Tyler Posey and Dylan Sprayberry Team Up to Talk ‘Teen Wolf’

Tyler Posey and Dylan Sprayberry Teen Wolf Interview
Tyler Posey at the 2014 San Diego Comic Con (Photo by Richard Chavez/ShowbizJunkies)

Tyler Posey sat down at our table for interviews in the MTV Teen Wolf press room at the 2014 San Diego Comic Con, enthusiastically declaring we were the first interviews he’d done that day. Posey was genuinely happy to be teamed up with his Teen Wolf co-star Dylan Sprayberry to do interviews, drumming the table and just having a good time as he prepared to tackle questions about what’s up with his character, Scott McCall, and with Sprayberry’s Liam Dunbar.

Tyler Posey and Dylan Sprayberry Teen Wolf Interview

[Laughing] So tell us all of the spoilers for the rest of the season.

Tyler Posey: “For season four? All the spoilers. I can not. I can not tell spoilers, but there are things to be spoiled. There are definitely things to be spoiled. It’s going to be a great season.”

When it comes to main character deaths, is that still on the table?

Tyler Posey: “Yeah, absolutely. I think every season we deal with a man character dying, coming back to life, dying and staying dead for a couple of seasons and then coming back, so I think we like to add that suspense and tension and not knowing who the hell is going to get killed this time. So, it’s Dylan Sprayberry this time. He’s dead.”

Dylan Sprayberry: “What?”

Tyler Posey: “You die. They didn’t tell you you die?”

Dylan Sprayberry: “Just kidding.”

Tyler Posey: “You had a good run.”

Speaking of character deaths, do you think Scott and Kira will always be thinking of Allison?

Tyler Posey: “Well, I mean, they’re human. Aside from them having supernatural powers, they still feel like humans feel, emotionally. So it’s definitely going to affect them. She was very close to them. It’s going to affect them for the rest of their lives, it’s just sometimes they don’t think about it. It’s in the back of their head. I’m like that with relatives who have died. I don’t think about them all the time but there’s moments when I do. So, yeah, I think they’re going to handle it like that. She’ll never be forgotten. She’s a huge part of Scott’s path, his life, so she will never be forgotten.”

Scott’s transitioning more into the Alpha role. Where do you see that going?

Tyler Posey: “I think Scott is going to do perfect with it, with everything he does. It just kind of happens that way. He does it from his heart and wants only good things to happen. But, I think he learned a lot from Derek and he also learned a lot what not to do from Derek, so he’s going to have a lot better time training [Liam] and raising him than Derek did with Scott. He knows what not to do. It’ll be good, unless he kills him or something.”

Tyler Posey and Dylan Sprayberry Teen Wolf Interview
Dylan Sprayberry (Photo by Richard Chavez/ShowbizJunkies)

Dylan Sprayberry: “That would not be good.”

It seems like over the seasons the tone gets darker. Is that something you like?

Tyler Posey: “I love it. That’s true in a sense, but this season is not as dark as last season at all. So I think it’s true that we get to go up and down. We get to test the dark scenes and kind of tests those waters a little bit, and then we get to go up to comedic and adventure and happy stuff. I think it’s great. It just shows how well-rounded and dynamic the show is. We can go really dark and it still be Teen Wolf. And then go really funny and it’ll be the same show and still make sense for people. I love it. It’s f*cking awesome!”

The show can go anywhere but is there a place where you wouldn’t want to see the show go to?

Tyler Posey: “I don’t know. I don’t want a lot of social media influence into the show.”

Dylan Sprayberry: “No unicorns.”

Tyler Posey: “No unicorns? Why not?”

Dylan Sprayberry: “I just don’t think it would work.”

Tyler Posey: “Dylan Sprayberry says no unicorns. You’re going to get twitter hate.”

What kind of supernatural creature would you like to see on the show that hasn’t been on before?

Dylan Sprayberry: “That’s tough.”

Tyler Posey: “Isn’t that a tough question? All of them have been on the show pretty much, except maybe the swamp monster.”

Dylan Sprayberry: “The swamp monster would be cool. I want to see a vampire but not like a Twilight vampire. Like a scaly winged bald-headed creature.”

Tyler Posey: “Like a demon vampire?”

Dylan Sprayberry: “Like a demon vampire. Like a big tail and wings.”

Tyler Posey: “Do they have tails?”

Dylan Sprayberry: “Sometimes. Like the ones on Van Helsing does, the one that Hugh Jackman did.”

Tyler Posey: “I know the movie. I love that movie. That movie’s badass.”

Is this your first time at Comic Con, Dylan?

Dylan Sprayberry: “I came here for Man of Steel last year. This has been way more hectic.”

What’s it been like for you?

Dylan Sprayberry: “Hectic in a good way. It’s been really fun. We’ve been going from place-to-place. It’s fun to hang out with everybody. It’s a great bonding experience. It’s great to see all the fans. They really appreciate the show and I really appreciate them for doing that, especially giving me support for just starting. My character is still pretty angry and was really mean at the beginning. They’re not hating on me for it, so I’m happy about that. So, thank you.”

What kind of a relationship is Liam going to have with long-time friends Scott and Stiles?

Dylan Sprayberry: “It’s really fun. Scott is kind of the understanding one. He doesn’t jump on my character for doing things wrong or for being too angry. He kind of understands. And then Stiles, he jumps on me for everything I do. He gets too impatient, and it’s really fun to get to see the different dynamic of all three of us.”

Tyler Posey: “I’m like the good dad.”

Dylan Sprayberry: “And Stiles is like the crazy uncle. I’m like the bratty nephew.”

What’s been either the most physically or mentally challenging thing you’ve done as your characters on season four?

Tyler Posey: “I don’t know. This season was…I don’t want to say easier.”

Dylan Sprayberry: “The roof was really hard. Physically hard.”

Tyler Posey: “Yeah. We did this scene on the roof and I bruised my sternum. I’m like still kind of…and it was seven months ago. So I thought I broke my chest so I had to get x-rays. So that was pretty physical.”

Dylan Sprayberry: “He was like 60% maybe even 70% holding me on half the time, on the roof.”

Tyler Posey: “I was holding him. I don’t know. It was weird.”

Dylan Sprayberry: “It was fun but it was tough and we did it like from 6pm till like 7am.”

Tyler Posey: “7 in the morning. It was a long day and it was his first day on set too.”

Dylan Sprayberry: “My first day on set.”

Tyler Posey: “That whole sequence took all day to shoot. It was awesome. It was physically challenging.”

You actually auditioned for young Derek but got the part of Liam. Is there anything now you’re hoping to do?

Dylan Sprayberry: “I want to do some more stuff with Scott, like as a team.”

Tyler Posey: “Hey!”

Dylan Sprayberry: “This whole season has been like me trying to figure out what to do, like I don’t fully understand. I want to see next season us working together as a team. And then also there’s new characters like Khylin Rambo who’s like my best friend in the show. He’s great so I really want to see that relationship build, and the relationship with my stepdad. I don’t have a mom yet so that will be cool to see.”

Tyler Posey: “You don’t, do you?”

Dylan Sprayberry: “No.”

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-By Rebecca Murray

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