the day. Once Sookie’s out of danger, Alcide gets frustrated with her continued insistence on helping vampires – in particular, Eric (Alexander Skarsgard) – and stomps out of her home leaving her with just Bill (Stephen Moyer) for company. Eric’s missing and Sookie makes Bill promise he’ll devote all of his resources to finding the missing amnesic vampire and bringing him home safely. Meanwhile, Antonia’s got Eric under her power, and Eric sits out most of the rest of the episode in a bathroom in Marnie’s shop (which made me think of the whole “Nobody puts Baby in the corner” line, which has nothing to do with True Blood but everything to do with leaving my personal favorite character out of the action).
But Alcide has troubles of his own as Debbie (Brit Morgan) knows he’s been with Sookie after promising her he’d stay away from the vampire-magnet. Trying to appease his girlfriend, Alcide visits his new pack leader, Marcus (Daniel Buran), and lets him know he’s willing to be more involved in the management of the pack. Marcus is happy about Alcide’s decision, mostly because he wants to use him as back-up when he meets with Sam (Sam Trammell) later that night.
And speaking of the shifter, Sam’s not about to let a jealous werewolf come between him and his new lady, Luna (Janina Gavankar). So instead of backing down, he takes Luna and her daughter, Emma, off on a camping trip where he turns into a cute and fluffy bunny just because Emma wants to pet one. Later, Sam and Luna don’t seem to care what Emma’s doing while they get all hot and bothered in a tent…
And speaking of getting all hot and bothered, after sucking down some Bill blood, Sookie has an extremely sexy dream in which she suggests a threesome to her ex and her current vampire lover. The boys aren’t into it at first, but Sookie – wearing a red negligée with some F-me heels – doesn’t have too difficult a time changing their minds.
Last week the show ended with Lafayette (possessed by Mavis) kidnapping Arlene (Carrie Preston) and Terry’s baby. We pick up here with Lafayette (Nelsan Ellis) barging into Hoyt’s house claiming it’s her home, pulling Andy’s gun on Hoyt and forcing him to leave. Hoyt (Jim Parrack) calls Jason who’s at the Bellefleur’s taking a police report, Jason (Ryan Kwanten) lets the worried parents know what’s going on, and Andy (Chris Bauer) sneaks off and takes V before heading over to Hoyt’s. There, they determine that a) Lafayette is willing to shoot anyone who tries to take away the baby, b) he thinks he’s a woman, and c) they have no clue what the hell’s going on. Jesus (Kevin Alejandro) shows up and sort of explains things before heading into Hoyt’s house to confront Mavis in Lafayette’s body. Once Mavis discovers she has a penis, she believes Jesus’ story that she’s possessed a man and stolen another woman’s baby. They help her dig up the baby she never got to hold and find her body is buried right next to her infant’s. Lafayette gets his body back, Mavis hugs her baby for the first time, thanks Lafayette, and disappears into a bright light. It appears Arlene and Terry’s baby will no longer have to worry about being sung to by a ghost. Oh, and Terry (Todd Lowe) had flashbacks while trying to get into the house to disarm Lafayette, which provided some much-needed comic relief.
Sam’s trouble-making little bro, Tommy (Marshall Allman), skinwalks into Sam’s body and meets with Marcus in his place (Sam has no idea this is going on as he’s in the forest in a tent all snuggly with Luna). Marcus and a few of his werewolf brothers beat the crap out of Sam/Tommy until Alcide steps in and rescues him (Alcide’s all about rescuing people these last few episodes).
Back to the vampire action, Nan’s in town for a tolerance event which she refuses to cancel (the media and bloggers will be there!) despite the fact witches are on the rampage. Bill and Nan fight, Nan of course wins, and the meeting’s going to move forward no matter what. And Jessica is still upset over breaking up with Hoyt and being rejected by Jason, however she quickly learns pouring her heart out to Nan is less effective than spilling her guts to a brick wall.
Debbie tries to be all buddy-buddy with Sookie and takes her to Marnie’s emporium where Antonia has her coven and Eric holed up. Antonia (Fiona Shaw) is going to use Eric to kill Bill during the tolerance event, but her coven’s not supportive of the idea. After Tara (Rutina Wesley) helps Sookie escape the emporium, Antonia locks the members of her coven (except for one follower who remains dedicated to killing vampires) in the shop with no way of escaping. Sookie races to the meeting, hoping to be in time to warn Bill that Eric and Antonia are on their way to kill him. She rushes into the packed auditorium (where video cameras from attendees and the media are capturing all the action) just as Antonia and Eric strike…

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